Max International hit with patent infringement lawsuit

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Medifast, Part Two: Weight-Loss Miracle or Pyramid Scheme?
Retrieved 22 September August 26, at 4: His second book was self-published as well and titled More Natural Cures Revealed: And not one of those self identified groups has as much influence in government and policy as Zionists in the USA. Trudeau and Nutrition for Life settled cases brought by the state of Illinois, and seven other U. Steve and Fred often speak openly and i can hear their conversations.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 14 September , at Either they have an interest in keeping the untrue meme alive or they have been brainwashed to believe it and keep on repeating it. I think the latter.

I think it was Galbraith who said that is is still and always PC in America to be completely anti Catholic. All that is really besides the point — and so what — as what I wonder is why it seems there is a celebration, even a nurturing of ideas of anti Jewish in history as a part of Jewish identity?

What other group does that? And why would any group do so? August 26, at 6: This is what Madrid mentioned, but from what the jewishvirtuallibrary says there was also anti-semitism at work.

I see no reason to doubt it. American Christians have about as little to complain about as any group in history—just some ridicule by secularists in Hollywood sometimes—and evangelicals sometimes talk like mass persecution is just around the corner.

Every group that has suffered anything claims victim status, some with more justification than others. Even white males in the US get into the act sometimes.

Whether the attempt to grab moral high ground is justified is just something one has to figure out on a case-by-case basis. As for the rest of your post, it is too banal and ridiculous to respond to, but briefly. That is, after all, essentially weak and pathetic. I witnessed Muslin women in the Balkans removing a plaque placed in the memory of the horrific rapes and killings in a sports stadium.

This was not the self identity they wanted to cultivate and nurture. As for the Christian fear about mass persecution right around the corner: August 26, at 7: A review of that history shows that most of the charges of American anti-Semitism at elite American universities, while certainly valid in some cases, were exaggerated.

Here are a few salient facts about the history of religious elites in England and the US after the seventeenth century that should make things clearer: After , when the Puritans and the Levellers got control of England, the country became very philo-Semitic, something which did not change with the restoration of the king in It was also that the Puritans thought of themselves as the New Jews— the new Chosen nation.

This was caused partly by the Erastian political theories that had begun in the earlier century, but it was also due to the new focus on the Old Testament by the Puritans, rather than the New Testament.

During this period and later, it was often said by English and American Protestants of all denominations that it was far more important to fight the Catholics than the Jews or the Muslims. Indeed, even Queen Elizabeth had tried to establish strong diplomatic relations with the Sultan of the Ottoman empire, at a time when Europe was seriously threatened with wholesale invasion by the Ottomans.

This is because Anti-papism was a fundamental aspect of Protestantism and still is to some degree. It was a basic requirement of being a good protestant, and thus expression of anti-papism became a fundamental aspect of the religion. This never occurred with anti-Semitism— in fact, many Puritan sects tried early on to emulate the Jewish prohibition on eating pork, for example, while everything to do with Catholic traditions was to be rejected.

And they thought that Catholics recognition of the Pope meant that Catholics were ipso facto traitors to the country. At least before the state of Israel was founded, there was no evidence of Jewish dual loyalty for American Protestants, so there was no reason to make accusations of dual loyalty during the first 5 decades of the 20th century.

So while, yes, there was certainly anti-Semitism, Jews were accepted in the historically Protestant universities of the Northeast well before Catholics were accepted at those places. A good example of how serious anti-Catholicism was at the university level is the contempt that the University of Notre Dame encountered, when Knute Rockne tried to lobby for ND to join the Big Ten conference.

Even though Notre Dame had rivalries with several of the Big Ten schools, administrators at Michigan and Chicago said very publicly that in no uncertain terms would there ever be a Catholic school in the Big Ten. There never has been such outward hostility to any other religion in the US, including Judaism, with the exception of recent hostility towards Islam. August 26, at I see men complain about feminists, feminists complain about men, whites complain about blacks, evangelicals complaining about gays I literally heard this last night.

Claiming victimhood and making fun of people claiming victimhood has been part of US politics for decades. I knew about this personally and again, anyone as arrogant as you should have known this. That would be some sort of excuse. Maybe you should reconsider why you would have ever thought that self-dramatization and imagined victimhood was the property of one particular group, when evidence contradicting this was all around you.

I suppose you somehow missed how some of the opponents of gay marriage see themselves as victims. He was fairly well known on the evangelical internet. This post is from Note that he takes for granted the fact that American evangelicals harbor delusions of being persecuted— link Ellen says: August 27, at 4: While you give current examples of a similar but not the same being done by self identified groups — feminists, gays, some evangelical Christians, you do point it out as wrong and delusional.

And not one of those self identified groups has as much influence in government and policy as Zionists in the USA. Your attempt was to minimize the manipulative nurturing of ideas of new antisemitism. And you continue to do that with links, for example, to the utterings of an aging Evagelical fringe internet character or the sometimes qustionable identity politics of gays and feminists.

That made me angry, and I do apologize if it came across as an attack of you. It is an attack of the argument and dishonest methods. The richer they get, the poorer average Americans become. Religious Groups " New York Times: This represents the largest proportion of total income since at least , and is the endpoint in a trajectory of rising inequality that began in the early s.

Posted by Chris Moore at Wednesday, July 03, Viral video of gay Jewish "atheist" on rant at U. Berkeley exposes true anti-democracy motives and disturbed psychology of "goyim"-hating Diaspora Zionists.

A lot of people seem to have a difficult time coming to terms with why Gentile Beltway elites are so firm in their alliance with Jewish Zionists, be they Israeli or Diaspora Zionist, right-wing or left-wing like the left-wing, anti-democracy and anti-Christian, Zionist-indoctrinated homosexual Jew ranting and raving in the video above about Christian and "goyim" persecution of Jews and homosexuals.

They seem the same to me. What in the world are some of these people up too??? I have just purchased Max wlx at 69 dollars per bottle. Then I found out about the lawsuit.

I read the lawsuit and have tried several times to contact max international about the change in ingredients.

The ingredients on the bottle for maxwlx is Gucomannan!!!! I can buy a bottle of Gucomannan in any drug store or health food store, caps for What i recieved is NOT the product ingredients max international is telling people about in all there clinical trials..

This product is a SCAM!!!! Appreciate your reflections and comments but once again, there seems to be a bias against Max that oozes out of each blog comment you leave. Max pays some commissions weekly and others monthly. Max chooses to create a system that works for them, gets monies into the field on both a monthly and weekly basis and allows for financial viability for the long term.

I would be more concerned about how many checks have bounced, how many times checks never show up or are late, how difficult does the company make it for the field associates to stay at a certain pay level without trying to reinvent the wheel each month or do the ground rules change monthly to suit the whimsy of ownership. I am a Max associate so you know my bias right up front as stated above and I know the following: To my knowledge no check has ever bounced, checks are in my mailbox exactly when they are supposed to be, I do not have to deal with the nightmare of rushing around each month trying to sign up fictitious people just to stay qualified etc.

Have a great day John Sterling and blessings as your build your business with the company of your choice and we all take comfort in having an option to turn to in this economy!

I am not here to bash any companies. I am just curious why some companies can pay their binary commissions weekly while other companies pay monthly. I was once an associate with Max. I have personally met the owners of Max Intl. I believe, as most do, that they mean well and have good intentions. Lou, are you an independent associate with Max Intl?

Max does pay some commissions weekly, and some monthly. Can they pay all commissions weekly? I am sure that that could if they though it important. Some companies do, so any can. I know great companies that only pay all commissions monthly. I know of totally worthless companies that claim to pay daily.

Sorry to comment strongly on your comment. I am simply trying to keep the level of comment content high. Your comment was not well thought out, in my opinion.

Please let me know. John — are you saying that the frequency of payout on one part of a companies comp plan is somehow related to whether a company is a mission-driven company with integrity or not?

Remember all — this is the guideline for comments: Uninformed or poorly thought out and expressed opinions? He took it for only days, and started to lose weight! I do agree that in this industry, people make remakes only for diversionary reasons. I am a Max International distributor and will not hide that association. Sorry I am so skeptical but there are a few well meaning people out there that, when reading some of these posts will actually believe them.

Max had the exclusive rights on the key ingredient in WLX and at some point relinquished those rights to become one of several companies distributing a product with that ingredient.

Once again, that is public knowledge and congruent with what Max has presented corporately. Max owns outright, the patents and technology associated with Cellgevity. Fact and public knowledge. Anyone who has spent time with, or researched the Founders or management of Max International knows their Heart and Spirit. There are no skeletons in any closets and these folks are who they say they are. Unfortunately, in trying to build a truly Great company in the Network Marketing Industry and striving to have only people of the highest level of integrity in the field representing Max, there have been many left by the side of the road that are, and will continue, to take every opportunity to deride Max.

It is sad that we, as a business community Network Marketing cannot just go out and talk about the merits of our companies and products without having to tear down someone else in the process. Thank you Lou for providing this forum and for being the ever observant source of news and dialog that you are for this industry!

Billions of dollars and sharp. And what a party that was! I can tell that the founders of Max are scared! I work in the same building and often eat lunch at two of the restaurants Fred and Greg eat at.

I can tell you that a They did not renew the license for WXL and 2 they did change the composition. Steve and Fred often speak openly and i can hear their conversations. I was offered a position with Max this past summer.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?