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I recommend you try these HomeChef again! Thank you for your reviews saving me quite some time. I have been using Gobble and their meals are truly delicious. But here I am researching meal delivery services that have low carb meals because I am unable to say no to the starch portion of the yummy Gobble meals and hence have run a muck and am gaining all my weight back.

Looking like I have to just go back to planning, shopping the worse parts and cooking again. Sun Basket has some really great Paleo options. At least 3 to 4 to choose from each week. Has anyone tried factor I just tried Factor The meals are ok. I wonder how keto they really are since one of the keto meals had pineapple salsa. The website is clunky. I wish they would just put symbols in the corner of the picture of the meal to remove that extra step. Hope I like that one.

The trouble is I found myself pausing all the time due to a lack of ketogenic options. You may want to look at UrbanRemedy. Thanks for great info. I was looking at sun basket and then wondering if it was good. They do have paleo. Have you reviewed that site? What do u think? Looking forward to my recipes as i just srarted liw carb one week ago! Sunbasket is a little pricier than Home Chef, but those two services have the best paleo and keto meal plans. They add more spice to the recepies and their packaging is far more recyclable.

They use paper bags instead of so much plastic. Im considering home chef or sun basket. Was doing hello fresh then blue apron but going low carb. Have u tried sun basket? It looks like you are enjoying home chef!

Just wanted to compare! Home Chef is not advertised as organic. That would be the biggest difference between two. I have tried both. Sun Basket does offer alot more variety then Home Chef or Green Chef in menu choices I found myself skipping alot of the weeks of Green Chef because there choices without beef, pork, lamb didnt leave much to pick from or I didnt like the veg ones as much. Sunbasket you get like 9 choices and not all beef.

There meals are very delicious and you can get some low carb ones also. The only down side I think is if you have any big eaters if wont be enough my husband tend to still be hungry after we split the meals I was fine Green Chef does seem to give you slightly more food. So I usually just add a salad with Sun Basket I prefer them. They are not all that healthy either high calorie high fat. So the carbs are less.

Also, since they only give you ingredients and recipes, you can throw out the sugar, and substitute it with Swerve, or leave it out. One recipe had panko bread crumbs, so I made my own with carb quick. Just got another one that has it for frying some chicken.

This one I am going to grind up some Pork rinds and combine it with Parisian cheese. It is fun to cook with my wife.

Home Chef is not certified organic Sun Basket is certified organics. Sun Basket has more variety and menu options with low carb, paleo, soy free, gluten free, dairy free and you can exclude meats you dont like they give you about 9 choices. I prefer Sun Basket for those reason. Their ingredients have been real high quality, especially for the price. It did come with some hoisin sauce, which is 11 carbs itself of the 26 they state, making up most of the carbs in the dish, So I will not use it.

Thanks for this great post! This is a really great resource, just signed up for greenchef to compliment my sunbasket account. I appreciate all your effort! ICON Meals offers low-carb options, but they look like they could get boring. I have tried icon meals. Food is fine but it is plain jane. Lightly spiced chicken,beef,fish,rice and veggies. It is more for someone who wants convenience over fancy meals. Several low carb options. They actually have low-carb meals. And after calling customer service, I was able to switch to every other week.

Plus that means I can still enjoy my favorite albeit boring meals. Diet-to-go has a prepared meals menu option called Carb I wanted to try Green Chef for the paleo option with low carb. Trying to find a service that is organic and low carbs is challenge only two that I have found Sun Basket and Green Chef.

Sun Basket has some low carbs and offers Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, etc. There recipes were delicious I absolutely enjoyed them the only downside versus Green Chef is there quantity amount seems to be slightly less then Green Chef. A few of there recipes my husband was still hungry and would of liked a bit more though for me it was fine and I was full.

Green Chef it seems gives you a bit more food and there is enough for a small seconds if you want. Both are great though. We just either cook all four portions and have the rest for lunch the next day, or only cook half at a time, if the ingredients allow us to do so.

I use a delivery service called http: They have paleo and low carb options. I tried Home Chef because of their 3 low-carb meal choices per week. However, after using it for a few weeks, I found it to be pretty low quality meat and other ingredients.

You can really taste the difference when the ingredients are lower quality. They also used lots of stuff like evaporated milk in a can with all kinds of additives and perservatives in it. Blue Apron was my favorite for quality and freshness but got sick of paying so much on food delivery service when a lot of it is cheap filler food like pasta, rice, potatoes.

Give us a try! We actually go to a local farm to source our meats! No grains, soy, GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, etc, etc.

I love that you put so much thought and love into your meal planning. Not only does the TomTom Spark 3 have both GPS and a heart rate monitor, but it also comes with 3GB of storage, so you can take your tunes with you on a run, and leave your phone at home.

If you don't need extra bells and whistles and you're on a budget, consider the Garmin Forerunner Archived comments are found here: I was given an UP 2 years ago as a Christmas gift. Started out really liking it until I discovered that it registered movement when I drove my car or rode my motorcycle making it difficult to accurately track my steps. So, stopped using it. I do not see this problem addressed in the reviews. How do these devices handle movement that is not step related?

Love my Misfit Shine: Waterproof, options for wearing location I hate things on my wrist , attractive, subtle, syncs well with iPhone. No need to charge watch battery good for 6 months.

I've been using one continuously for 2 years. I have been using a Misfit Shine for 2 years and it's fantastic! The magnetic attachment for clothing and optional wrist or necklace offer flexibility for wearing. It is waterproof, so I can use it for my daily pool exercise and don't have to worry about being caught in the rain. It is lightweight, attractive, and does not need charging.

The app works well. Can't recommend it highly enough. None of the trackers you mentioned have the combination of attributes that Misfit offers! Just FYI, the Moov fitness tracker that you reviewed is not the newest version.

I dont believe they even offer that any more. The newest edition is call Moov Now and has many more capabilities than the original Moov. Here are our top picks by category.

I have a MS Band 2. It's one of few out there that has GPS built into it. You don't need to bring your phone on a run or bike ride. It tracks heart rate. It seems to be very accurate with regard to calorie burn.

The MS Health dashboard browser app has everything you need with summaries and details of all of your activities. Being able to see all of the stats laid out in front of you and your numbers over time can be very motivating. I'm always trying to beat my fastest time or greatest distance. The only things I'd like to see if they ever came out with a Band 3 is the ability to store music on it and Bluetooth to some fitness headphones.

Also, I've found through almost five months of wearing it, the band holds up well, but the contacts you connect the charger to are prone to corrosion from your sweat. Even if you wipe the thing down or clean it really well where the charging contacts are, it still develops corrosion under the seal by the contacts.

This results in the contacts not always matching up with the charger. This became a problem resulting in my returning it. I should have the replacement shortly. But you'd expect something called a 'fitness' band which touts water resistance to be able to deal with sweat five days a week. That issue needs to be corrected for sure. If they make the next device water-proof rather than water-resistant, this will probably be a non-issue.

I think it's pretty cool device, but they should add the improvements and corrections I've suggested to the next iteration. I agree Ubercake about the MS Band. Another rumour has said they're phasing it out no Band 3 which I think would be a shame.

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