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Then i flew to Pgh. One order each month, yet two charges each month. They promised a refund but said I would have to pay for the return shipping. There were several things that I did not order included in the box, such as vegetarian sloppy joes I hate sloppy joes , turkey hot dog, 2 southwestern chicken dinners which I specifically did not order because I get bad acid reflux when I eat spicy foods , among others that I did not select. It was so nasty I took one bite and threw it in the garbage.

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With easy-to-prepare meals and desserts, losing weight while still eating vegetarian foods has never been easier. I received 28 chicken noodle soup, 28 packages vegetable fajitas and 28 cinnamon chocolate bars. I called, and the person insisted that this is what I ordered: According to person I talked to, this had been substituted.

I was so angry I canceled any future food and will donate this to the food bank. They did offer to pay for it to be sent back -- but I declined, so I will pay and donate.

Just very upset at their stupidity and nonchalant attitude. Their substitutions were especially aggregious. I ordered 1 of an item and got Another item I ordered 6 of and got They ought to be forced to limit the amount of substitutions they can make without prior approval. They promised a refund but said I would have to pay for the return shipping. So I will be out of pocket twice that amount at a minimum for their mishandling of my order.

Nutrisystem was unimpressed with my complaint and no corrections were sent. My plan was also missing the intro packet and checklists, so had to wait to get those to start. We also had to ship back the diabetic plan that was shipped in error instead of the men's plan. We had thought the men's plan would have entrees more appealing to men, but the food was the same as the regular plan.

Once we finally got the products, we started and gave the plan every chance for success. I was actually starting to lose weight, but the food was so horrendous that after a couple of weeks, we had eaten everything we were willing to choke down. When I tried to cancel by email, Nutrisystems tried to tell me I had to speak to a counselor by phone in order to cancel. I replied that I had signed up via internet, ordered via internet,requested corrections via internet, and had every intention of cancelling via internet unless they could show me in writing where I agreed to speak to ANYONE in person.

Overall, the plan was labor intensive and most of the food was inedible. It has helped me loss weight and lower my blood pressure. I agree some food is not good, but most of it is. And when I was sent subitutes, All I had to do was call. Nitrisystem, I Love you. The first meal of roast beef was horrible, the roast looked like a block of wood and tasted about as bad.

Cereal is ok but such a small amount, most of the snacks are soy and taste horrible, like eating cardboard. Tuna was awful, runny mess that a cat would not eat, it was suppose to be tuna salad, I poured it out of the bag and the smell was nauseating. The rest of the order is still in the box, they said I could not return it I had waited too long. Also some of the snack bags were open and the contents had spilled out in the box.

I would not recommend this to anyone, when you add salad and fruit and vegetable to the nutrisystem meals it can become very costly. Best way to lose weight is to eat right and make it a life time change.

Nutrisystem is not something that can be tolerated for a life time, it would take a strong stomach to use it even for a month. I am still paying for something that I could not possible use. I am on a fixed income and it is hard to make payments on something that is still in a box. I only want Nutrisystem to take the product back and not make me continue to pay for something I cannot possibly use.

It was the most horrible meals I've ever eaten. My dog will eat almost anything, but he will not touch the remains. I'm the same weight bu the way. He created a diet for me and told me not to use the products, but I can't find a way to cancel the contract. The next box is coming Oct It is easy to get in but next to impossible to get out. I'll pay the first month for being stupid, but I've tried to leave messages in print and have received no reply. The customer service is sly and never gives you an opportunity to get out.

The product has too much salt and items that must be fake or you would need a refrigerator. I feel like a fish on a hook. The food was inedible, but we tried to stick it out.

A second month's worth of food arrived for me three weeks later, and when I called about this, they told me I was on their auto delivery program which I was never told about or requested. I wanted to send the food back and called five different times to do this. I was given the number to UPS to deal with this who in turn told me I needed a special call ticket placed on the box for them to pick it up at Nutrisystem's expense.

I explained this to the people at Nutrisystem on three seperate phone calls, but was again given the number to UPS, then one time put thru to UPS who again told me I needed this special call ticket. I finally sent the food back requesting the costs I incurred to do this.

They are refusing to pay me back for this charge and further more say I should see a credit for the food I returned in a month or so. They are claiming I set up the auto delivery which is untrue. I was never told about this option.

I spoke to one supervisor who again refuses to reimburse me for the shipping costs and when I requested to speak to a manager above her, I was placed on hold for over five minutes, and when she came back she said no one was available and she would call me back later. I wonder if this company is placing people on autodelivery without their knowledge to sell more food, in hopes they won't send it back?

Upon receiving the boxes of product, I tried a lunch of beef stew which tasted like I imagine bad dog food would taste, and sampled a bite from 12 of the snacks, all of which were stale, broken and tasted absolutely horrible.

The chocolate tasted like ex-lax squares, the snack cakes dry and old, the popcorn stuck together and stale, all inedible. They also guarantee satisfaction and a no hassle return policy. I also noticed that the meals were sodium laden and very high cholesterol for all of them. I can't eat that unhealthy even if the meals weren't vile to begin with.

I packaged up all of the remaining food products which was almost everything, including the weeks worth of free food and snacks, a cd that was included in with the order and all literature. The tracking number indicated that the package had arrived on Sep. I phoned their customer service line. Indeed they did receive the package and indeed it did weigh 36 pounds. The woman said she would put a message in the computer to amend the refund amount. I have also sent a minimum of 7 email requesting a break down in price for the sampled snacks and the one lunch that I tried, but they refuse to give me any breakdown, will not give me a refund amount, and keep sending the same form e-mail just saying that a refund will be issued to the method of payment that the order was paid for.

They are definitely the big giant corporation and I'm the little consumer, but I don't understand how they can get away with things like this.

I told them I am diabetic and am in a low salt diet but when the food got here is unedible. Some do not have an expiration date on it and I do not dare to eat it. Fortunately I was able to cancel the first week. They are unable to give me the money back until they receive the package. I have loss of appetite and have stopped the diet.

After stopping the diet I begin to be back to normal within 5 days. After paying for some orders, I found that I could no longer use the products. I was only given credit for one box. After receiving the second month of food, I decided I did not want it.

I called to see if I could return it since it had been past 30 days and most places have some type of policy. The man I spoke with said that it would be fine for me to return it and gave me the phone number to UPS so that I could schedule a pick-up. They said that I had returned it past their 30 day return policy and that they had no record of the phone call where I spoke with the man who told me it would be okay to return and still receive my money back.

They offered me nothing even speaking with a manager. There was not even a courtesy call to tell make sure I understood that not only would I not be receiving my money back, but that the food I returned would be destroyed and offer me the option of having it returned to me even if I were to pay the shipping. I found first the taste and texture to be less than pleasing and I did use their system a year or so ago before surgery and thought it would be okay again.

However, within a few days of trying the foods I could only actually eat 3 or four meals before giving up due to taste I vomited for a couple of days and then found I couldn't eat anything. The smell of coffee, bacon and eggs and basically anything made me nauseaus who doesn't love the smell of breakfast?

I guess their foods did make me lose weight, but the wrong way. I am unable to see my own doctor as he is on vcation, but I am almost certain NutriSystem foods will be what has caused my illness and I certainly hope is is nothing very serious; then I will not only be ticked off more, but I will feel like a jerk for trying to take the easy way out to lose weight. I have yet to receive any response from anyone at the company except a oh you poor thing from the girl with whom I cancelled my future orders with.

As a registered medical technologist, I know that most of the people on sodium restricted diets are over the age of Surely the professional dieticians in the Nutrisystem company know this. The food was delivered to me about 7 days later. I have never seen so many powdered entrees in my life. Not at all what I expected. Powdered eggs, powdered mac and cheese, powdered soups all in containers as those ramen noodles come in.

The taste of the food is horrible. I opened a dinner entree labeled chicken and dumplings I feel like I had poured a jar of stage 3 baby food. It was so nasty I took one bite and threw it in the garbage. Today I thought I try eating another entree because I already spent the money on this and I opened meatloaf and mashed potatoes and it was aweful. Their caramel and chocolate bars taste like they have alcohol in them. The only thing I liked was their lunch chocolate graham bar.

I chatted with one of the counselor's to see if I could return some of these unopened items and replace them I was hoping for the lunch barsbut was told that if you wait more than 30 days you can not exchange or return any items.

So I guess I'm stuck with this nasty food. How is that for standing behind a product!. I guess most people order the foods based on the commercials and realistically the food entrees are items most people would not normally eat so you would have to stay on nutrisystem forever not to gain the weight back.

I started on Jenny Craig and switched to Nutrisystem because it was about half the cost, I can see why. Everything I tried was so bad, I ended up just throwing it away. I would not recommend this to anyone. Jenny Craig has way better food. Its worth the extra money. I tried to send back my second shipment but they wouldn't accept it!

I am near 70 years of age and can't really afford that loss of almost three hundred dollars for an unopened box of awful, so-called food. They just filled the box with the stuff that wasn't moving. What a total waste of time and money! With my first order, I got what I ordered. After that, the substitutions escalated with each order. Their policy of substituting without notifying is unacceptable.

I thought the dinner and lunch foods were mostly terrible. They had good cereals, snacks, and pizzas, but that's it. The thought of eating meat that isn't fresh or frozen is disgusting.

Most of the meals were drenched in a gravy to preserve it. In the early s, NutriSystem had storefronts where I could see and choose the food. Also back then, the food was much better. I was very disappointed with NutriSystem's food this time around. We tried a couple and found them unpalatable. Customer service was friendly, courteous, and had the substitutions picked -up and new selections delivered free.

When we called customer service, the woman first denied Nutrisystem had substituted anything, then said we had to accept the substitutions. She finally gave me a return number for one of our orders and told us to ship the stuff back.

It could be two to four weeks before we receive our new food. I am afraid this is it for Nutrisystem, a company with which we were previously delighted. I let NutriSystem know that I could no longer trusted the quality of their products and ask to send the rest back for a refund. I was told I was past 30 days--too late, too bad. I suggest every employee of Nutrisystem go home and tell their significant other that they would be less disgusting if they lost a few pounds.

And that trophy wife wearing a ribbon arund her pubic hair reallyl is disgusting. My fingers are sore from switching channels each time your commercial interferes with daytime TV programs. I saw the commercial on QVC, and they made the food look so good, tasty, and large portions. But when I got my order the portions were very small and the food is horrible. I mostly got pasta dishes and they were nasty. I tried to change my order and they refused to.

Please those people out there that are trying to lose weight, don't waste your money on Nutrisystem. I would haved spent less money and lost more weight joining a gym. It taste horrible and we ordered from Nutrisystem. We waisted over For people on a budget trying to get healthy it kind of sucks.

The people who do enjoy this diet must be lacking taste buds. Then I had a call from Florida that my house was flooded and it is inhabitable. Then i flew to Pgh. Had to bring my 87 yr. Then when I returned to my GA apt. I then return the box to nutrisystem. I really don't know about all that other than I am a 5-yr breast cancer survior with many other physical alments and under much stress that is in my life due to family and economic problems.

She will live with my sisters in Pgh for the summer or as soon as they can cope with her. My nephew's killer has not been found yet, keeps my sister under a lot of stress and my other sister was in a terrible car accident and has 4 children, it is hard for her to take care of my mom at this time.

How much longer are we going to be subjected to the commercial featuring the dizzy broad gushing about fitting into a size 2? We would have bought and tried the product but the commercial is a total turn-off. The nutrition comes from all the extras you buy at the grocery store. I sent it back and of course I had to pay.

Make sure if sending anything back you call them right away with the tracking number, and make sure you check your account.

This company seems to have all the answers about why my account was never credited along with many others. The wait time on the phone they say is due to the high volume of calls for their product I would have to believe it's because there are so many calls about getting nasty food and people not getting their money back. This would have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with and definitely would not recommend this program to anyone.

Get a real job and have some pride in what you do for a living. I could go on and on but this company has already wasted enough of my time. Our food arrived, packaged as we chose. We were excited to begin. The food is flavorful, not salty. Some of the products are not to my liking, so I will not order them again, i.

Toaster pastries and blueberry muffins. In two weeks my husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 5. We find it an easy program to stick to and have NO complaints. I just wanted to write to say I am a happy customer who hopes to lose a lot more weight in the next few months. I tried to cancel my second order, but the food arrived anyway.

I returned the orders for both my husband and myself, but was only credited for my husband's order. When I followed up, was told that I sent back ONE day after the thirty days, even though I spoke to a counselor who told me that the order would be considered refused and that I would receive a refund.

Now they say that I have to dispute with the credit card company. Like everyone else on here, I chose to place a custom order where I picked the foods I wanted.

I spent about 30 minutes carefully making my selections based on what I thought I would eat. I received my order within a few days after placing it, in which I was very excited about. When I first opened the box, there was my packing slip and a letter.

Because of this, we may have had to substitute some items which you ordered that have been discontinued, with other comparable items There were several things that I did not order included in the box, such as vegetarian sloppy joes I hate sloppy joes , turkey hot dog, 2 southwestern chicken dinners which I specifically did not order because I get bad acid reflux when I eat spicy foods , among others that I did not select. I didn't mind too much when I was unpacking and organizing all of it.

On day 1, I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and the chicken noodle soup for lunch both were pretty good. For dinner I had chicken pizzaiola, which was average.

Day 2, I ate bluberry muffins for breakfast, which tasted like cardboard. I had to take a drink of milk with each bite, because they were so stale and hard, not to mention no real taste of blueberries.

I also ate a carmel chocolate dessert bar, which was ok. For lunch, chicken and veges, and dinner homestyle chicken noodles with gravy. I ended up choking down my day 2 meals. I expected that the food wasn't going to be wonderful; you can't expect too much when you're ordering pre-packaged food.

However, I was not impressed by any means. Here is the worst part and somewhat embarrasing. The last two days, I have had to 'number 2' several times each day like, 5 or 6 times , and my stomach has hurt. I normally eat fruits, veges, and salad, so I know it is not from that stuff. Something about the NutriSystem food does not agree with me at all. I called today and selected the option to get a refund.

I was immediately connected to Sandy, who told me how to return my order and that I would get the full amount refunded back to my credit card within 10 days after they received my order. She then transferred me to Christina, a counselor, who cancelled my account so I would not be charged anymore. Neither asked why I was cancelling, but that's ok with me because they wouldn't be able to talk me into keeping it.

I do have to pay for return shipping. The customer service was good and fast. I was on and off the phone within 15 minutes. Maybe they have changed some policies in the last few months to better service customers. But, one thing is for sure, they have not made any improvements in the taste of their food. If they have, I would hate to have tasted it before! They have always shipped to my home st.

I live on a small island in SE Alaska and things can be slow, but they sent it regular mail. That means it will come by barge from Washington and take weeks and they have already charged my card. I checked with the post office on delivery time. I tired to cancel, but if I refuse the order and send it back that will be another weeks plus what ever time they fix my credit card. I have not had good results with them on this delivery and now I find they are selling the product in stores.

Yes I am uspset as some of the food isn't that great and they have not lived up to their promise. Since I have ordered my plan I have found several people who have had problems getting the correct food. Some of the problems are: During the second order they sent me the same items that I had already sent back, and I have to pay the shipping to send it back.

I felt strongly that their product would have helped me; however, I have just started and the problems are many. As of now I am disappointed in the company and I will tell people to stay away from the company. Now they try to cover it by saying only a refund of returned food which they even try to cheat you here by estimating refund instead of crediting individual items!

Bad experience all the way around and to try to talk to them you must sit through incessant repeats of their false promises on recordings over and over for minutes. Wish I would have read this site before ordering! The fact of the matter is, I've really enjoyed Nutrisysem.

The food that was described as salty and terrible tasting I find quite delicious considering that it is prepackaged food. I have had some substitute meals but they have been good about replacing them. Offer valid on first time plan order only. Get your deal now! Focus on your health with NutriSystem. Get started on the right foot with a brand new shaker for whipping up protein drinks and fresh fruit smoothies.

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