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A breakfast favorite, these [ Published 21 days ago. There's nothing I don't eat, but many things that I don't eat often. Some salsa helps, too. My family loves the Keto Friendly Easy Bacon Cheeseburger soup recipe and I totally intended on making that recipe when I took hamburger out for dinner but I wanted a little something I could sink my teeth into.

INTRO NUMBER ONE: The Dr Phil Effect.

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By Frederick West on August 18, I seldom comment on products I buy, but this one deserves a bit of special attention. Over the years, I've learned that there is no end to advice of what is 'absolutely essential', to control one's blood sugar levels. All of the suggestions I've received are either ineffective, or are far more complicated than I'm willing to undertake.

They all require cutting food intake The only plan to works so far , counting calories, measuring portions, timing intake, recording every bite of food consumed, or doing something else that I'm not going to actually do.

Recently, I stumbled into Carbquik which takes all the complexity out of it. I think 'stumbled into' is the right expression as it sure didn't happen through any sort of plan. I have no way of checking the accuracy of that claim, but I do have a fool-proof way of checking if it works. That is, I test my blood sugar levels every day, so I knew within one day if it did what I wanted it to do.

I think this might have been the one item I could have added to the Nutrisystem diet to make it doable. As an eighty-something diabetic, meal planning is supposed to be a pain in the—wherever you want to put it. I'm supposed to count calories, count carbs, measure portions, etc, etc, etc and then record every bite of food that I eat.

It ain't gonna happen. So like most others with diabetes, my blood sugar levels varied all over the place or, I feel like I'm starving. For instance, I get up in the morning and test my blood sugar. It's usually slightly elevated, but not bad. Which means that a bowl of cereal, a pancake or a couple of pieces of toast require a moderate dose of insulin to keep it from going into the danger zone. A couple of hours after breakfast it's gone up some anyway.

So, each meal, I have to take more insulin to keep it under control. Next morning, It's back where it was yesterday and I do it all over again. The obvious answer is to cut out bread. You gotta be kidding! Cutting out my daily bread is another of those things that ain't gonna happen. Carbquik turns out to be the simplest solution possible.

That gets even easier for those of us who want things simple. So, my wake up recipe is: Put a heaping tablespoon of Carbquik, 1 egg and a little butter in a bowl. Stir in enough water I use hot coffee, as it melts the butter. I pour it into a preheated waffle maker and wait five minutes. Or, pour it onto a hot skillet to make two four inch pancakes.

It was hard for me to imagine that switching from toast to pancakes to cut carb intake had any chance of success. One can flavor this waffle, or pancake with whatever you like. Sausage, cheese, hot peppers or as I prefer, with Cinnamon. All this said, I've been able to give up bread without giving up bread. Wonderful, and it works. My morning blood sugar levels are now below I start my day with a Carbquik waffle, pancake or muffin and no longer need the mealtime insulin shots.

I've postponed making this review until I received my most recent A1C report, which confirmed what seemed obvious from my daily blood sugar readings.

My previous A1C reading was 8. After three months of Carbquik instead of bread, my last report showed a score of 7. Back somewhere near the goal my doctor had set for me. I don't know if this is something of interest to anyone else, but it seemed like the sort of thing I should share with anyone who is. I didn't start using Carbquik to lose weight, but simply as an attempt to control my blood sugar levels. However, after having replaced my usual bread consumption with items made from Carbquik for three months, I've lost somewhere around five pounds, in my case, that seems like a nice bonus.

I have learned that the little wax-like wedges in Carbquik are actually palm-oil, so the butter in my wake up waffle receipt is not necessary. Ah so, even simpler. By Kelly Lord on January 7, Tried several of the recipes on the box. The biscuits came out horrible.

As a matter of fact every recipe I tried on the box came out horrible. Google dozens of others. Maybe 2 or 3 worked out for me. Didn't have the patience to figure this stuff out. If its that hard wasn't worth it to me. Easier to just take any flour based foods off the menu than trying to find the holy grail replacement.

In hindsight that was the better decision. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. After this arrived I went to the website and had a hard time deciding what to make since they all look good and easy.

I made the sausage balls and I can't believe how good they are. There is a slightly different taste than regular mix but it is negligible. My wife and daughters even enjoyed them and could barely tell the difference. By Roger Kent on February 20, You need to get creative with the flavor..

By Sarah W on September 16, The best way to make biscuits so that they rise is to use a mixer with a bread hook. Add 2 cups of carbquick, half tsp baking powder, 1 tablespoon melted butter, and about 1 cup of milk or half heavy cream and half water.

If it's too dry when mixing add a little more. Do you feel that way? I placed the ingredients on the counter to start dinner. The thought of my low carb pancakes was on my mind for some reason. I use coconut flour in the pancake recipe, so I could probably use it in a casserole, right? I mean, why not? I was on a mission to create a casserole dish! My mind was made up! If the recipe makes it to a blog post, then it was definitely a hit!

Thank goodness because my family was ready that cheeseburger soup. I really should start a section here on the blog for all my failed recipes. Start by cooking the hamburger meat first. Be sure to add the minced garlic and onion powder while you are frying it. This will give the ground beef a good amount of flavor.

Just look how I am about to measure out my minced onion! The typical measuring spoons would never help in big jars like this.

Great gift idea for Mom! You can do it this way but I like it mixed a little better. I sprayed my casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray and filled it with my casserole mixture. I used my favorite Pioneer Woman casserole dishes. This recipe filled it all the way to the top. The size of your pan will determine the cooking time. This size pan took about 40 minutes to cook. You will know when the casserole is done by sticking a knife in the center of the mixture.

If the knife comes out clean, then the center of the casserole is completely cooked.

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