Make Your Own Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem Using the Frozen Food Aisle of Your Supermarket

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If you eat just the entrees I promise you, you will be hungry. If you have a little or a lot of weight to lose, this is certainly worth a try. The supermarkets are always rotating their promotional sales. The big magic trick in the box were snacks and desserts that contained good levels of protein, something that is hard to find off the grocery store shelf. Don't buy any ice cream that isn't in single-serving portions.

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They were also pretty tasty. Portion size is really what is being sold here. Case in point are the bagels. The honey bagel was good and contained about calories. The average bagel found in bakeries and on bread isles are more like calories plus. If you are middle aged like I am you probably remember a time when Lender's Frozen Bagels were all you could find in the average grocery store.

Guess how big they were? You guessed it, the same size and calories as the Nutrisystem bagel. It just goes to show that our growing waistlines are probably related to the growing portion sizes now being offered. By the way, if you want a good deal on a bagel that is equivalent to the Nutrisystem bagel, although hard to find, you can still buy Lender's Frozen Bagels for about 3 bucks for a bag of 6.

The kit was all color coded and laid out for perfect portions at the perfect time. If you eat just the entrees I promise you, you will be hungry.

Be sure and fill in your meals with the suggested grocery store foods and you will probably be somewhat full depending on your appetite. I would say I have an average appetite, and I was satisfied until my next meal or snack. What I didn't like. It was good for what it was and it compared favorably with grocery store frozen diet meals. In some cases the shelf stable meals were actually tastier. But it is what it is, and that is packaged convenience meals, just in smaller portions, however, for many people even eating these meals is healthier because you are forced to add a great deal of fresh veggies, fruits, and salads to feel full and satisfied.

I have always been a believer in eating fresh, whole natural foods, but the trade off for me is this, I'm 50 lbs. The best plan, in my opinion is use these kits to learn what a healthy portion is, then transition to healthy portion controlled meals that you create. Conclusion There are many, many testimonials from people who have lost a lot of weight, lost it fast and with ease.

The supermarkets are always rotating their promotional sales. Check the label closely, as sometimes a frozen meal label will say "contains 2 servings. Check the nutrition label on the box for sodium content. Keep it under mg per meal, the lower the better. The average American eats 1 fruit serving and 2 non-potato vegetable servings per day. They should be getting more than double that for optimum nutrition. You're better off with oatmeal, a low sugar high-fiber cereal, or a Thomas' High Fiber English muffin topped with a tablespoon of non-fat cream cheese or fruit preserves must say "no sugar added" on the label.

To complete your breakfast, you should add a fruit serving and a dairy serving such as a cup 8 oz. Frozen vs "Fresh" Vegetables and Fruit. Nutrients are lost in the transit time. Fruits and some vegetables contains some sugar and sodium naturally, but check the ingredient list on the package to make sure that the manufacturer isn't adding more. Believe it or not, there are wonderful frozen dessert treats that are under calories. Many frozen fruit bars are delicious and under calories.

Dreyers makes a great line of frozen fruit bars in a variety of flavors. Portion control is the key when it comes to dessert. Make sure that you only buy treats that are individually wrapped as single servings. Even Walmart sometimes carries one or two of their products. In addition to truly great taste especially the chocolate varieties , Vitalicious products all have very high fiber content to keep you feeling full.

For lower priced options that are in most supermarkets not in the frozen food section , try brownies from Fiber One. Most people find them very tasty, and they have fiber to ward off hunger.

A lesser way to go but still okay are the calorie packs of cookies, chips, or pretzels. They are nutritionally worthless, and won't keep you from getting hungry, BUT, they're only calories and may satisfy a craving. I can't stress enough how important it is to only buy snacks that are individually wrapped per serving. Never buy a big bag of potato chips or cookies! Don't buy any ice cream that isn't in single-serving portions. You will regret it!

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