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It took exactly 3 days to receive a response. This is so annoying when I want to know my actual sleep pattern, Also if I do happen to fall asleep after nine and the time is incorrect, when I go in to manually change the went to sleep time it wipes out the rest of the sleep pattern and does not still show the different rems of sleep. Reply Jadeylynn June 19, at 2: After that, please set up your alarms again and sync with your Leaf and let us know if that helped. In a recent app upgrade I integrated my Leaf with the Health tracker on my iPhone. Reply Bellabeat Team December 1, at 2:

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I purchased the leaf from Best Buy Canada about a week ago. I love the leaf so far. I am looking forward to being able to make daily notes with future updates. When I purchased the leaf, I thought it came with the braclet as well.

How do I go about getting the braclet attachment. Is it possible to sync the silver and the rose gold leaf to the same app? Is there going to be an update to address this problem please. Hey, just wondering if there has been any update on this? I work nights as well and am considering getting a leaf but I would like to be able to track my sleep during the day.

I am also a night shift worker and I see these comments are from December about an update to track sleep during the day. When will there be an update for night workers? Any updates for night shift workers? Even something such as tapping once or 3 times to allow it to know we were going to bed versus being inactive so that it could track the quality of our sleep would be great.

This is my first week of midnights since I bought it. My first night at work it was tracking my sleep while I was working. Any update yet on being able to track your sleep before 9PM? I work very early shifts so I have to usually get to sleep before 9PM and in the morning when I sync it says went to sleep at 9PM every night.

This is so annoying when I want to know my actual sleep pattern, Also if I do happen to fall asleep after nine and the time is incorrect, when I go in to manually change the went to sleep time it wipes out the rest of the sleep pattern and does not still show the different rems of sleep. You should be able to adjust the went to sleep time and it not affect the rest of the cycle.

This will be forwarded to our team to hopefully have the sleep feature updated and improved soon! This is my problem too! Plus I think it over counts steps and gives me too much credit.

So far I am really enjoying my leaf and its capabilities. However, why does it vibrate before I go to bed and when I wake up? The Leaf does not seem willing to accept two sleep periods. I am also a night shift worker, and I find that I usually take a 2 hour nap separate from a 6 hour primary sleep period in the day.

Even if I do sleep for more or less 8 hours straight, I often have to wake up briefly to answer the doorbell for UPS or when my partner wakes up for work, but within 15 minutes I am back asleep. The Leaf insists that the the whole second sleep period—even if it felt deep and was much longer than the first period—did not exist, and will not let me manually correct this.

The leaf refuses to acknowledge the possibility of 2 sleep periods during one day. The Mediterranean siesta lifestyle indicates that this is a widespread thing in other cultures and it is not necessarily an impossibly unhealthy way for a human to live. But this has never been repeated and cannot be manually entered. We understand your issue and we are currently working on more options for sleep, so please stay with us for a bit longer, we have a feeling you will like this option! Especially for the price!

However, I have an advanced meditation practice. Can you have the app support older versions of android? Unfortunately, we cannot make it available for the versions earlier than 4. I am trying to download the app to my ipad air and it says it cant find it in the store.

It did find it on my iphone 5. What can i do? I much rather have it on my ipad! Can you post a link on the page to download the app? I realize this message was left quite a while back, but in case you never found it or someone else has this issue. I have found the iTunes Store search function to be extremely irritating and lacking. I nearly always find my apps through a google search. For instance, in this case I searched for Bellabeat Leaf app for iPad through Google and it gave me the link to the download in the iTunes Store.

Even a search just of the apps I own. I still have to google search it. And I do this a lot with apps that I downloaded and cannot recall what they do. Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

I just bought my LEAF not too long ago. I am loving every moment with it. I love how it allows you to input your activities for a certain period of time. Anyways, I set up an alarm for 6: However, it vibrates about 8 times at 5: Then I would get another three vibrates around 6 and a few more at 6: I am not quite sure why it does that. I am sure I am missing something. Can someone please help? I just need it to vibrate at 6: I had a different app for when I was feeding my son and it would bak up and send a zipped file to my email of choice so I have a record of it else where.

Can you advise me on what to do? Please try reinstalling the app and then opening it again, this should solve the issue. Let us know if it helps! With the time change, my leaf is waking me up at the wrong time. How do I get the time to change on the leaf? When I go into the app, it looks like everything is good. Could you please try the following? After that, please set up your alarms again and sync with your LEAF and let us know if that helped. Anyone else run into this?

Please send us an email at support bellabeat. After the most recent update, my app keeps crashing. Could you please try reinstalling the app? That should solve the issue. Let us know if it helped! In a recent app upgrade I integrated my Leaf with the Health tracker on my iPhone. I went on a walk today and forgot my Leaf at home, but had my phone. None of that data transferred over.

Any ideas Bellabeat team? Danielle, thank you for reaching out to us about this. I have accidentally submerged my Leaf in a hot tub for about 10 minutes before I realized I was wearing it. So far my Lea still syncs to my phone but should I be worried?

What is the warrenty for accidental water submerging? We suggest syncing before you do, so as not to lose any data. We really hope your LEAF works again! When you come out with new versions of the Leaf or updates to the capabilities, what will happen to my leaf?

Will I have to get a new one to get all the updates or will it synch through the app? Thank you for your suggestion, Chelsea. This was one of the main reasons I got this tracker. Is this on the radar at all?

Could you please reach us at support bellabeat. Also, when should I change the settings… when I move the leaf or when I go to sync…. You can just set up the position of your LEAF in the settings to the one that you wear the most frequently and your step count should be fine.

Would love to have a carb and calorie counter…alarm when close to goal…bolder alarm when goal reached…I feel this might help me stay the course. I just got my leaf, very excited! How do I know when it will begin tracking movement and sleep? Does this take time or is it automatic? Welcome to Bellabeat community, Abby! Yes, the LEAF should track your steps and sleep automatically, and you should see the data when you successfully sync it to the app.

Please reach us at support bellabeat. Our team will get back to you shortly. How is this possible? Any insights or suggestions? Our team will gladly help you resolve the issue. Could you please email us at support bellabeat.

I am wondering about increasing the vibration setting? Worn as a clip on my chest and a necklace. Am I able to change this or is it still coming soon and if so when can we expect it? Unfortunately, the intensity of the vibrations for the alarms cannot be changed for now, but thank you for your suggestion! We will make sure to forward it to our team and they shall take it into consideration when developing future versions of the app.

I am considering getting a Leaf but will it work with my iPod? The LEAF has a silent smart alarm and silent inactivity alarms that you can set up so they wake you up or remind you to be more active. I bought two at once for me and my daughter. Mine is not syncing anymore for days and I figured it was the battery. So the Leaf is now useless. It started vibrating so I figured I will use it until the battery does run out…but I had removed it from the app and now its not connecting.

I wear it every day and now I am out dollars and consistently emailing support to fix the constant issues. Even if it did connect…once the battery runs out then its done. I do love it when it works but this is a bad experience. If you email our support team at support bellabeat. The screws on my bellabeat have done the same!! Way to tight and now completely stripped. The battery is out and now i cannot use it.

Is there any way to fix this? Hi Alison, we are sorry to hear about this issue and would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Please email our customer support team at hi bellabeat. Hi there, very excited to have received my rose gold leaf today and have downloaded the app but it just keeps saying loading and stays stuck there. I have tried to delete the app and reinstall but no joy. Can you please advise what I can do as dying to get started on it.

Our team will look into your case and make sure to help you out! None of the three alarms even show up on the homepage. I have deleted the app, unpaired, synced etc. I have emailed the support team but have not heard back. Is anyone else having this issue? Could you please provide your email address you used when emailing us so that we could check this with our team?

What do you do when the screws strip because they are in so tight? Can you please help me with this? I really need to use my leaf and replace the battery. Please email us at support bellabeat. I just order my leaf and I cannot wait for it to arrive!! Can you have 2 trackers on the same app? Welcome to Bellabeat community, Fawn!

It is possible for you to have two LEAFs and have both of them sync with the same app. What you will need to do in that case is the following. Just make sure to sync your LEAF before unpairing! It does require some work to stay healthy! Would also love a place for notes. We hope this helps and you keep enjoying your Leaf!

It appears by the comments that many people are experiencing problems with Leafs that were delivered in the June timeframe. I am one of those as well and have contacted BellaBeat via this website and then had to resubmit my issues via my phone app. Also, the suggested update app does not load despite at least 50 tries. Did you email our support team at support bellabeat. If you do, our team will make sure to help you out with any issues you might be experiencing.

Is something supposed to happen when I double tap the Leaf? I got one small vibration when I remove the screws and took it apart. Could the battery be dead on arrival? Please, email us at support bellabeat. Out support team will make sure to help you out. Yes Corrine, you can simply download the app on your tablet and log into your account so that you could sync your Leaf to it!

Have a great vacation! I have been searching for a place to leave my suggestion so I hope this is it. My suggestion is for the fertility aspect of the app. I think it would be helpful if there was a way to record bbt basal body temperature and therefore be able to chart fertility.

I am considering the leaf love its look. Does the leaf sync with fit bit apps where I can still participate in workout challenges? Hi Michele, thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, you would not be able to integrate the Leaf with the Fitbit apps. We have also decided to focus our product away from tracking heart rate, mostly because the studies have shown how inaccurate these measurements can be, especially when worn on the wrist.

As inaccurate feedback regarding heart rate could only lead to greater anxiety in your life, we have, rather than heart rate, done our best to focus on stress management. Furthermore, apart from the devices aimed at athletes, we want Leaf to be a health companion for women on their road to overall wellbeing, so we focus on important aspects of this, such as activity, sleep patterns, breathing and meditation, reproductive health as well as the aforementioned stress, providing information that can help inspire, motivate and create a healthier you.

Let us know should you have any further questions. You can read more on stress tracking here: How do I set alarms and inactivity alerts? Please let us know which system you are using for your Leaf app — Android or iOS — and we can get back to you as soon as possible, Kimberly! Is there anyway of making the leaf vibrate on command from the app just incase its in the house somewhere???

Considering buying the leaf, just wondering if there is an option to have daily or weekly challenge with other leaf owners. My sister is half way around the world and we want to motivate and keep each other going. If not is there a plan to add this feature in future? Just received my leaf urban! I love it and have worn it for 3 days now. Yesterday I wore as a necklace and was excited to see my step count as it was a big day…..

Tried syncing after disconnecting blue tooth and shutting down phone. Synced again this morning and nothing. It is logging my sleep properly just stopped counting my steps.

So far I love it just hoping it is an easy fix for my steps. Oh, that is definitely odd. Please reach out to our technical team at support bellabeat. Also, make sure that your Leaf is not paired to the Bluetooth in your phone settings but with the app. You can check additional suggestions on our Support page under My Leaf. That way you can use the Leaf to gently wake you up in the morning, but can also set it up to vibrate with other health reminders. The Leaf enables you to set up these alarms, which can be for one-time or recurring alerts.

We hope this helps, Lee! I have an iPhone 7 and I am connected to the Internet from my house. Please contact us at support bellabeat. It says locked when I try to connect it.

Surely you can still use a Leaf that might have been initially set up by someone else? Please reach out to our support team at hi bellabeat. Since the time change my morning alarm still wakes me up an he early… is there away I can change the time in the bellabeat app? After that, please set up your alarms again and sync with your Leaf and let us know if that helped. Please check if yours are set for one-time or as recurring alerts.

If you would still experience some issues, please reach us at support bellabeat. My iphone 5 has just crashed. I was going on a walk with my bellabeat and listening to music on my iphone, and then my phone just died. I tried a couple times before my phone itself crashed. In your brochure you mention mechanical interference…is this what you meant? Has the team experienced this before? I really want to continue to use this device and have enjoyed it so far 2 days now.

Without that knowledge, a women could easily under eat i. Thank you for letting us know about this. We do not believe our Leaf app is responsible for your phone crashing, and we have not heard any reports of this from our users. We recommend taking your phone to a service and having them look into what the issue could be.

As well, we thank you for your suggestion about our resting calories burned. We will keep in mind for future discussions! I would like to keep the resting calories in the app as well. Perhaps the solution is to make a choice of what you would like to track? Raili, thank you so much for letting us know about this!

Please reach out to our team at support bellabeat. I love my new Leaf Urban….. Is there any work around that you are aware of to allow me to not have to go back to using my FitBit in order to get my Vitality points? We are so sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, our Leaf units are only compatible with our own Leaf by Bellabeat app, Google Fit, and Apple Health. I am interested in purchasing an urban leaf so I began using the app on my phone to see if I would like it.

The only problem I have currently is that the bar graph only shows data by day. It would be nice to see by week, month, and year. Weight tracking would also be a good addition. Hi Lindsey, thank you for your interest! Hi, I have my birthdate set, however, the Leaf switches it on its own and makes it a day off. Can this be stopped? I love the Leaf and am definitely interested in getting one, but I was wondering if BellaBeat was planning on bringing back the gold-colored Leaf?

There are some updates that I greatly look forward to as well — manual ability to add external meditation practices, waterproofing id hope that there could be a skin of sorts that current owners could purchase.. Thank you so much for your feedback, Claire! We are always looking to improve our Leaf app, so we will let our team know about these suggestions for future consideration. Furthermore, I am way more conscious of my menstruation cycle and even more motivated in terms of activity.

I really do think this is an amazing tool. I do have some critique, my meditation and stress data seems to have dissapeared as of today. So I would love some assistance here as my troubleshooting efforts are not working right now. Thanks for making such a useful product and I have no doubt you guys will keep powering on making improvements on such a helpful tool in self regulation and care. Thank you very much for your feedback, and we are so glad to hear you are enjoying your Leaf.

You should be able to use your meditation feature as of today, as there was a minor bug we experienced within the app that did not allow the Meditation feature to be opened properly. Please close your Leaf app from your multitask switcher and then reopen it, and let us know if it works. Other than that we thank you for your suggestions and will make sure to forward it to our team for future consideration!

Hi, I have had my urban leaf for a few weeks now and was really pleased with it until the app asked me to update. Since updating the sleep feature has stopped working. Could you please help as the main reason I purchased the urban was to track sleep. HI, I just received my urban leaf a few days ago.

I love it so far, but I am having difficulty adding a activity. It lets me put a start time but not the end time?? When I go to my exercise class, I try to enter the time to start in 5 minutes and it switches back to the current time and same with the end time. Can you help me with this? That is very odd. When inputting the start and end times in your app, please make sure to tap on the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen, as that will save your activity.

If you are still experiencing issues regarding this, please email us at support bellabeat. Just received my leaf urban.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with no luck. I have also tried a different email with the same problem. I am very frustrated this product is worthless if I cannot get into the app! You will need to first register an account with Bellabeat in order to start using your Leaf app. Be doubly sure not to leave any typos! If you are still experiencing issues with signing in, then please email us at support bellabeat.

Can someone please tell me how to track my steps for the day? You will be able to see your daily steps tracked by tapping on the orange Activity bar on the front page of your Leaf app. I am so so frustrated. I just got a Leaf Urban and am loving it! Am I doing something wrong? You are correct in that Apple Health only pulls the step tracking from the Leaf, and not the sleep data.

We thank you for your suggestion and will see with our team on whether this can be integrated in the future. That is indeed how the sleep tracking currently works at this time; when editing your sleep times, the new data you input will overwrite your previous awake periods.

Has there been a happy solution for sleep tracking for night workers? Unfortunately, Heather, at the moment, the LEAF can not track your sleep before 9 PM but we can assure you our developers are already working in mentioned feature so your LEAF should be perfect in no time.

I love my new leaf nature but I wish the sleep times could be adjusted. I often have more on Google fit.

I wish the sleep update would come out soon it seems to be an issue a lot of people have. I also hope for more accessories. I wear mine as a bracelet and only have the tan and black options. Other colors would be nice! Regarding the accessories, please stay tuned as we will have new designs available for purchase very very soon! I have been using my new Bellabeat for a week. I have been doing a 4 mile walk every day with it on my wrist. So far it has never accurately clocked my mileage, and has been very far off ranging from 2.

Why is it not reading all of my steps? I just got my leaf a week ago and I absolutely love it. Tracking mood or water intake for the day , general notes, etc to look back on and I see that you plan to add some of these things on. Will there be any way to update my leaf once these changes are made or will I be required to purchase a brand new leaf? I bought the leaf for my mother and myself.

Is it possible to get the app in French? I am trying to understand if either Leaf devices can provide notifications just a simple vibration based on when I receive a notification on my phone. I understand that I would still need to look at my phone to verify the notification; but it would be really great if the leaf device could at a minimum vibrate to alert me of new notifications on my phone.

Is this already an available feature? I have a problem with the leaf tracking my train rides and bus rides as steps. Is there any way to edit this in the app? My bellabeat leaf has stopped tracking my steps. I was about to purchase a Leaf until I saw that it dose not register sleep before 9PM. I will keep an eye out for that update and will most likely buy one after that is corrected. I got a leaf urban for christmas and i love it.

I am go to bed early and get up early. I usually go to bed between 7pm and 8pm. Since i cannot edit my fall asleep time earlier than 9pm i am adding a nap for anything earlier than 9pm. I know its not going to show me the type of sleep i had for that time period, but at least it is recording how much sleep i got. I love my leaf urban and have started to make changes in my life since getting it.

I have tried my leaf in all the positions and i prefer it clipped on my shirt. I work in a warehouse and tried it as a necklace and felt like it swung off of me too often because i do a lot of bending over. I felt like i was not getting accurate data because of it. I tried it as a bracelet and noticed how easy it could come off. I suggest if you are going to wear it in this position you make it is snug on your wrist so it does not have the possibility to come unclasped.

I prefer to wear it clipped on my shirt for my work and at home. Also i think you could change the necklace or bracelet attachment with any other jewelry you may have. The places to attach onto the side of the leaf for a bracelet could be used by any bracelet that clasps. You may have to feed the ring on one side so that you can clasp it on the other or you could make your own bracelets easily too. As for the necklace, any that feed through the leaf should work. I am looking into making a couple of leather ones for myself for another more casual option.

I hope this is helpful. Reading through all the posts made me feel like some positive info was needed. Remember not everything is perfect and improvements take time and changes can be good.

I bought my bellabeat because I was looking forward to tracking my sleep. I was bought a leaf firy birthday and have been wearing it on my wrist since the end if Jan The metal has now started bending and the silver leaf is no longer lying flat. Has anyone else experienced the metal bending up? Can I turn off the sleep tracker? I never wear it to bed and get annoyed at having to manually fill in the info all the time.

Please please please add S Health connectivity! The first few days I had it, it kept saying 0 steps all day so I was confused. I love the look and the sleep tracker, but I really would love compatibility with S Health! Why wont it lete be go to bed before 9pm? Bought this to track my sleep and i found out it is only for people that are on a typical schedule not ones that have to sleep odd hours, sort of disappointing.

I read back through the comments and it looks like an update for this has been promised for over a year. Also my inactive reminder goes off while i am walking around. Very annoyed since its such a nice looking tracker. Third complaint is that i did a 60 min spin clasd with it on my sports bra strap and it gave me credit for 23 min and three different occasions.

Returning mine for a fit bit. I am a fairly new proud owner of the leaf and loving it so far. But I see to have issues with the app when I try to meditate — the meditation session stoppes after 40 seconds or so and the app restarts itself. Do you have and suggestions how to make it run properly?

Thank you in advance. Since the March 9th update, I have not been able to use the app. I can not get past the loading screen. Please help, because right not it just feels like a wast of money. I have the same problem as Hazel M.

I have used your chat service and only get vague answers. I am very disappointed in your company. I love the leaf and since march 9th I can not access anything.

Right now the leaf is a useless device. I am very sad about this. I had wanted the leaf for a long time and finally got one for Christmas. And now this expensive little gadget is worth nothing. How are you planning to compensate your customers? Love my leaf and I am disappointed that it can not sync with Weight watchers.

The Leaf is the only fitness tracker I can wear that does not flair my carpal tunnel. I am so jealous of the other that can sync: I am joining weight watchers tonight and I would love to use the two together. Please keep up the good work and get the leaf to sync with more programs.

Suddenly I only have steps today and all previous days are around to I use a mini iPad. And I was going to take my leaf to Europe tomorrow.

Hopefully this is not another week long glitch. Nice blog and very useful for me. Try Dhanurasana is the best yoga poses for night shift employees who want to reduce belly fat. I started with Headspace, and have been moving towards my Bellabeat meditations, and have heard lots of great things about the Calm […].

This page is good, but we non-US users need to be able to switch it to metric measurements ie: How do I do this? I go to bed early a lot due to having Fibromyalgia; however, my leaf only shows sleep starting at 9: So I am not getting an accurate ready of my sleep.

Is there a way to correct this? Trying to sync my leaf and all I get is an error notification. It vibrates etc and then says sorry there is an error. I am having the same issue.

And I am still waiting for a response from the support team. Did they help you out? If so what did they do? Hi, new to leaf Urban and I love it so far! Is there any way that future leafs could track ovulation a bit more precisely i. That would be the best thing in the world for those of us trying to pin down ovulation in order to have the best chance of getting pregnant! I know there is one other bracelet on the market that claims to be able to do this, would be awesome if it was integrated into the leaf!

The bracelet strap is useless, the device falls off. It is too chunky to attach to my bra strap, to big to wear as a necklace and falls off my underwear overnight — the only place I can find to wear it comfortably while sleeping. We are so sorry to hear this, Michelle! We have done our best to ensure our users can enjoy the Leaf in all 3 ways, so if possible, please reach out to our team at hi bellabeat. They would be happy to look into it and find a way to help make sure you are able to successfully wear your Leaf!

We would be more than happy to forward that Activity as a suggestion to our team! We are always looking to add more activities for our users to choose from. We are sorry to hear that, Aliya! Could we please ask you to reach out to our technical support at support bellabeat.

They would love to take a closer look into this and help sort it out! I am a Bellabeat customer. I recently bought a Leaf and extra band for my wife as a gift. Unfortunately, the products have offered nothing but trouble. After spending hundreds of dollars with Bellabeats, the products are sitting in the drawer and are unusable. Except to use a difference device. The unique thing about Misfit Shine is that you can wear this almost anywhere on your body.

The package includes a magnetic clasp that you can fold over your shirt, sleeve, shoe, etc. You can also leave Shine in your pocket and it will record your activity. In addition, the package includes a one size fits all rubber sport band to wear this band identically like a watch. The battery lasts for up to four months and is replaceable. The aluminum construction of Misfit Shine allows it to go underwater up to 50 meters without damage.

The sleek and modern looking 12 dot circular LED display shows the clock when double tapped. The LED lights make a circular movement when you have completed your goal. However, the LED lights are difficult to view in direct sunlight. The Misfit Shine appears at the sixth position in the fitness band comparison chart showing that it is one of the best selling fitness tracker due to its low price. Misfit Flash is made up of polycarbonate plastic material to reduce costs.

The band provides a comfortable fit with a smooth finish. The coin battery lasts for up to six months and is easy to replace by removing the back case.

It is waterproof up to 30 meters and comes with a magnetic clasp. The app is cleanly designed and also connects with additional fitness tracking softwares like Runkeeper. The Misfit Flash is at the tenth position in the fitness band comparison chart with a low rating but sells well due to its very low price. Just got my purple Garmin Vivosmart HR around two weeks back.

The band is pretty flexible, has a soft rubbery feel to it and adjustable with many notches but what I learnt is that for greater accuracy the band needs to stay in place all the time. Later i found a comfortable spot thats around 2 inches away from my wrist where it fits snugly and am also wearing it at night now. I am looking for an activity tracker which is suitable for racket sports especially tennis or squash. Users have reported inaccuracies in heart rate monitoring while doing high intensity workouts or sports that involve sudden changes in heart rates.

However, it seems to work well while performing light steady exercises like walking, jogging or a bike ride. If you want a device, which monitors the heart rate more accurately, you may purchase a device with a chest strap. The device is water resistant with a rating of 1ATM 10meters to prevent rain or sweat but is not meant to be submerged under water. The OLED display turns off after some time to conserve battery life. You can double tap or press a button to turn on the display.

The display is difficult to read in direct sunlight. Apart from tracking your heart rate, this device calculates total miles travelled, counts steps pedometer and calculates estimated calories burned. It also monitors your sleep patterns if you wear it at night. It synchronizes wirelessly with most android phones, iPhone or iPad.

However, you can use the Fitbit Smartphone app to track the distance and speed accurately. The device can display date and time but does not show the day of the week. It also has a stopwatch. You will need to synchronize the device with your Smartphone or PC to save historical data.

You do not need to carry your phone along every time. When Fitbit Charge HR comes within range of your Smartphone or a Bluetooth enabled device, it automatically synchronizes and transfers the recorded data to the Fitbit app.

The device comes with a USB charging cable and you can use a Bluetooth wireless sync dongle to connect with a computer. It synchronizes automatically when it comes within Bluetooth wireless range approx. According to the users, the battery lasts for an average of 3. You may charge using a USB port. You will not be able to switch the wristband to change colors as the electronics are embedded inside the band.

It also features a vibrating alarm , which wakes you up at a pre set time. The Fitbit Flex is water resistant with a rating of 1ATM 10meters but should be removed before swimming and showering. However, users have worn it while swimming, showering and in hot tubs without any harm. The device will not record swimming any swimming activity. Charger and USB sync dongle are included in the package. This device does not display time. The Fitbit Flex will only track steps and activity level.

Activities like biking, stair climbing, swimming, treadmill and elliptical workouts will not be monitored accurately. These activities need to be logged manually in the app. To track treadmill workout accurately, you may wear Flex on your ankle. The Fitbit app is free to download and use.

Check the manufacturer website for compatibility of your device. This device does not have GPS and does not monitor heart rate. The monochrome LED display remains on at all times.

Fitbit Surge can display text notifications but you will need a phone to reply. This device is water resistant with a rating of 5ATM 50meters but users have suggested to keep it dry and not to shower or swim while wearing it. Some users reported formation of condensation droplets when exposed to water while showering or swimming.

You can use Surge to access the playlist from your phone. You have the option to select, pause or play music while connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Users have reported that the battery lasts for about four or five days and depends on what features you use.

GPS functions drain the battery most. Therefore, you should switch off GPS when you do not need it. You also have the option to turn off the heart rate sensor and the Bluetooth radio to save battery.

With the new software update, the Surge has an improved silent alarm with snooze and now vibrates multiple times to wake you up instead of vibrating only once. The heart rate monitor is not a replacement for medical advice and may be inaccurate at times. For a greater accuracy in measurements, the Surge should be worn a little higher up the wrist as directed.

You may also visit the Fitbit forums where users have compared and analyzed the heart rate monitor data log with various other devices. Although you can wear it while swimming, the Polar Loop will track any swimming activity as steps.

Also, note that the Bluetooth H7 heart monitor will not transmit data in water for some trackers since most radio frequencies fail to propagate under water. The H7 heart rate transmitter with chest strap comes at extra cost.

The Loop works without it, but it is recommended to purchase one, for greater accuracy in activity and calorie measurements. The Loop is a cut to fit band. For a comfortable fit, you will need to measure and cut the band as instructed, very carefully since the only makes the band smaller. It is better if you make small cuts until you are happy with the fit. The loop comes with a USB charger and the battery takes less than 30 minutes to charge. The Loop does not measure different phases of sleep quality.

It will only track periods of inactivity. The Polar Flow app is designed to work natively with iPhone 4S or later. You should check the manufacturer website for compatibility of your device. Many users complain that the button is not responsive at times. This is due to the capacitive nature of the button.

It will work properly when the USB metal ring below is in contact with the skin. To ensure this you will need to wear the Loop a little tightly on your wrist. According to users, the battery lasts for around two days between charges. It depends heavily on the frequency of Bluetooth synchronization with the app and heart rate transmitter.

The Loop does not have vibrating silent alarm functionality. The sleep mode activates automatically. The H7 chest strap sensor has a replaceable non-chargeable battery. The battery lasts for many months. The heart rate sensor automatically shuts off after you remove it from your chest.

Polar M has a great battery life. It lasts for about 24 days if you use it for activity tracking only. However, the battery drains quickly when you use GPS and Heart Rate monitor, lasting for about 8 hours only. You can purchase Polar H7 heart rate sensor separately or you can buy the package, which includes the heart rate monitor with a chest strap.

The watch can pair with a foot pod for accurate cadence measurements during cycling. More than 50 sports profiles to choose from. The watch mode has four watch faces , which you can select to display time. The M does not have a temperature sensor.

The sleep measurement is not very detailed. The Polar Flow app displays sleep statistics after syncing with the watch where you can view the total sleep time, restful sleep and restless sleep. The watch has a flight mode where you can turn off the Bluetooth and GPS. You can turn on the backlight while viewing the screen in the dark.

You can put the activity tracker on pause manually during a workout and start it after taking a rest. In GPS mode, the watch auto detects long pauses for e. Long halts during a red light. This feature is helpful in unfamiliar neighborhoods. The Vivofit2 does not have silent vibrating alarms to wake you up in the morning. It does not have auto sleep recognitio n, which means that you need to enter and exit sleep modes manually.

No call notification and music control functionality to improve battery life. You can use it as a watch with always-on clock display. You have the option to turn off the audible alerts. Some users have difficulty pairing the device with their Smartphone or PC.

It has stopwatch functionality. Tracks swimming strokes by sensing arm movements and not GPS. The battery charges within two hours and lasts for up to 2 weeks without GPS usage.

With GPS on, it lasts for about 10 hours. It has wake up alarm function but it vibrates only once and it does not have multi alarm or snooze function. Smartphone notifications will work only when the phone is within the Bluetooth range.

You can also turn off the Smartphone notifications. You cannot respond to notifications without your phone. Vivoactive is water resistant up to 50 meters and it tracks swimming metrics.

It detects sleep automatically without having to press any buttons. It does not yet have the capability to synchronize with a laptop, PC or a Windows Smartphone.

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