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574 Comments on Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture

Time has been short since I started my new teaching position last month, but I have time now. Cabinet de Massage thérapeutique 10 Av. Instead, either my husband or my daughters gave me sponge baths and washed my hair when needed. Less fatigue this time due to lower dose and extended cycle to 5 weeks. How long after your injury and where you back doing things on a normal day to day basis?

I am committed to doing the physiotherapy diligently and am working on improving the diet and general level of fitness. The healthier we become, the more healing will take place. So take heart and God bless you. I slipped on our shinny hardwood floors and dislocated my right shoulder and fractured the shoulder bone. Worst pain ever in my 69 yrs. In my 2nd week of recovery this sight very incourging. How are you now? My fall was Feb 4.

Hi, I also would like to say thank you for this site, it was of great comfort and use to me back in late November when I slipped and broke my humerus. It is now almost 8 weeks and although still suffering with pain occasionally it is nothing compared to the first two weeks. I am hoping to be discharged from hospital when I have a visit next week. I commenced physio three weeks in, just gentle arm rotations at first and progressed to assisted physio last week, which is proving rather painful, but I know I have to keep on doing it otherwise I will not regain full movement.

Can you tell me how long the pain and discomfort will continue? To those people reading this who have just broken their shoulder, my heart goes out to you, its a miserable painful time but in two to three weeks you will begin to feel some improvement and no matter how small it is, its a sign you are healing.

God Bless you, Patsy. Hang on in there Patsy. It was so painful. I only knew that the pain was excruciating. The pain can still be severe, but not all the time……. I use heat patches which I have found very helpful.

I only had the one X-ray and plan to ask for another to determine progress. I know several folk who have broken their shoulders in the last few months — all have had several x-rays.

I do wish you all the very best for your recovery, it just seems to take a long time: So pleased to find this site. On 30 December I was riding bike and taken out by a car. I have broken humerus and shattered ball and socket. Very frustrating and very depressing. I work full time in retail so unable to work. Will update tomorrow I really need some good news so a few prayers would be great.

Pauline, I as well am 54 yrs old, broke humurus, ball joint on jan 8th have a titanium one now. Just do the exercises PT gives U. I can identify with u. It will get better , Prayers. Permission to bend at the waist and allow arm to hang and to rotate passively in a circle 3. As for sex, when did yr doctors give u permission and whay positions wont harm the arm?

I got my proximal humerus fractured two weeks back and the sugery and fixation got done. I am 53 years old. Hi I got my left proximal humerus fractured 15 days back by slipping on wet floor of a hospital where I admitted my father for treatment the same day. The following day when got x rayed came to know about fracture and adviced to go for sugery and fixation.

I want to know how much time it will take for meto drive car, though I tried the same yesterday in my parking area with difficulty.

I have been in crucial pain.. I was in n a car accident. Surgery took over 7 hours. I still sleep sitting up. Which hurts my butt a lot. I guess u have a long way to go from reading posts. Cierra I was told the same, it was jan 8th I identify with the pain of butt hurting, constipation. It does get better hon. Minimum mg per day, and more, I took I just dislocated my shoulder and have one crack in my humerus. I deal well with pain, but this truly hurt. I am in sling and cannot lift my arm.

I am very scared and am wondering if this is normal…. I also went over the dog and her ball! Feeling all alone and not really knowing what exactly I was meant to be doing only added to the agony and shock. All the tips and shared experiences would have been so useful. Needless to say, surgery next week is inevitable. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect? Will the post-op pain be equally debilitating, as the initial injury? Will I be back in the recliner for weeks to come, lol? The pain eases a bit once fixed, get a foam wedge at least 12 inches you can get in bed with that.

Or the recliner again. Hello, I fell on a stair master on November and keep lifting weights without knowing I fractured my shoulder.

This whole time, I had been working 9 to 10 hours Monday thru Friday and typing a lot. The Ortho finally send me to a Pt for therapy. All this time, my pain never go away. My question is , did your doctor recommends wearing a sling and not to go to work? I was just wondering, if typing is slowing down my progress. Hospital said dislocated tried to put back in place, obviously did not work.

Had surgery, put back together with plates screws, rods, constant pain for 14 months. Screws loosened as did plates. Had total reverse surgery october I still have pain in bicep area, but have better range of motion and can now wash my hair with two hands. I am 68 yrs old. Hi my name is Lauren and I broke my humerus on Sept 13th. I required surgery and had a plate put in Sept 16th, with several screws. ORIF of distal humerus. I am waiting for week 12 so I can start real PT and show improvement.

I am in a make-shift splint that I take off and exercise my forearm a little. I also have numbness and radial palsy. The radial palsy seems to be getting better, which is an awesome feeling. However I just recently got off pain narcotics. The dose was 2 every 4 hrs as needed. I was taking 2 every 4 hrs over 2 months. My body was dependent on them so I went cold turkey. Worse week so far of my life.

Now clear headed I am more depressed than ever. What scares me the most is non-union and another surgery. I will go mad. Pain rarely occurs unless its at night or when I manipulate my arm. I take alive for pain, which helps. I am just so depressed esp relying on my hubby to help shower me, do my hair, and even help pull down my pants to go to the bathroom. I want my independence back now. Hi Lauren,, just come across this email you did in re: I am six weeks in going through the same operation and thought I was doing well initially , but the pain seems to be niggling constantly cannot seem to get it comftable no matter how I try.

I am hoping you made a great recovery and all is well for you now. This hopefully will encourage me with my recovery. I would just welcome the stage when I can dry my own hair and pull on my own jeans and put on a bra without help. I fell and broken my right shoulder on Nov 23 , , this has been the worse thing and terrible pain in my life.

I still bad days. I can do almost dress my self without help. Today has been a bad day with a lot of pain. They say I will have to have therapy for 3 months.

Thanks for sharing that. I am the same age as you and fractured my shoulder in three places 8 weeks ago by slipping on tiles. I spent the first week or so trying to sleep sitting up in an armchair but can manage the bed now. However, it is very painful during the night and I waken frequently. It was a comfort to read what others are suffering as I identify so readily with them.

It is an opportunity to realise how vulnerable we are and to think of others suffering worse things. I believe it is important to unite our pain with that of Jesus and offer it up for those in great need of prayers. I am a 77 year old woman and I tripped and fell 10 July , dislocated my right shoulder and broke my humerus into few pieces, I wanted to skip surgery but could not so I had surgery 5 August.

I slept in a recliner for 6 weeks because I could not get out of bed without help. I started therapy the very next week in home. I am still in therapy and I wonder how long I will have therapy. My arm is much much better but nowhere near normal. I stumbled on this site and it is very helpful. I wonder if my arm will ever be normal again. We moved in April this year and as is my nature did too much, packed, lifted and unpacked 2 houses into one and was too impatient to wait for help.

Always want things done yesterday of course! A simple cuff rotator repair has turned into a far more complex procedure. Put simply I had repairs to a torn biceps tendon, supraspinatis tendon and articular cartilage! This is hideous, nothing like anything else.

The lack of sleep is rehabilitating and the constant nagging pain unbearable at times. I usually find sleeping with a pillow under my arm helps but some nights nothing does. I work for the Police and at the moment have been signed off work until March. I have had physio since the second week, twice a week and have home exercises that are increasing weekly. I can walk the dog which is a blessing in disguise although have yo be careful not to stumble.

Today the pain is worse and I feel as though my arm is in a vice. One strip forward and then one back? Sorry to whinge but at least here you might understand! Hot water bottles, heat patches, frozen peas, bio oil etc etc Comments, help and advice please. Thank you for reading my sorry tale x. Hi Suzie and fellow sufferers, Suzie, I can relate totally to your situation at the time you wrote this comment,and I hope you are doing much better now.

I fell July 7th and sustained a proximal humeral head fx with a 4 part displacement. I started physio 2 weeks later.

It was ordered passive range of motion, but my physio was more aggressive. The xray at 6 weeks showed lesser tuberosity to be malaligned. Physio has been cancelled for 6 weeks and another xray will be done then. I am in a world of insane horrible pain. I am generally a strong and motivated person but this has completely drained me.

Last week I was diagnosed with shingles, probably due to the now chronic lack of sleep and constant pain. When does the light a the end of the tunnel come on? The bills are mounting and I fear not being able to work in my field of nursing again. Comments, advice experiences welcome. Hi Ann, I too am a nurse who fell and fractured my proximal humorous in 4 places. They decided not to do surgery. Now I am in an abductor brace to realign.

Pain is there, but bearable. Have you returned to work? I just fractured my shoulder in several places last week. I would have been and still would be- a zombie without painpills. Any surgery for you? It was a break in 4 places with separation and my othopedist and second opinion dr. They both said not having it would mean weakness plus loss of some motion. However they said with surgery the results might only be somewhat better. Also can drive normally and have good strength in arm. So weeks would seem to be the time everybody has to get through.

A few more points. I have two top doctors and both said I should get rid of sling in just two weeks to prevent stiffening in elbow. Maybe surgery is something different. After 4 weeks I could only drive with my good arm with my bad arm holding bottom of wheel and helping to turn a little. Again, for me to was about 5 weeks and I was basically free again. Good luck to all. I suffered communited proximal humerus fractures 4 weeks ago today.

My ortho doctor had me take off the sling at 3 weeks post injury. I had only mild displacement and surgery was not necessary. Did anyone here go through a period of increased pain versus steadily decreasing pain? My fear is that I did too much on my own and should have focused on more passive exercises. I also fear that the bones displaced more since I was using my shoulder more although he said the fractures were stabilized.

Thanks for this site! It gave me so much info when I first read some on day 2. I broke the tuberosity of my left humerous with an almost circular crack, as well as two parts separated and well aligned and two other cracks on the upper humerous on April 14, Fell on uneven pavement with an umbrella in my right hand. I live alone, and its been really challenging.

Open bottles between legs with good hand pressing down. Nestle are the easiest. You may spill some, and you will deal with it looking like an accident. I have been xrayed at 1 and 3 weeks to verify that Terri. So a simple xray can calm your fears. Doc said to add circular movement with arm hanging while bending at waist.

Since 1 week, have been doing 12 bicep curls in hot shower morning and evening, leaving shoulder next to body. I was told to wait on PT until hard callous is seen on xrays between weeks. Ask others to open doors for you.

Pulling on your good arm likely is straining the bad. Eat out a lot by necessity, and be careful to choose lots of fruits and vegetables and hold the oils. Nuts, seeds and avocados have the healing oils.

Restaurants will make you anything if you ask. Being around other people will help ease the pain. Movie theaters are another good place to heal. Short sleeps are the major problem. The unknown about ultimate activity capabilities is scary. Hi I broke mine on Boxing Day. And sm experiencing the same.

This has been great. You think you are going crazy with the pain. I fractured my shoulder 5 weeks ago. Just started physical therapy and the pain seems worse than before. From the other comments looks like it should start feeling better soon. Thanks for helping me with the stress. No surgery but the same symptoms that u wrote about.

How r u feeling now? Did u heal without any complications. You answered all of my questions. I , to, am in my 60s and broke my shoulder. I was really wondering how long to expect the pain to last. Thanks for some realistic idea about it. Hi Wanda I am almost 67 and fractured shoulder in 3 places on January 4th last.

I just found out today that my pain management has not been the best. During the past few weeks I have tried not to take pain relief during the day but every four hours during the night. I find sleep very difficult and wake up frequently only to discover its another hour or so before I can take more pills. Today I learned from a pharmacist that I should take pain-killers during the day and just one before bed so that they get a chance to build up in my system.

Am so happy to have found this website. Ask if I would placed in a case…No! Just use the cheap sling which the hospital gave me.. Fractured my right humeral fracture with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity a week ago.

In the ER the Dr said I would need pins. Who do I believe? When searching for non-operative treatment, came upon this site. So glad I did. My Doctor said having surgery has more risks than not having it. It has been so helpful to read that others are going through the same.

Has this happened to you? Love to hear you experience and answers, along with any help. Chris ps — ct scan Drs report — mildly displaced proximal humeral neck fracture with extension to the greater and lesser tuberosities with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity. Just curious when was your accident? I was also just given a cheap black sling in ER and sent home with pain meds. I cannot stand how they make me feel. Mine showed signs of mending at 4 to 5 weeks.

Last week dr said he felt it would go away or improve but could take 6 mos. I hope and pray you make a full recovery Jen, how are you doing. Maybe my tendons or muscles are damaged. This pain is driving me nuts! I wanted to update from last post. I give God the glory for and ultimately HE is the great physician. I did get a second opinion and indeed I had a greator tuberosity fracture. My X-ray showed complete mending of the fracture which was about 5mm. In other words you fracture the bone or tear tendon he said continue with physical therapy and if I still have pain after 4 weeks we will do MRI.

Also said greator tubisocty Fractures can exhibit more pain and longer recovery due to the tendons and can experience pain all the way to hands which I have. So everyone please look at this as a positive thing that we will heal it just takes some longer then others. By the way for those who need help blow drying hair I purchased a blow dryer stand for It has worked fantastic for me.

God bless you all and try and stay positive. I sustained a 3 part fracture of my right proximal humerus on Sept 25, I have never had pain so severe! I take the narcotic when I have to, but I hate the way it makes me feel otherwise. Having to depend on others is horrible, and everything takes me twice as long to do.

I make every one laugh when I explain how to put a bra on one handed! I always knew that orthopedic injuries were horribly painful, but I now know it firsthand. Hang in there everyone! I fractured my humerus 8 weeks ago. I had to wait 10 days for surgery as no surgeon available or theatre space until that time in the public hospital in nz. Only this system deals with emergency injuries arriving in an ambulance at the hospital. I now have a plate and 10 screws holding g it all together. I too have ever never suffered with such pain 24 hours a day.

It has been relentless. The best thing has been I rang my own doctor after 3 weeks who prescribed me slow release tramadol so I could get some long acting pain relief. I still take ibuprofen and paracetamol in between but it has certainly helped at nighttime. I started movement exercises at 2 weeks, so painful, and the physiotherapy was not helping so changed to a shoulder rehab one. This is the only site I have found and been able to see what I going through is the same as everyone else who has had a fractured humerus.

Yes it is debilitating, yes it is excruciatingly painful and frustrating as I am unable to drive or write and do some things for myself.

I am fortunate that I have someone with me at home and some fun funded home help one morning a week. My whole arm from top to wrist was bruised and purple for weeks. My elbow and forearm were so sore I asked for it to be xrayed as I was sure it was broken as well.

No it was intact. The pain is getting less. My 6 week xray is showing healing is going well. I have been off work for 2 months so far and am looking at another 2 months from here.

I am a full time registered nurse in nz and I need to get full movement back as my career depends on it. Nobody could tell me much about wearing the immobilizer sling at night and I found d it until of fortable as it would slide up under my books and nearly strangle me as I slide down the bed. At 4 weeks I put pillows, around my arm so I could not move it and slept with it on the pillow in close to me body.

Hope this helps someone else. I severely dislocated and fractured the top of my humerus mid-January tripping over my cat. I got the black sling at the ER and was sent to an orthopedist. There was also some rotator cuff damage showing up, but nothing could be done about that until the fracture was healed. I went to the doctor every two weeks, and the break was healing. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a burning sensation from my shoulder down the front of my arm. When I went in last week, it was determined that the bicep tendon looks out of alignment.

The kids are great, but I am totally exhausted! Not much faith in the doctors. What was originally a small fractute is now a 5mm greator tuburisity fracture. Started pt to soon yet dr is the one who told me too after the fractute more then doubled he said do nothing for 2 weeks. Now started pt again. Hoping someone has good news or advice for me. Pretty desperate so for sounding to Whinny. Open surgical repair is performed with suture or screw fixation. I will also pray for courage and comfort for you, Sylvia.

I remember how desperate I felt when facing unrelenting pain, but hang in there. Eventually, your shoulder will heal, and there will be an end to this misery. You are in my prayers. You have a different condition that that which is discussed in the video, of course, but perhaps the increased pain you are experiencing may be related to these tendons.

Thanks for the prayers I surly can use it. I understand what your going through. I fractured my humerus in May. I was and still am in pain. Having hydrotherapy twice a week to try and get the arm moving. Any other problems go and see you GP who will have to refer you to a shoulder specialist. Where do you live? You should be able to get some help with a carer on NHS. Have you spoken to your GP? Listen, the first 2 weeks of my injury were horrible. I really felt like I was screwed for good.

Feel free to mail me on g s lo ane AT outlook. Took a fall on September9,. Never experienced such pain. Fractured humerus , I am wearing a sling. I am so exhausted from lack of sleep. Will try chair again. So glad I found this blog. I am very impatient and want to heal quickly. Any suggest ions are greatly appreciated. Hi, I know what your going through, I was on a days leave from work saw colleagues dealing with rtc, stupidly assisted and slipped broke my right humerus was informed by work there was no reason why I could not return to work.

Was off work for two months this happened in May still on restricted duties, still in pain, still having physio and still on pain killers. Tried getting advice from Union whose reply was this is a difficult one!!!!!! Try to be positive, I am struggling on it does ease. Just keep taking the pain relief.

If they are not working go back to your doctor who can prescribe stronger ones. If only to help you sleep. Please send update I broke mine on aug 20 humerus head fracture I believe they started me on pt too soon and now my fracture is 4.

What has worked for you. Like you I also have a greator tuberosicy fracture mine was actually 5 mm. Trying to stay positive. This site is such a blessing being able to find peop to share successes and tips with. Hope your doing great. HI Greg, I too came off my mountain bike two days ago at high speed and basically front flipped my DH rig and landed on my shoulder. Fractured scapula in 3 places and fractured 4 ribs as well.

How are you coming along spin over a year since your injury have you made a full recovery and back to biking again? How long after your injury and where you back doing things on a normal day to day basis?

Hi, I have a 4-part humeral fracture sustained 2. I have a question… has everyone else been sleeping with a sling on? Hi I was also told not to sleep with my sling on, and then told I should be sleeping with it on. The pain is becoming very tiring and starting to get down at the thought of being housebound and reliant on others for 2 more months, when surgeon said I should be able to return to work.

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Vitality and good health IS our natural state of being, sometimes we seem to forget that innate knowledge. You may come to me with a symptom of pain or nausea, a feeling of sadness or a diagnosis of disease…my interest lies in not just the symptom or the diagnosis, nor the body part that is hurting…but moreso in how all of these things are impacting upon you as a whole person.

In this way we can put together a self-care plan to address what you, the whole person, is needing in the way of assistance towards realizing your natural state of good health. Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual connections, tap into your healing abilities or simply want to learn meditation, I will support you in reaching your spiritual goals.

I also provide very powerful, one on one or distant Skype or phone energy healing sessions that will help release blocks in your energy system and support you in shifting out of pain and disease. Over the years I have supported many people that suffered from either chronic, acute or post-surgical pains towards relief or full recovery.

All of my work is rooted in a strong intuitive understanding of the human energy system and the relationships between our pain and energetic blocks. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Apaseo el Alto Guanajuato. Clients report results after one session. The QRS system can be used before, after or in combination with any kind of treatment, therapy or medication.

As an example, by making body cells receptive, the pulsating magnetic fields used by the QRS maximize the effects of medicine. Embark on a journey to better health at the QRS Centre.

Your body will thank you for your effect and you will be revitalized and renewed. We help people with a variety of health conditions. We are very broad based in our approach, which includes nutritional, herbal, energetic, informational and physical modalities.

Avril is a teacher of Metamorphosis. She offers seminars throughout Australia. Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, a Homeopath and a Live Blood Analyst who takes people on a journey to better health removing the layers of dis-ease and disturbance in the body. She has a keen interest in health and all its dynamics. Mary has had a busy classical homeopathic practice since , helping thousands to return to health.

Located in Sedona AZ, we provide in person and long distant sessions using bio resonance frequency system to bring the body into balance. We also offer grounding technologies which balance the body on an atomic level.

In person sessions include bio-resonance, cold laser and other frequency generated technologies all in one session at no extra charge in an effort to deal with as many stressors in one time. The grounding technology is then suggested to hold and assist the body for optimal homeostasis on a go forward basis. We move from symptomology to the causation.

Eddie LeBlanc is from the Beaumont, Texas area and while being an accomplished local musician and manager of a local chemical corporation. Fort Lauderdale Acupuncture N. I assist people in becoming more of who they are by searching the causes of energetic blockages, illnesses and diseases. Reiki assists the issue in coming froward and Colourtouch is used to correct the issue. Clients and students need to be open to the concept of pastlife connections; and be willing to look at belief systems that no longer serve them and to change them.

Blockages and past life time connections are released only when the learning is clear and where the issue statrted.

Clients and students are empowered by teaching them how to use the tools to release the blockages. Colouring is used as an assessment tool and as an integration tool.

Long distance appointments per Skype welcomed. Tasso 6, Falconara, AN. Since its creation, Aquarius Health has offered individualized retreats, which mean we receive only one guest at a time. Aquarius Health 3 E.

Leidraad Hoge Rijndijk 19 Zoeterwoude. She believes healing occurs when one encounters deep compassion, so she brings wisdom and compassion into her sessions. She is happy to assist anyone who wants to achieve absolute health and well-being.

Drum therapy involves the use of a drum as an alchemical and projective tool and creates a unique form of self development that develops the body mind connection, deepens awareness and expands consiousness. Likened to a bioresonant field of energy, drumming also alters brainwave patterns.

Through the strengthening of concentration and synergistic synchronised physical movment the rhythmical sound created feeds back to the ears brain and bodies vibrational field, influencing it immediately, both purifying and energising the mind.

With consious intention and energetic techniques combined, drumming becomes a powerful therapeutic and dvelopmental tool within which we realise the universal truth about ourselves and the force fo creation and harmony. Psychospiritually specialsied sessions and workshops available, visit www. Inspired Awakening Druminspire Cyprus and International workshops. Uferstrasse 12 CH Füllinsdorf. Naturheilpraxis Hopsten Börnkamp 6 Hopsten. Bio-psycho-socio-spiritual integrative health management CoRe evaluation,General practice,Internal medicine,Psychiatry,Integrative medicine,Holistic medicine,Bio-psycho-spiritual medicine,Nature medicine,Quantum medicine,Preventive medicine.

Kaohsiung City , Taiwan R. Capilla del Monte Cordoba. Embody,The largest online directory of complementary Healthcare clinics. He has attained a BSc. The British Institute of Homeopathy is affiliated and accredited with many world famous organizations and institutes in the field of medicine and in homeopathy. Bron coaching training consult Wittebroodstraat 15 Heusden Vesting.

Ganzheitliche Kompetenz bei Schmerzzuständen, chronischen Beschwerden, komplexen und individuellen Funktionsstörungen, psychologischen Veränderungsprozessen. Miriam A-Hashmonait, 6 Jerusalem. Gentle, non-invasive, pain free energy therapy based on stimulating the immune system of people and animals. Both the human and animal energetic body have the ability to quickly and effectively respond to energy manipulation, thus initiating the healing process.

In addition to working with people, I enjoy working with horses and dogs. Animals are specially tuned in with their Bioenergy. For that reason, it is no surprise that they readily participate in my distance therapy with their owner.

They simply invite themselves in instinctively feeling something great is going on. The outcome is extraordinary for both, the client and their sneaky pet.

Zona Rio Tijuana Baja California. Panoramaweg 6, LZ Puth. Mary Katherine is a Mystic, Healer, Teacher, and Channel who seeks to support her brothers and sisters on the path to wholeness and enlightenment. As an experienced practitioner in the natural healing arts and field of psychology, she is deeply familiar with the healing process.

As a Light Bearer, she shares wisdom and healing through the spoken word and Light transmission. Private sessions are offered in person and distance office, phone, Skype and she teaches certification courses in energy medicine. She is a licensed Professional Counselor and is Board Certified, with 25 years experience in the field of psychology; she has been practicing as a metaphysician for 10 years.

Wellness Mosman Park Western Australia. Michael David Lawrience travels a path of Awakening from separation into Oneness. He has dedicated his life for over 35 years, discovering and healing himself and others emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As a personal development seminar leader, he has taught professionals as well as nonprofessionals in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. He also has over a decade of experience as a Residential Coach mentoring and teaching teenage girls self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

Sie sind dann nicht mehr in der Lage so zu reagieren wie Sie von Ihrer Natur aus sind. Nicht um sonst ist die Situation oder sind die Beschwerden chronisch. Postkellerweg 9 Riedenburg, Bayern. I have included Energy Medicine, with a slice of Shamanism. I explore the spiritual, mental energy, and physical aspects of your situation, using Matrix Energetics as my healing modality. What would you like to manifest for your life?

Pat is a Chronic Illness and Pain Specialist. Sessions are confidential, as we deal with issues such as: To learn more about my services go to CaringCounselor. All things, conditions and possibilities in our world are connected and interrelated. The Inergetix-CoRe System has an amazing capacity to reveal these connections and relationships in a very personal way and point them out in just a few minutes in a way that even the best human minds cannot do.

This new, advanced technology, based on Quantum Physics and Global Scaling, has unlimited possibilities. I will be grateful to introduce you to the Inergetix-CoRe System, show you how to use it, customize it according to your needs, and assist you until you obtain the best results possible. CoRe Italy Distributor Rome. My PSA was After consulting a number of specialists the Urologist explained only option would be Hormone therapy.

He arranged an injection of Eligard a new drug together with cyprostat acetate to stop the flare. After four weeks my PSA dropped to 1. My side effects have been quite minimal. No hot flushes and some tiredness. I am having acupuncture and taking some supplements as well as changing my diet. My libido has dropped but still functioning.

I work as a tax accountant in my own business and am in the process of significantly reducing my workload so I can concentrate on my health. Have consulted with a number of mentors and realise the medical profession can only do so much and it will be up to me to handle this situation. Fortunately my wife has a number of contacts in the complimentary health field and that is proving to be useful.

We are planning to spend 10 days over Xmas in a Tao Buddhist health resort in Thailand and believe this will be a positive experience. Hopefully to below 1. Interested in talking to mentors in a similar situation especially with an emphasis on alternative and complementary treatment options. I had expected a sharper drop but my urologist said the result was good and it was important that the PSA stayed low for a period of time. He saw no need to change my treatment at this stage and he is reviewing my PSA every 3 months.

I spent 10 days at a Tao Buddhist health resort in Chiang Mai Thailand which was an interesting experience. Concentration on good food, exercise, massage and Chinese medicine. I need to go back for at least a month as I feel this type of treatment could greatly assist. Just spent a month at a Chiang Mai health resort in Thailand and felt really good as a result.

Food was organic and plenty of exercise in morning and evening. No coffee or alcohol allowed. Had also treatment from a Chinese doctor who had plenty of success with acupuncture on many of the guests. In my case concentrated on building up my energy and immune system. Also can eliminate any pain. Everyone was positive about everything. PSA has remained at 1. No real side effects apart from low libido.

Realise most men prefer to adopt a more aggressive approach to cancer treatment but I intend to enjoy my good quality of life whilst building up my immune system by whatever means possible. Just received my latest PSA test which has dropped from 1. Not a big drop but a welcome one as the PSA had been holding at 1. Still only having three monthly Eligard injections plus plenty of exercise and supplements and looking after my diet- hot flushes are increasing and not having any treatment yet.

After spending 5 weeks in Europe my PSA increased from 0. While my doctors were not worried about this it was the first time it had increased since diagnosis. I then decided to have another test 4 weeks later and the PSA went back to 0. I decided to see an Oncologist to review my situation and he said to remain on my Eligard injections until my PSA started to rise. He also said there a number of drug trials now available in Australia for advanced disease. Off to Thailand again for 2 months at the health resort in Chiang Mai.

Hoping for some PSA movement. It will be a good test to see the impact of diet and exercise over a 2 month period. Latest PSA has declined to 0. Have decided to increase physical activity such as more golf,tennis and exercise and also gym and swimming.

I now have more energy and helps offset the effect of hormones. Other changes have been fish oil tablets and also drinking alkaline water. Have installed a unit in the house so the water is on tap. Have developed benign positional vertigo which is apparently not a side effect but more annoying than anything. Being treated by a chiropractor and having some success. My doctor is happy with my progress but said I will have to remain on hormone therapy for ever which is not a pleasant thought.

Just celebrated Xmas with my family and still going OK. Chiropractor was worried so had a CT scan but the mets had disappeared and I had a small protruding disc on the right hip. Cut back the sport to only gym work and golf. So no more tennis. Back to Thailand in November for a stay at our health resort. Back into Chi Gung and good food.

It makes a difference. Home for Xmas and then back again for a 2 month stay in January and February Introduced into the Nutri energetics system using a NES machine. Had a test in Thailand and then came back to Australia to get the products as none available there. Saw an expert in Australia and had another test. It all depends on the interpretation. The Infoceuticals will hopefully boost my immune system and help fight the cancer have no idea whether this will work or not but the doctor at the Chiang Mai resort is going to use me as a case study.

He is also looking at my diet and said I should go nearly strictly vegetarian. Also advised a detox program. Arrived back in Australia after nearly 3 months in Thailand at the health resort and pleased that my PSA remained stable at 0. Had an appointment with my Urologist and received another 6 month Eligard injection. Had no special treatment in Thailand apart from good food and exercise with an emphasis on Chi Gung.

I was interested to see that the health resort is promoting stem cell injections mainly for rejuvenation purposes but can also be used to boost the immune system.

This is an exciting area of research which is not offered in Australia. It will be something to consider if the hormone therapy stops working although it is still regarded as experimental.

PSA has now increased from 0. Doctor says if it continues to increase will suggest adding Zometa a bisphosphonate. Still prefer to try natural methods to hold PSA. Have undergone a natural health program with Canhelp an Australian cancer charity who have had good success with all types of cancer. The program consists of a zero GI diet, resistance training, grape seed extract and vitamin B Today just back from my doctor and pleased that my PSA had dropped from 1.

So no additional medical treatment needed at this stage. I believe the reversal was the result of spending 2 months in a Thailand health resort concentrating on tai chi, chi gung and meditation. Also reduced my weight from 92kg to 78kg by reducing my sugar intake. Very low GI diet and also undertaking resistance training. Received a 6 months Eligard injection today and my doctor said I should have a bone scan in 6 months when I will have completed 4 years on ADT.

Have just had my amalgam fillings removed as this had been advised by a number of health practitioners to do this. Did have some detox effect but not sure of PSA effect. My other blood tests remain normal and my local doctor has taken me off my blood pressure tablets on a temporary basis and also reduced the statins I am on to a lower dosage.

I spent some time recently at a retreat for cancer survivors organised by a local cancer charity "Bloomhill Cancer Help". Mainly female with breast cancer and it was interesting to note that nearly all had aggressive treatment including chemo and radiation. I was in much better shape due to no chemo or radiation. The charity is an excellent support network and provides massage, reiki, meditation ,walking and counselling.

I was surprised at the benefit that can come out of this type of meeting and I will be spending more time in various activities there in the future.

My last PSA showed a disappointing increase from 1. Had an appointment with my Urologist and he suggested I have a bone scan and see on Oncologist before my next appointment with him in Sept Will be going back to our Thailand health resort next week for a 5 week stay and will be concentrating on the many natural treatments that are available.

Hoping can get the PSA back under control otherwise I am sure the Oncologist will be prescribing some more drastic treatment than the monotherapy I am receiving at present. Have been in Chiang Mai Thailand for over three weeks using natural therapy so decided to have a PSA test at a leading Chiang Mai hospital to see whether the natural treatments were making any impact.

Was very pleased to see that my PSA has dropped from 1. My daily regime has included Tai chi, Qi gung, meditation, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, gym work and occasional golf. In addition I had some treatments from a Sharman who performed an exorcism on me. Back to Australia in two weeks and due to have another PSA test in mid September together with a bone scan.

Will see my Urologist plus an Oncologist to review my situation. Back in Australia and my latest PSA was 1. Also had a bone scan which showed no evidence of mets after 4 years.

Had an appointment with an oncologist and he thought I was having a good response to ADT after 4 years but the cancer appears to be showing some sign of growing. He suggested maintaining monotherapy and adding a bisphosphonate such as Zometa if and when my PSA continued to rise. His main aim was to maintain minimal toxic treatment to minimise side effects and ensure quality of life.

Was interested in my apparent ability to drop PSA after spending time in the Thailand health resort and thought diet was the main reason for the success. Will not have to see my oncologist at this stage. Next test will be in March when I will receive my next Eligard 6 monthly injection.

Spent 3 weeks in Thailand doing a tai chi course recently and returning there at the end of December for a 10 week stay. Convinced the natural treatments are helping to keep my PSA under control. All my other blood tests were normal. However have increased my dosage of Zocor back to 80mg after dropping it to 40mg in the last 6 months. After spending 10 weeks in Thailand my PSA has increased from 1.

Had a test in Thailand a month ago and it was 1. My doctors are happy with my progress and have had my regular six month Eligard injection. No other treatment has been suggested apart from vitamin D3. Now approaching the 5 year mark and finding it harder to stay motivated. Maintaining my diet and exercise regime plus increasing meditation is proving to be a great benefit.

Latest PSA test was 1. Disappointing but PSA appears to have stabilised. No change in treatment but no trip to Thailand health resort. My 5 year anniversary is in August so still feeling good and still active. Only issue is mild depression but meditation and physical activity helps overcome this.