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I am just lost for words. It was as if I stepped into a portal to I am just lost for words. It was as if I stepped into a portal to my childhood. I highly recommend the "single joy-con in each hand" motion control scheme. The motions controls feel so intuitive and really enhance the gameplay. Cappy serves as a great sidekick, with his boomerang and capture abilities providing a refreshing take on the classic 3D Mario Mechanics.

Visually, it is a gorgeous game. It maintains 60 fps consistently in both mobile and docked. There seems to be a variety of different environments in this game, unlike Super Mario Galaxy and Sunshine. While those games followed a common theme, Odyssey takes influence from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World in that there is a Spoilers desert world, ghost world. The music is phenomenal. I recommend that everyone use a headset to truly appreciate it.

I had chills running down my spine once I heard the theme from the Switch Presentation Trailer for Odyssey. No other franchise has made as big of an impact on the gaming industry as Mario.

He is the Micky Mouse of gaming. This game can be enjoyed by anyone. I had lost faith in Nintendo during the Wii U generation. They have absolutely blown me away with putting out masterpieces such as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. These 2 games make the Switchh worth it. I must also add that this year has been incredible for gaming.

Instead of debating Game of the Years. We should declare as the Year of the Games. I hope everyone enjoys these games as much as I have. This game is amazing, I cannot stop playing it!

It feels so fresh, yet it has so much nostalgia on it I don't know, it's hard to express This game is amazing, I cannot stop playing it! I don't know, it's hard to express with words what this game is, it's beautiful, a master piece.

There is a lot of exploration involved in it and the variety of situations for finding moons is astonishing. Transforming into different things is just magical, going from the frog which is your first transformation to a T-Rex, a Chain Chomp, a Winged Goomba If you own a Nintendo Switch, this game is a must-have.

If you don't, this game can make you consider getting this console. The only negative thing is that without using the 2 Joycons when using the Pro controller, for instance , you don't have all the options to control your cap, but it's still perfectly fine. I don't know, that's just for saying something, because I don't find flaws in this game! That's why I give this a 10 I don't usually rate games with tens! Great game, really creative.

The art and music is top-notch, i would say this is the best Mario game ever made! All my friends at school left me and made fun of me for not having the switch.

They told story's about Maro and his friend canny. I walked All my friends at school left me and made fun of me for not having the switch. I walked into a local game stop and found maro oddity was there I played and it was NOT good. I came back to school and the kids made fun of me still I had done all I could I come from a poor family unable to buy the switch I cried every day and fell into a deep depression.

See which albums, games, movies, and TV shows ranked among our users' favorites in Best of , Games. We reveal the best games for each platform in and see how releases for each console compared last year.

We rank every Super Mario game by score from worst to best. We pick out the most noteworthy videogame releases arriving between now and the end of the year. In part 1 of our preview, we look at the 20 most-anticipated videogame sequels and remakes of the year ahead. By Metascore By user score.

What's in season in September 2018, and other timely information: