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Lymphatic System
B-lymphocytes B-cells mature in the bone marrow. This stimulates the flow of lymph that is already in the system and frees space for the flow of the lymph that is going to enter the capillaries during the treatment. In addition, certain types of medications, such as diuretics that are sometimes used to treat high blood pressure, can also affect the amount of urine a person produces and eliminates. When the lymphatic system is flowing freely everything is well. The gases are excited by electrical current. Treatment consists of compression bandages or pneumatic stockings to alleviate the swelling after appropriate diagnosis is made.

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Lymphatic System Anatomy

Many viruses, bacteria and parasites stay locked within the lymphatic system when it is in a sluggish state. The lymphatic system is not connected to the heart , therefore it has to rely on some other activity to create the necessary "pumping action" it needs to circulate. The most important ways of increasing lymphatic circulation are: The lymphatic system is filled with millions of one-way valves, which allows the lymph fluid to flow in only one directrion - usually upward away from gravity.

The up and down rhythmic bouncing causes all of the one-way valves to open and close simultaneously, increasing lymph flow as much as 15 times. Rebounding is a highly beneficial form of exercise. Let's talk about the eliminative organs, such as the bowel s, kidneys , lungs, lymph system, or skin , for example.

When this elimination is suppressed by any means such as taking pharmaceutical drugs , for example, some of the foreign matter gets pushed back into the system. As elimination is blocked, the very substances the body is trying to eliminate become stored within the body, causing any number of disease symptoms. When this happens, the degenerative disease process begins. At this time in our country the lymphatic system is the most over-looked system of the human body.

In Europe stimulation of the lymph flow is the fourth most commonly prescribed medical treatment. Some of the organs that are part of the lymphatic system are lymph nodes and lymph veins, the tonsils, adenoids, appendix and the spleen and you know what happens to those parts of the body whenever surgeons get close to them.

Swollen glands, with which most of us are familiar, are symptomatic of blocked lymph nodes, which indicate a breakdown in the mechanical functioning of the lymphatic system. Other examples of congested lymphatics are: One of the best value for rebounders on the market today can be found here. This is the one I use.

Unlike some other lower quality rebounders which have a pound limit, this rebounder can withstand up to pounds and is of excellent quality. It comes with a stabilizing bar which is really useful when you are rebounding while watching TV, for example. Made by hand by myself. Longevity through telomeres extension. Our new microwaved world drowns us in a sea of non-native EMFs, we need to mitigate this EMF pollution using sunlight and full-spectrum light devices. The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels.

More info here and here. Life is but a series of breaths. We can live a long time without food, a couple of days without drinking, but life without breath is measured in minutes.

Something so essential deserves our attention. Breath is the most important of all the bodily functions. I recommend taking a few minutes each day to practice breathing deeply. Deep breathing is important because it makes your lymphatic system work better. What is the lymph system? Every cell in your body is surrounded by lymph. The fluid passes through the lymph nodes, where dead cells and all other poisons except blood proteins are destroyed and neutralized. How important is the lymphatic system?

If it were totally shut down for 24 hours, you would die as the result of trapped blood proteins and excess fluid around the cells. In addition to deep breathing, rebounding on a mini-trampoline is another great way to stimulate your lymph system. Did you know that the lymphatic system is twice the size of our other circulatory system?

Twice as much lymph as blood is present in our bodies, and we have twice as many lymph vessels as blood vessels.

One of the keys to health is to keep your lymphatic system open and flowing freely. As most readers probably know, most of the body is made up of water. Part of the water resides in the bloodstream, but far more is in the lymphatic system.

Our cells are located in a sea of lymph, a pale fluid. Like the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system is made up of channels, valves and filters, or nodes. Unlike the cardiovascular system, however, the lymphatic system lacks any central "heart-like" organ to pump lymph throughout the lymph vessels. When the lymphatic system is flowing freely everything is well. The consequences can be serious, even life-threatening. In addition to filtering out toxic materials, the lymph nodes also produce substances which fight off invading bacteria and viruses and destroy abnormal cells which developed within the body, such as cancer cells.

The lymphatic system is as essential to bodily function as the bloodstream it complements.