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Is there any timing to take yogurt like morning or evenings? I've got a lot of pre and wedding functions in the next 2 years. I am realistic enough to know its going to be a long haul I didn't get this way in six weeks A later study would also show that mice couldn't even lose weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract. This diet restricts carbohydrates. I would definitely encourage anyone to at least try the low carb diet. Another question , i've heard so much about black coffee , honey and lemon remedy.

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Golic claims to have lost 51 lbs. The highlights of NutriSystem are that healthy, pre-portioned meals are delivered directly to your door. And NutriSystem offers meals that are appealing to men such as home-style beef and mashed potatoes, thick-crust pizza, brownies and scrambled eggs with cheese.

The program also allows you to choose your own meals and offers a nutrition expert for support. Diets in Review concludes that this program is respected and has helped many men lose weight.

Medifast is a low-calorie diet plan that started as a medically-supervised weight loss program. Medifast now offers programs that are not medically supervised and do not require a prescription. Free Dieting claims that Medifast is one of the most successful diet programs that has been used at Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, and that Medifast has proven to work. Medifast is a meal replacement plan that uses shakes, bars, soups and other items.

But one small meal per day consisting of a lean meat and two cups of salad is allowed. Weight loss is rapid, at 2 to 5 lbs. Medifast also offers plans for diabetics. This diet was developed as a way to avoid weight gain during the holiday season. The program works in day cycles, and it's attractive for men because it offers a variety of food choices. Those include scrambled egg whites and grilled chicken in Cycle 1, cookies, chicken salad and grilled salmon in Cycle 2, grilled chicken and roast pork tenderloin in Cycle 3, and scrambled eggs, salmon and grilled ribeye steak in Cycle 4.

According to Diets in Review, the diet is intended to burn fat and reteach you how to eat the right way. I started taking it originally because of the claim of it helping in keeping your curves and womanly figure which seems to always be the first to go for me whenever I lose weight. I also use a corset, not one of them fashion fad ones but an actual real steel -boned one, like back in the Victorian days, to help re-shape my waist. Hey Adrian, I need to lose lbs. I mainly want my belly fat to shrink, a lil back fat to vanish, slimmer arms my arms are toned but I want them a lil slimmer My thighs and butt to tone but I dont want to lose the curves but I can be a lil slimmer.

Hi Adrian, I've just discovered you. Great site and information. And I will delve further into your page. As an almost 47 year-old who was always pretty fit, I had some health issues that derailed me the last 5 years. I now have extra pounds I gained over the last years that I've been trying to shed the last several months. I'm 5'5" and but feel and look my best at about I watch my caloric intake.

I should probably do intermittent fasting but I hate the thought of fasting. There's no doubt I've hit a wall in mid-life with a huge metabolism slowdown and a diagnosed hypothyroid. I'm considering adding some of the weight loss supplements you wrote about. But I want to be safe. Do you think it's safe to take all of the following: Hi Adrian, hope all is good. I have come across your website many times for the last 3 years and back to it again.

I am 42 with a13 and a 9 year old. I am sitting at pds and hoping to shed off 20pds. I still want to maintain my curves and Just tighten up my body and getting rid of the lower pouch area, thinner legs. My biggest concern is armpit fat.. Known as extra fat under the armpit, tank toppers, extra breast tissue.

Don't like wearing a tank top due to the fat that hangs. Also,I was wondering if you can help me with a timing of when to eat and what to eat. I am considering to buy your DVD very soon. I've got a lot of pre and wedding functions in the next 2 years. Thank you for taking your time to read this x. THIS will maintain your curves as you lose weight.

He said theres not alot I can do. I am 57 I am 5' 1 and weigh ugh. I do walk I am very busy don't sit much and don't snack. I do however like Chocolate, but in moderation. I have coffee and a boost for breakfast. Yougurt and nuts for lunch. And a normal meal, meat sweet potatos or tacos on a small plate.

And I can't shed the weight. So tired of this yoyo crap. Because I really do try and watch what I eat. Hello, I am 5'11" and lbs. I just can't seem to get it down.

Do you have any meal suggestions or workout suggestions to get rid of those 18 lbs? Hey If I use the intermittent fasting method will taking a multivitamin and mineral food supplement affect the results?

Hi, If I were to lose weight by doing cardio and using fat burner, how do I preserve my muscle from losing it while losing weigth? Im 5'3 and lbs and trying to get to lbs in the next weeks. I've been eating about calories per day but I'm still not losing anything.

Will i lose weight eating small amounts of whole grain pasta or is all pasta a no-no? Will the whole grain and whole wheat foods be mostly found at health food stores? I'm 18 and I suffer from severe depression and bipolar disorder.

All my life i have been given mental health medication that causes weight gain! I am now currently on medication that still causes me to gain weight. I have been on it for 2 years and in 2 years i have gone from lbs to ! Im only 4 11 and I am totally miserable! I dont have much time for exercise because i am a student and even when i get the chance i am lost as to what exercises to do. I dont want to be small. I like being bigger and i think it fits me but i want a smaller stomach and smaller thighs!

I used a green tea supplement years ago and lost 30 lbs in 2 months but im not sure what to do anymore! Just read your comments in medication used for mental disorders also anxiety etc I have tried 3 time to slowly wein myself off and can't.

I just st hate it. I want off it so bad now. Im also buying a new hot tub to put in my house they say helps with all body issues and helps you loose weight if course eating less during this time. When Dr put me on this for anxiety i was not told it was addictive if so would have never taken ot. Im trying to find a way to slowly get off it hope i can. These meds to casuse people to gain weight.

So in time you may want to consider trying natural meds and foods and exercise to help you. This is what im goimg to try. Your Dr won't like it but not there mind and body at risk.

Do your homework i am. I wish you well in life ahead. I am lbs rn with absolutely no exercise in my daily life but I want to lose weight so i can feel better about myself. I also want it to happen fast. Maybe unrealistic goals but idk what is the best exercise plan would work for me? I used to be slim in my high school days, but since college I have been gaining weight, so much so, that I now look bad, and everyone around is commenting on my weight.

I did try some weight loss programs but honestly could not stick to any for too long, none of them showed results anyway, and my problem is not solved a bit. Please, please can anyone suggest me a good way to lose weight? Hi Adrian, thank you for this amazing site and helpful information. I am 5'4 and started my weight loss journey when I was pounds. Thanks to your videos am now down to pounds.

According to BMI am now in my normal range, but still i feel that i could loose upto 15 more pounds. I have tried the workout plan here but its still very hard to loose the last pounds.

Do you think Yohimbine HCL will be helpful for me? I have the typical hour-glas body shape, so it would be great to lose some of the stubborn thigh fat. I dont do any weight liftning, i just stick to the HIIT jumping jacks and ski steps workouts and eat upto g protein daily. What do you recommend to lose the remaining pounds? Hello I'm 5'2 at Lbs I'm currently trying the Herbalife program I hate the way I look I need help I've been doing the beach body 21day fix exercising. I've only lost 6lbs in the last 4weeks I feel I can lose more!

Please help me,also were can I find the hydroxycut. What's a good workout plan for me? Also will doing a workout plan and Intermittent Fasting have better benefits together? Im 5'11 and weigh im in the premenopause stage and im trying to lose weight and i cant can u please help me.

I am 5'6 and my weight is I am menoupasing and is hard to lose weight to matter what i eat or how much I exercise. I'm 32 years old, I take pills for anxiety and depression. Now I weigh pounds and i measure cm. Please recommend a fat burner that does not affect my anxiety. I want to lose 20 lbs by April 15th Can you help me. I'm a female 5"4 lbs. I need a eating schedule,exercise and how much water to drink.

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