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Top 25 Best Fuzz Pedals of 2016
I have zero upper body strength. I have the big muff pi tw and it is awesome. Most of these workouts are days a week. Is this legit and does it really work Chris? Now all we need is an iteration that we can drop into the electronics cavity of a guitar a la Muse or Manson guitars, really. November 24, at 7: May 26, at 1:

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You want a crazy fuzz pedal? Since then the London based builder shrunk down the lurching fuzz pedal into a couple minuscule variations: The included Igor pressure sensitive foot-pad lets you control the frequency oscillation in realtime. The Igor input jack even works with CV control.

EarthQuaker Devices , Pedal: Spires , Fuzz Type: The Red fuzz Dream Crusher is a bit smoother and more refined and has a Fuzz knob to adjust overall distortion level. The Green fuzz Rosac Nu Fuzz is aggressive, slightly splattery, and surprisingly focused in its delivery.

The 2 fuzzes pair very well, making this an incredibly versatile pedal and one of the best fuzz pedals in the EarthQuaker Devices lineup. Scientist BitQuest is way more than a fuzz pedal. I imagine most guitarists will get this people for the Clean mode as this lets you stack the digital effects with any distortion or fuzz pedal you want, and the Gain knob becomes an extra parameter control for each effect in Clean mode.

Crank the Fuzz, and it becomes a raging fuzz monster. A digital gate keeps it from get too unruly. The dial on the top left lets you choose from 8 different digital effects to process the fuzz.

The Flange will let you freeze the LFO in its sweep for cool comb filtering effects. I never expected this pedal to make the list, but the Fuzz mode has a massive amount of cool sounds to be explored by those willing to take on this quest. Keeley Electronics Psi Fuzz. Keeley Electronics , Pedal: Psi Fuzz , Fuzz Type: The EHX Big Muff is one of the most copied and cloned pedals out there and has inspired countless variations and interpretations.

This thing has a low noise IC, a germanium diode, and 2 LEDs in the 3 rd gain stage with one LED popping through the surface of the pedal that illuminates while you play.

The Psi Fuzz has a tight, full, and focused sound, and Voice Tone knob lets you contour the texture to your liking. Sometimes having a bunch of knobs and features is fun. Necromancer , Fuzz Type: You can even boost the mid-range, too. This pedal is a beast. Read the Dwarfcraft Devices Necromancer review.

Red Witch , Pedal: Zeus , Fuzz Type: Some bass fuzz pedals work exceptionally well with guitar. Boost the gain with the Lightening Bolt toggle to rain down on your audience with storms of fuzz fury and smite those who would dare question your omnipotence. Flip the Ear toggle to brighten the sound more like a guitar fuzz and make the unworthy tremble in fear. The extra foot-switch activates an analog monophonic suboctave which gives the Zeus more pedalboard utility and earthshaking low-end rumble.

Rule from Mount Olympus with the aid of the Zeus and issue forth fuzz mayhem upon your holy kingdom. Monterey , Fuzz Type: It starts with a classic fuzz based around vintage Fairchild Semiconductor transistors which are less prone to the temperature related problems associated with germanium transistors. The Mod section lets you add rotary, vibe, or wah effects to your fuzz sound. The Mod effects can also be used independently. This pedal is a seriously fun playground of tone for Hendrix fans or any fuzz lover seeking some extra sounds to go along with their fuzz.

Read the Keeley Electronics Monterey review. Little Fuzzy Drive , Fuzz Type: This is another vintage sounding fuzz pedal that has modern advancements for guitarists of today. A Tone knob adjusts the treble frequencies and overall sound. The former is a tighter sound fuzz sound with the latter being looser and a bit higher in gain. Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme. Black Arts Toneworks , Pedal: Pharaoh Supreme , Fuzz Type: ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory.

Fat Fuzz Factory , Fuzz Type: The original Fuzz Factory was released 2 decades ago, and its reputation and popularity have been growing ever since. Matt Bellamy from Muse even had one built into his guitar! If you already have an original Fuzz Factory, an upgrade is well-worth considering as this pedal has even more massive fuzz potential. Electro Harmonix , Pedal: It has a Gate function for killing the background noise.

An Attack knob lets you sharpen the initial pick attack, making up for the dulled pick sound Muff style fuzzes are often plagued by. A Bass Boost switch beefs up the low-end. You can even plug in an expression pedal or use CV control to control the mids like a crazy frequency sweeping wah effect. It might become yours, too. Fuzz Master General , Fuzz Type: The FMG has a wide range of fuzz tones from cleanish and mild to full-blown fuzzy chaos. The Voice switch selects between silicon, germanium, and no clipping.

The Tone knob darkens and scoops the sound when turned clockwise, while brightening and opening up the sound when turned counter-clockwise. This pedal has killer octave up tones and can do cool ring mod like effects when hitting 2 notes together in upper registers on the neck. A very rad fuzz pedal that offers more proof as to why EarthQuaker Devices has become one of the biggest names in fuzz in recent years. The ScreaminFX Fuzz is a vintage flavored silicon fuzz.

It sounds surprisingly stable and smooth and rewards more articulate and expressive playing. The Tone knob lets you tame any treble bite you might hear with brighter pickups. It also has a wah friendly buffer switch that helps it play well with other pedals in your signal chain. El Rey Effects , Pedal: Mystic Ouija Fuzz , Fuzz Type: A 3-way clipping adjustment switch gives you choices of asymmetrical diode clipping, symmetrical diode clipping, and asymmetrical LED clipping.

Furthermore, the wide-sweeping tone control offers a simple and effective way to tweak the voicing of the pedal to your liking.

New old stock BC Silicon transistors and vintage spec carbon comp resistors set the foundation while an external Bias control and Tone switch let you sculpt the tone and response of this pedal to your liking.

Walrus Audio , Pedal: Janus , Fuzz Type: I absolutely love the Walrus Audio Janus. It offers exceptionally good fuzz tones with an equally great tremolo thrown in for good measure while using 2 joysticks to control parameters of each effect. While fuzz and tremolo may seem like an unlikely pairing in a single pedal, they work surprisingly well in the Janus. This pedal is great for studio work or real-time, live sound mangling as you can control the joysticks with your foot while standing.

However you use it, you must admit that the Walrus Audio Janus is one hell of a creatively engineered fuzz pedal. Read the Walrus Audio Janus review. Hoof Reaper , Fuzz Type: This is one of the most widely varied tone-sculpting fuzzes out there and is a staple on this list. Both the Tone Reaper and Hoof are exceptional fuzz pedals in their own right, and to have them both in one pedal produces an unbelievable amount of textural variety. This really is a fuzz pedal that does it all.

Frazz Dazzler , Fuzz Type: Its quirky design includes some features that make this pedal another unique entry on the list, the most notable being its Mix function that may also be controlled via external expression pedal. Guitarists and bassists alike will appreciate how this allows the Frazz Dazzler to add some extra definition to your fuzz tones. The Sizzle knob and internal Bass trim pot will let you further define your sound, and a Gain switch will kick the fuzz up a notch with some splatty flair.

This fuzzy little robot is the kind of guitar pedal works with bass, too! Scientist and will wreck havoc on those you unleash it upon. Scientist Frazz Dazzler review. Diabolik , Fuzz Type: Assmaster bass fuzz and tweaking it until the Diabolik JMJ was born.

Fuzzolo , Fuzz Type: Read the ZVex Fuzzolo review. That concludes our Top 25 Best Fuzz Pedals of One of the side effects of a fuzz pedal is increased sustain. As a matter of fact, some of them come with a sustain knob which allows you to manually adjust sustain.

This makes the fuzz effect a great tool to have when you are just looking for some light distortion in your tone. It can go from a transparent light fuzz to a ripping fuzz. No other fuzz pedal has felt so natural when stepping on that switch. V2 with the added gain knob makes it even better! If your just starting out experimenting with pedals and apprehensive about spending toooo much on pedals…try the Biyang range. My favorite is the source audio kingmaker fuzz.

It does it all and how. It can change and grow as I do. The sound is so tactile and satisfying. It actually makes my wound strings feel like they are solid unwound metal under my fingers.

A very satisfying read as I got all the information I really need in just one page. As usual you did a great job with descriptions and selections, personally I would strongly recommend looking at the MXR submachine, another killer box.

I searched several website but get this list truly effective. Thanks man for making this awesome fuzz list. Fuzz is one of the coolest gadgets which every guitar lover want in their list.

I must say every guitar lover will found this blog is very useful. The Rat makes that sound. Sticking knobs on a fuzz pedal is simply doing stuff to the fuzz that would be better done with the knobs on the amp or one of your other pedals.

Those Walrus joysticks are pretty cool though. No Scarab Deluxe or Rotobone? Why are they missing? But some of them are merely good, the best products from the missing brands are great. I plugged into the Walrus Audio Jupiter and my search was over.

Maybe it just pairs well with my Deluxe Reverb II but to me it has a defined richness that so many others lack. It plays nice with others and even sounds good through my grab and go gig Vox Pathfinder 15 solid state. Def belongs on this list. Man while I love the sounds of these the artwork is just stunning but nothing is as beautiful to me as seeing a tidy and carefully designed pcb like on the ScreaminFX Fuzz.

A fuzz pedal is definitely next on my list of WANT! Play a lot of blues and I love the mild fuzz sound! The name says it all. Here we go again!! What a great collection and thanks for the great reviews and equally great website.

A big fan of the Silver Rose though, that thing is a beast! I replaced 2 fuzz pedals on my board with the Muffroom Cloud and am happier with my tone.

Either your ears are permanently damaged from listening to shit music, or you have no idea what good fuzz sounds like.

Cant get get a good tone out of a muffroom cloud?? Maybe you try taking it out of the box and plugging it in… amateur. I am a fairly new fuzz user and loving it. You guys are not making it easy, I want to try them all! There are so many fuzzes out there, it can be perplexing to figure out where to start, but, you know, the alternative is far worse! And lists like this certainly help, given the abundance. From your review, I have narrowed down my choices to the Silver Rose and the Frazz Dazzler when I can find a local dealer.

I would probably waste a lot of money. Love the videos of the Dazatronyx Tsuchi Fuzz, but have no local dealers so it would be great to hear what you think about it! One can never have too many fuzz pedals. I need to try the Dr. I also really want a Hoof Reaper. I never thought I could get into fuzz pedals until I got a Big Muff. Then I started noticing fuzz used for guitar parts in songs I listen to all the time, thinking it was just overdrive. What an underrated effect!

It seems pedal makers are always coming up with new ways to do something unique with the classic fuzz circuit. Wow, I love the time we live in. The Earthquaker Devices could make fun too… Thanks for this outstanding compilation of different Fuzzes. Really love the versatility of the Hoof Reaper, but the Fuzz Factory can make some great, angry tones. Which I guess means, that pedals currently included are better than The God. And this, Ladies and Gentleman, makes me think that all of these fuzzes must waaaay beyond great!

Echoing a couple of comments below, while you have a comprehensive list, I would add the Muffroom Cloud to it, an epic pedal. Glad to see ScreaminFX on the list. Good ole pedal building from Austin, Tx. The Wampler is missing from the list and it should definitely be there! The El Rey fuzz is the only one of these pedals that I own.

Really want to try the Keeley Monterey, though…. Some very cool offerings here. I currently have the Wampler Velvet Fuzz on my board. Plenty of options on this list. Man, what a sound from the ScreaminFX Fuzz and such a cool design, love seeing the guts of it too! I am surprised to not see even one Wren and Cuff pedal on here but this us a truly great list of my personal must have pedal. Just got a JHS mini foot and crayon. What do you think of the Toneczar Vault? Erin Burke-Moran from Caspian recently posted photos of his revised pedalboard on Facebook and showed that he had added a Vault as his high gain stage, made me really curious how it stacks up with all of these.

First pedal I ever bought was a Big Muff Pi and it started me on the path to being slightly gear obsessed. I really like the Fairfield Four Eyes Fuzz. That said, Fuzz Factory probably has it beat on versatility. Fuzzhugger fuzzes really deserve a mention here! The algal bloom and the Suneater are two of my all time favorites! Not a pedal as such but building a Fuzz Factory into the guitar, Manson Style. Great for versatile knob tweaking. All of these are awesome!

I like the death by audio fuzz gun too! You get a lot of possibilities. Crackle, splat, parp, squeak. Can you ever get tired of fuzz? We truly are in the Golden Age of pedals, especially fuzzzzz. Long may it continue! Damn so much fuzz! Makes one just want to just dive in and fuzz out. I hope I am selected the winner of one! Literally anything could fall in the fuzz tent, and be happy. Zachary Vex really seems to know what it takes to make a fuzz pedal that covers a musical continent of variety without losing sight of the fact that it still has to sound good!

Thanks for the list! Had my eye on the Fuzz Factory 7 for a while now. That thing is a beast fuzz. And that Dwarfcraft Silver Rose V2!!!! Anything Devi Ever even Devi Ever inspired, in this case is gonna be legit! That thing is terrifying. My latest fuzz the Clusterfuzz by Function Fx is awesome and should get a mention. I have a serious pedal addiction problem and articles like this leave me wanting more…..

Cheers keep it up! A fuzz has been on my wishlist for sometime but the choices out there are endless. This is a good list to help me do some research. I would have loved to see a review of the Catalinbread Karma Suture pedal. Bit Quest is so wack, and I love it. All of these are great pedals. Such a crazy pedal. That Fraz Dazzler sounds really great.

That being one that fulfills its purpose without having too many bells and whistles. The Dwarfcraft Eau Claire should be on the list. I really need to get around to getting a decent fuzz pedal. A lot of these look like great options for me. The Fat Fuzz Factory pedal has some serious grind! I like the tremolo pulses as the notes ring out. I think that good fuzz is really under rated and over used at the same time.

A good fuzz that can range from just a spice to a wall of effect is a powerful tool for changing up the variety of your tone. Cool cool cool and cool! If I win the fuzz factory it migh just kick off the Abominable Demon Ling off my board.

Or accompany it ;. Most I try seem to like single coils. Monterey is my newest fuzz pedal that does a gazillion other things. I have a Fuzz Factory along with the spreadsheet of all of the settings people have contributed.

Great versatility in such a small size. It would be nice to have the Fuzz Factory 7 though. The rest on this list of course all sound intriguing enough to go buy. Very in depth review.

Hard to decide on your first Fuzz pedal with so many options but this helps show the benefits of each one. Most of them are so damn old. Anyway it was interesting to know what is your favorite pedals are. I wanna try out a Fuzz Factory next! That thing is a beast. My heart belongs to Zvex fuzzes but damn does that hoof reaper sound good. Nice review, and so much power in these pedals.

Fat Fuzz Factory is fantastic. I love me some 6 foot wide fuzz tone. So many different circuit and transistor options available make fuzz collecting so interesting and addicting. That Rotary Fuzz would be super useful as it combines two effects I would normally pair in my signal chain. This narrows the choices down to Man, if only I had the scratch! But even then it would still be impossible to choose: Great to see this list updated with some new additions.

The old list really helped me decide on a fuzz pedal and now it looks like I have some more options to consider. Been wanting a bit crusher for awhile now. Reminds me of the old Atari games as a kid. The Old Blood Haunt is awesome! Great article though, I wish the If 6 was 9 were still produced: Got my eye on the PTD Rotobone. Well, heck, all PTD.

I honestly need a wiki to sort out his models and mods. Being able to hook up an expression pedal gives a nice wah option. Oh, if only I had a way of trying out every pedal on this list. Maybe if I win the Fat Fuzz Factory, that will cure my craving. Now all we need is an iteration that we can drop into the electronics cavity of a guitar a la Muse or Manson guitars, really.

Oh man, more fuzzes for me to want. I see a lot of people complaining about how every builder has at least one fuzz if not more in their product lineup, like fuzz is some bland cookiecutter effect. My life and bass rig needs some beautiful and thick sub fuzz!!!! This list gets crazier every year.

This article provides a lot of food for thought! So much great fuzzy!! My favorite fuzz though? Amptweaker TightFuzz Pro, sick design and great tone. Also love that Janus Fuzz by Walrus Audio. Wow, what a great group of fuzz boxes. That thing was so gnarly for its size. As always, great post.

There is such a thing as too many fuzz boxes. Zvex fat fuzz factory and the eqd hoof reaper take care of everything in my book. Have tried both, have neither. I recently bought a used Fuzz Factory and started to experiment a bit with it. If only the newest evolution were not so pricey and hard to find here …. Absolutely phenominal, well made, and does everything I want a traditional box to do and then some.

A comprehensive and detailed set of reviews! The fuzz factory 7 and fuzzolo seem like winners to me! Really want to try the Keeley Monterey as well! Will we always trend towards more and more knobs? Certainly fun trying though. All these interesting takes on fuzz make me want to finally build one for myself, if I can take a break from synths! The name of the Dr.

I had the ZVEX Wooly Mammoth in my collection for a year or two and it never really blew me away, except that it sounded unusual and snarly. Now Zvex has won back my heart.

I have high hopes for the new Fuzz Factory. And I love that kitty design. You guys should review a pedal from Abominable electronics. They are an independent pedal brand who mod and create pedals…. I tried the big muff pi tone wick. I liked it, super heavy with nice sustain. The fat fuzz factory is the one though. I researched a number of fuzz boxes on Youtube since there were so many available.

I decided to purchase a vintage style over the more modern fuzz because I wanted a warmer sound. I purchased it because of the reviews and think I found a sound tone that I have been wanting for forty years and not knowing it.

The Hartman produces a warm sound with what can only be described as the most musical effect I have ever tried and combined with a Tube Screamer up front is to die for. One other reason i am convinced this may be one of the best pure fuzz box out there is that it made my JCM , a problematic Marshall for some because of diode clipping, sing like an older Marshall.

I also used a Kramer Artist aluminum alloy necked guitar which was responsible for the incredible sustain and contributed the plethora of harmonics that came out of the rig.

It does exactly what I want a fuzz to do. You should give one a try. Single-note leads sound creamy and rounded, and complex chords all have their voices; nothing muddy or splatty or horrid. Even works well with extended-range guitars. Leaving the Wampler velvet fuzz off the list is like leaving Picaso off a list of famous artists. I think Wampler velvet fuzz is not good enough to put on this list.

There are so many excellent fuzz and Wampler is not that outstanding. Disappointed the Fuzzrocious Grey Stache was not on this list. I think it sounds better than many of the pedals that are — at least to my ears. Does it not stack up? Or is it just not known well enough? This is just the perfect post for everyone who would like to understand the best fuzz distortion pedal. You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you not that I really would want to..

Excellent stuff, just great! Keep writing and thanks for the sharing!!! Please review if you ever happen to stumble with one of those… Fuzz Away! Thank you for putting this together. I would add these for consideration in future lists:. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you set to make this type of magnificent informative website.

Great list — but you seem to have missed out THE wildest one in my opinion! A small danish outfit… http: Noel Fuzz Japan 2. Dazatronyx Fuzz Australia 3. Helios Fuzz US 4. Its a great list of Fuzzes. I recently bought a Kafuzz. It sounds amazing and the design is so cool! A pedalbuilder from Holland. Please check this out. The last one is the Evil Mother Fuzzer. All pedals are fully analog. My favorite fuzz currently is my Deviever Shoegazer.

I also got one of the last ones just before Dwarfcraft Devices bought the company from Devi. I would like to get the pharaoh in the future because it nails that scooped Sabbath-like fuzz that Iommi claims he got by just using his Laney amps.

It sounds just like the old records. Handmade, cool graphics and super fair price. Worth double what they charge. Smooth as hell, and even compliments my 7-string guitars nicely! I absolutely love the way it sounds. I also played the Fuzz God and I must say I would love to own that too!! What about Sasquatch from Tortuga Effects?

You guys should check out the Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss. I believe it also has per amp boost knob as well to get a sort of overdrive fuzz combination. I tried the Rocket WTF and was left pondering the aptly named title. The Jupiter is still a good fuzz, just not quite as versatile as the Deux Ex…which kills when setting the mids notch filter anywhere from 3: I read two articles: I found it odd that the best pedals included at least 3 fuzz boxes that were not included in the top 20 fuzz boxes of I love that fat fuzz factory…so much nice variations of sounds….

You can get an oz fuzz in germanium Or silicon. Thanks for your consideration, Steph. I wish I could get my hands on that one. Love the fuzz fuzz factory!!! It seem to me that no mater where you go to get a top 10 list of pedal effects you are alway going to find Electro Harmonix in the mix. I just bought my first electric guitar and am in need of a pedal!!! I need some distortion in my life!! Been enjoying my z-vex fuzz for several years and have been modding pedals with JHS forever.

Looking forward to hopefully snagging something purtty from the list. There are probably Thousands of Fuzz Pedals out there it is difficult to sort through them all. Of course the local store usually has only 2 — 3 effects to choose from in any particular category. Thanks for the review And the Giveaway, Happy Holidays….. Two phenomenal OD pedals and they can be bought at great prices. Only a few are available through Rocketride at TGT Being a BJFanatic, I just had to buy it.

Only 11 were made… so you could call it a limited-limited edition. Bjorn told me that he mainly made changes to the fuzz and boost controls.

The boost was improved to full-range whereas the stock thinned out the fuzz sound undesirably. As for the fuzz, to his ears there was a lot of noise in the decay of notes so he built a type gate that chops off the undesirable effect. Anyhow, although this is very limited, it might be worth including this in your top Electro Harmonix is doing smaller versions of a lot of pedals now the nano line and other smaller housings of certain pedals , sometimes with less controls or features. So amazing, Jamie really killed it with that one.

Thank you for such informative, yet concise reviews on all these fuzz pedals. This is a good list. I have the big muff with tone wicker. Great one for the money.

The Walrus Audio Janus intrigues me. Well to me a fuzz is very interesting because its just a little more than my TS HW.

A few month ago I wasnt even thinking about fuzzys but for whatever reason I started thinking of using it to get a little more dirt into my blues solo sound. Usually I dont write the following but in this cause I really would like to win one of theser pedals because It need experience in fuzz pedals to find the one that fits the best to each personal style.

All of these look superb, but some especially fit into the doomier stuff that I am writing just now! The newer Dunlop mini fuzz face germanium should also be mentioned. The Wampler Velvet Fuzz should be here. Cool history with the great effect that is Fuzz! The fuzz tones are reasonably subdued but the clean blend allows for some cool sounds. With the gain dialed way back the distorted signal kicks in on the trails of the clean guitar. Which is pretty neat. You should do a review of an old school vintage Big Muff compared to one of the new Big Muffs, I think it would be awesome to see the differences!

Like one channel JRC D, the other germanium transistor. No one has ever done this. This is really useful thanks! The Hoof is so handy in terms of covering a vast range of BM tones and the Reaper does the same with every Bender era…I would insist that any fuzz junkie get this pedal!

Big fan of anything Red Witch. Like the sounds Belamy gets out the Fuzz Factory as well. Especially excited about the new Red Witch Violetta. Glad to see Jakob using it, hope to get some similar sounds out of it. Could definitely use a new fuzz pedal though, crushed the last one with my giant foot, traipsing around the den in the dark.

What do pedal geeks and fans of music have in common? John Dwyer unveils a new nugget of awesome and we all win. I really love the Fat Fuzz Factory, its even more versatile than the original and you can come out with some pretty cool stuff out of it. I aslo like the Death by Audio pedals, pretty crazy shit. What no Devi Ever? Been a while since she has made something but curious how the Console will sound.

This makes me want more FUZZ!!! Or maybe Hoof Reaper? At least the Muff is still hanging in. Maybe I need to hear the new stuff. I like any fuzz with a splattery bottom end sounds gross right! Agree that this is a primo time for Fuzz and effects in general. So many indy builders putting their spin on so many pedals. Makes it very hard to manage the pedalboard. So many great fuzzes out now! We are in the golden age of fuzz. The Hoofreaper is able to dial in so many variations of fuzz and distortion.

My friend has one and he can dial in beautiful light fuzz without taking away from any tone! That said, these sound awesome. The Fuzz Factory is a classic!!! Gonna check out the new version soon, Thanks! I have the Fat Fuzz Factory. Then I happened to see the Wah the fuzz? This thing has real tube OD, a muff type fuzz, an octave fuzz which can be used with or without the octave up and a fixed-wah.

All 4 effects independent of each other. This should definitely be added to the list. You need to get some BlackArts Toneworks on this list.

I have no idea why they arent on the list. I have the pharaoh and its the most amazing fuzz pedal i have ever used. The Fuzzhugger AB-Synth fuzz pedal seems worthy of this list. Very informative and interesting guide. It is always a pleasure to read about the most awesome effects ever used: It is a shame that the ones you listed are almost impossible to purchase in my country….

Thank you so much for posting this guide and for hosting this giveaway. This was very informative and fun to read, what a killer list. What a wonderful article. I have the big muff pi tw and it is awesome. I love it on my bass especially, but on guitar it sounds excellent as well.

Devi makes some awesome and unique fuzz pedals. I also love death by audio products. Hopefully I can build a clone of the fuzz war. Some cool info here. The Hoof Reaper and Fat Fuzz factory are on my list to try. That being said I bet the Frantone Peach Fuzz is pretty awesome as well. Great article, I have been looking for a fuzz pedal for a long time and need to narrow it down so this helped.

However, it is out of circulation and can only be found used. My favorite is the Janus … ehhh wait.. Like the review made on those twelve pedals. Hope next time you review the Enormous Door pedals! They were famous at winter NAMM This article has really opened my eyes to some amazing fuzz boxes. I dug the Death By Audio stuff and the Hoof, but these make the decision even harder. Not a bad job on choosing those BGE girls either.

I think Creepyfinger effects should have had a mention on here, they are definitely on the top of the game.

This Is a really great list. Very great list, though I am a little surprised at the absence of Black Arts Toneworks. Death By Audio make great fuzz, but I was curious about Cusack. Excellent choices for fuzz pedals. I still think the tap function for the Cusack is a little odd. The EH Big Muff with tone wicker is easily the best choice for the price. For all around, the Hoof Reaper covers all your bases without being a small mind puzzle to solve the fat fuzz factory.

Keep up the articles. Love the sound of the Hoof Reaper! That octave low end really gives it a big chunk of the gnarly. Another pedal I love is the Austone Textone which is not made anymore. Any fuzz made by Analogman, I own the dark peppermint and its the Bomb. I own the Hoof Reaper, it is insanity. So many options for tone.

Already had my eyes on a few others as well. Thank you for the giveaway! Currently enjoying 3 fuzzalicious war toys: I am biased as I own one and like it with the buffer switch on. That Rainger looks pretty twisted! I see myself using it for a loooooooong time.

Always thought the Fuzz Factory was awesome, but there is a massive difference between the original Vexter and the Fat FF! Massive fan of all of the Big Muff pedals too! I really like that you guys included the weird stuff! I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of unfamiliar pedals on this list, thanks for the article. I also bought a Fuzz Factory a month before the Fat version came out… gutted! Man, all of these are making me drool.

Feel lost without it. And the big muff is also Nice, i use the Big muff Pi and i really enjoy it, so i think the big muff with tone wicker is awesome! Freakenstein and the Janus are definitely two favorites of mine.

I think a Devi Ever Rocket or Shoegazer deserves to be on this list somewhere, though. Happy to see the Janus on the list. Brady makes great pedals and I love my Voyager overdrive. The Fuzz God II has been ruling my board for a little over a year. I would love to have all that fuzz in my life, on my face, for my axe, and my bass. I use the Psychedelic Sasquatch by Tortuga Effects for my fuzz needs.

Perhaps that should have been on the list as well. I know I love mine. Frankenstein fuzz to hear with my own ears how crazy it can get. Mayor kudos on the HoofReaper, by far the coolest most wicked fuzz pedal out there! Thanks for this great rundown on the best fuzz pedals! I will be referring to this often, I expect. I would like to hear more about Wampler Pedals Fuzz Boxes as well. Maybe also some pedals where the manufacturers are now out of business and are getting hard to find. Fuzz circuits are so simple yet can be so diverse from maker to maker!

Fuzz is the greatest type of effect out there. I need a ZVEX fuzz factory. Frusciante uses one to awesome effect. Gotta also give it up to the Janus, it always looked like such an interesting pedal, and Walrus Audio makes fantastic pedals! I wish my tremolo could do what the Cusack does…. Nice overview, the Apocalypse totally caught my attention. It behaves very well on valve amps. Not very friendly with my wah.. Sometimes someone nails it right from the get go and VLAD certainly did yrs before the whole wacky named boutique effects pedal industry came about.

I have a Germanium Big Muff, it is hands down better than the Tone Wicker, adjustable voltage and bias and separate overdrive. Of the pedals you selected I really like the hoof reaper — and thought it may be a bit older my favourite fuzz is the Himmelstrutz Gramps.

I must also give you props for selecting some more imaginative pedals. Would live to give some of them a whirl!! Death By Audio Apocalypse looks like it could be just the right amount of dark-sounding fuzz for my ears I adore crushing Russian Muff tones. Love fuzz tones and the fuzz factory is one of my favourite fuzz pedals, too bad that the really good pedals are always that expensive. Never played with a fuzz pedal, but I would think, after many years the EHX should have perfected the Big Muff to stay on top of all the other boutique companies.

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