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People spend more than that at Starbucks. It's worth what it costs Try adding a banana and half a spoon of peanut butter, or blend with almond milk, or try it simply mixed with water, for a healthy filling drink anytime, anywhere! When you place orders or access your personal information, we offer the use of a secure server. My greatest challenge was finding time for me. I have so much energy.

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I even have the orgain one at home and had no idea it had less sugar and carbs! I alse love Orgain! SO glad I stumbled across your post. I will be going online to order the Orgain thanks to you and the posts!

I hope you like it Heather! I also could not justify the Shakeology expense. Also…I think the ingredients in Orgain are even healthier! Does the Orgain protein help reduce cravings like shakeology does? Like you, i love shakeology but i personally cannot afford and was looking for an alternative that will help reduce cravings to keep me on track.

I crave chocolate and sugar in the afternoons. This does the trick. I have been using Orgain and also Amazing grass superfoods powder to my smoothies. I was looking into how Shakeology compares and they are a mixture of the 2 products that I am currently using. They are not just a protein powder, but also have antioxidants and probiobitcs.

I think the price is pretty similar when comparing a protein powder plus antioxidant powder. This is such a helpful blog!! I was wondering if one serving of these alternative shakes would count as 1 red container for the 21 day fix program? Yes, I count them as one red. If you add anything else you would of course need to count that as well…but for just the shake, I count it as a red!

How do you like to drink the Orgain? Do you mix with almond milk, add banana, etc? My favorite way to drink it is like this: The cocoa powder is my secret ingredient. It makes it so rich and more chocolate-y! My cousin loves the Shakeology mix but the price is laughable in my opinion especially when comparing the ingredients. I agree, the price of Shakeology is just too much.

Carrie, thank you so much for this post! I love the taste of Shakeology, but the price is absolutely ridiculous IMO. That is a great deal and I love Costco. Thanks for the detailed comparison. My go-to recipe is similar to yours; I use the Califia Farms Almond and coconut milk and blend it with half a frozen banana, a heaped teaspoon of almond butter and a few ice cubes.

I use Orgain, 60 calorie almond milk, put in a tablespoon of cacao powder, some strawberries, sometimes coconut oil, sometime PB2. I really like it! Just wanted to let you know the Chocolate Shakeology has 6 grams of fiber not 3 , and only 6 grams of sugar not 9 if you had the Whey. Vegan is 6 grams fiber and 7 grams sugar. Going to try to find Orgain to try. I like that it actually has no flavour, so you can add greens, veggies and a bit of fruit for your flavours.

Thank you for your feedback! I believe the reason other shakes are not approved is because Beachbody sells Shakeology. Autumn even says that. I like the flexibility of being able to have a shake, though, so these are two options that are low in sugar and made with organic ingredients that I have used and liked.

I believe in the program and for many of us, we have to make adjustments here and there to make it work for us. Needing to stop again, on my first week of core de force, and me being such a picky eater, 1. I wish they would do something to change that, no wonder its tough to coach, most people cannot afford it, and I got my bf on it for years and he loved it too, but sadly time to get off of it again: I love having a shake every day.

Hi Carrie, New here. I am familiar with BB programs and have a lot of success doing them. When I started my quest to betterment 4. Completely miserable, riddled with health problems, and living a VERY isolated life. I wanted to contribute to your shake alternatives. I have tried several different ones. I am a fan of whey isolate because of fewer calories, carbs, fat, etc. Having played around with price, being able to purchase my powder in a convenient location and finding the flavors I want, I have recently came across one by Integrated Supplements.

I use the chocolate flavor. I add a cup of ice to a blender carafe, add 24 to 32 ounces of cold coffee, 1 to 2 tablespoons of PBFit powder, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar free French vanilla coffee creamer.

It gives it a bit more smoothness and adds a touch of infused vanilla cream flavor I will sometimes add a teaspoon of organic cacao powder depending on time, calorie and workout deficit or needs.

Aid in keeping you from being as sore from lactic acid build up. It makes about 32 ounces and I pour them into bottles and take on the go for work, gym, or as a convenient snack. Ice, coffee, protein, sugar free creamer, cacao powder PBFit powder, blend and voila. No team in all of Team Beachbody has produced more Beachbody Challenge winners with amazing results!

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