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The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception
The thymus is located under the ribcage and has the same sort of job, filtering blood and creating or removing white blood cells. A healthy diet during pregnancy contains much of the same balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as a healthy diet in general. We are generally much more concerned about temporal things than we are about spiritual upliftment. Paul, I used to drink but then I found Ningxia Red and I would rather have that any day of the week or night! Trauma can come in a variety of forms but is more often a result of some sort of violence, threats, or injury made to or witnessed by a person. I personally like the options recommended in http:

Chapter XVII

The Lymphatic System: How to Make It Strong & Effective

Exercise affects the urinary system in multiple important ways. When you exercise, blood flow to your kidneys is diminished due to an increase in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the "fight or flight" component of the nervous system. This reduction in blood flow is necessary to maintain your blood pressure as blood vessels dilate in your working muscles. Because of the decrease in blood flow, the amount of fluid filtered by your kidneys also is reduced during moderate to intense exercise, resulting in decreased urine production.

You can lose significant amounts of fluid as well as some sodium in your sweat as you exercise. To maintain fluid balance, the kidneys conserve sodium and reabsorb water, contributing to the reduction in urine production. Although the amount of fluid conserved in this way during exercise is small compared to the amount you can sweat, the kidneys continue to conserve sodium for hours or even days after intense exercise to restore normal levels.

A major hormone involved in maintaining fluid balance during exercise is antidiuretic hormone, or ADH, which causes the kidneys to conserve sodium. ADH also results in more concentrated urine. The hormones aldosterone and angiotensin II are responsible for the kidney's restoration of normal electrolyte levels following exercise.

You can find probiotics in supplements and some foods, like yogurt. Doctors often suggest them to help with digestive problems. Researchers are trying to figure out exactly how probiotics work. Some of the ways they may keep you healthy:. Many types of bacteria are classified as probiotics.

They all have different benefits, but most come from two groups. Ask your doctor about which might best help you. This may be the most common probiotic.

It's the one you'll find in yogurt and other fermented foods. Different strains can help with diarrhea and may help people who can't digest lactose, the sugar in milk. You can find it in some dairy products.

It may help ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome IBS and some other conditions. Saccharomyces boulardii is a yeast found in probiotics. We can have very little conception of what that will be, save that the ideal will be even higher than Brotherhood and that by it the dense body will be spiritualized. The Religions of the Holy Spirit, the Race religions, were for the uplifting of the human race through a feeling of kinship limited to a group--family, tribe or nation.

The purpose of the Religion of The Son, Christ, is to further uplift mankind by forming it into a Universal Brotherhood of separate individuals. The ideal of the Religion of The Father will be the elimination of all separateness, merging all into One, so that there will be no "I" nor "Thou," but all will be One in reality.

This will not come to pass while we are still inhabitants of the physical Earth, but in a future state where we shall realize our unity with all, each having access to all the knowledge garnered by each separate individual. Just as the single facet of a diamond has access to all the light that comes through each of the other facets, is one with them, yet bounded by lines which give it a certain individuality without separateness , so will the individual spirit retain the memory of its particular experiences , while giving to all others the fruits of its individual existence.

These are the steps and stages through which humanity is unconsciously being led. In past ages the Race spirit reigned alone. Man was content with a patriarchal and paternal government in which he had no part. Now all over the world we see signs of the breaking down of the old system. The caste system, which was the stronghold of England in India, is crumbling. Instead of being separated into small groups, the people are uniting in the demand that the oppressor shall depart and leave them to live in freedom under a government of, by and for the people.

Russia is torn by strife for freedom from a dictatorial, autocratic government. Turkey has awakened and taken a long stride toward liberty. Here in our own land, where we are supposed to be in the actual enjoyment of such liberty as others are, as yet, only able to covet or fight for, we are not yet satisfied.

We are learning that there are other oppressions than those of an autocratic monarchy. We see that we have still industrial freedom to gain. We are chafing under the yoke of the trusts and an insane system of competition. We are trending toward co-operation, which is now practiced by the trusts within their own confines for private profit.

We are desirous of a state of society where "they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid. Nations, as such, have had their day and are unwittingly working toward Universal Brotherhood in accordance with the design of our invisible Leaders, who are none the less potent in shaping events because they are not officially seated in the councils of nations. These are the slow means by which the different bodies of humanity at large are being purified, but the aspirant to the higher knowledge works consciously to attain to these ends, by well-defined methods, according to his constitution.

Yoga means Union and, as in the West, the object of the aspirant is union with the Higher Self; but to be efficacious, the methods of seeking that union must differ. The vehicles of a Hindu are very differently constituted from those of a Caucasian. The Hindus have lived for many, many thousands of years in an environment and climate totally different from ours.

They have pursued a different method of thought and their civilization, though of a very high order, is different from ours in its effects.

Therefore it would be useless for us to adopt their methods, which are the outcome of the highest occult knowledge and perfectly suited to them, but as unsuitable for the people of the West as a diet of oats would be for a lion.

For instance, in some systems it is required that the yogi shall sit in certain positions, that particular cosmic currents may flow through his body in a certain way to produce certain definite results. That instruction would be altogether useless for a Caucasian, as he is absolutely impervious to those currents, because of his way of living.

If he is to attain results at all, he must work in harmony with the constitution of his vehicles. That is why the "Mysteries" were established in different parts of Europe during the Middle Ages.

The Alchemists were deep students of the higher occult science. The popular belief that the object of their study and experimenting was the transmutation of baser metals into gold, was because they chose that symbolic way of describing their true work, which was the transmutation of the lower nature into spirit.

It was thus described to lull the suspicions of the priests, without stating a falsehood. The statement that the Rosicrucians were a society devoted to the discovery and use of the formula for the making of the "Philosopher's Stone" was and is true.

It is also true that most people have handled and do often handle this wondrous stone. It is common, but of no avail to any but the individual who makes it for himself.

The formula is given in the esoteric training and a Rosicrucian is no different in that respect from the occultist of any other school. All are engaged in the making of this coveted stone, each, however, using his own methods, as there are no two individuals alike and consequently really effective work is always individual in its scope.

All occult schools are divisible into seven, as are the "Rays" of Life, the virgin spirits. Each School or Order belongs to one of these seven Rays, as does each unit of our humanity.

Therefore any individual seeking to unite with one of these occult groups, the "Brothers" in which do not belong to his Ray, cannot do so with benefit to himself. The members of these groups are brothers in a more intimate sense than are the rest of humanity. Perhaps if these seven Rays are compared to the seven colors of the spectrum, their relation to one another can be better understood.

For instance, if a red ray were to ally itself with a green ray, inharmony would result. The same principle applies to spirits. Each must proceed with the group to which it belongs during manifestation, yet they are all one. As all the colors are contained in the white light, but the refractive quality of our atmosphere seems to divide it into seven colors, so the illusory conditions of concrete existence cause the virgin spirits to seem grouped and this apparent grouping will abide while we are in this state.

The Rosicrucian Order was started particularly for those whose high degree of intellectual development caused them to repudiate the heart. Intellect imperiously demands a logical explanation of everything--the world mystery, the questions of life and death. The reasons for and the modus operandi of existence were not explained by the priestly injunction "not to seek to know the mysteries of God. Intellectual knowledge is but a means to an end, not the end itself.

Therefore, the Rosicrucian purposes first of all to satisfy the aspirant for knowledge that everything in the universe is reasonable, thus winning over the rebellious intellect. When it has ceased to criticize and is ready to accept provisionally, as probably true, statements which cannot be immediately verified, then, and not until then, will esoteric training be effective in developing the higher faculties whereby man passes from faith to first-hand knowledge.

Yet, even then it will be found that, as the pupil progresses in first-hand knowledge and becomes able to investigate for himself, there are always truths ahead of him that he knows to be truths, but which he is not yet advanced sufficiently to investigate. The pupil will do well to remember that nothing that is not logical can exist in the universe and that logic is the surest guide in all the Worlds, but he must not forget that his faculties are limited and that more than his own powers of logical reasoning may be needed to solve a given problem, although it may, nevertheless, be susceptible of full explanation, but by lines of reasoning which are beyond the capacity of the pupil at that stage of his development.

Another point that must be borne in mind is that unwavering confidence in the teacher is absolutely necessary. The foregoing is recommended to the particular consideration of all who intend taking the first steps toward the higher knowledge.

If the directions given are followed at all, they must be given full credence as an efficacious means to accomplish their purpose. To follow them in a half-hearted manner would be of no avail whatever. Unbelief will kill the fairest flower ever produced by the spirit.

Work on the different bodies of man is carried on synchronously. One body cannot be influenced without affecting the others, but the principal work may be done on any one of them. If strict attention is paid to hygiene and diet, the dense body is the one principally affected, but at the same time there is also an effect on the vital body and the desire body for, as purer and better materials are built into the dense body, the particles are enveloped in purer planetary ether and desire-stuff also, therefore the planetary parts of the vital and desire bodies become purer.

If attention is paid to food and hygiene only, the personal vital and desire bodies may remain almost as impure as before, but it has become just a little easier to get into touch with the good than if gross food were used. On the other hand if, despite annoyances, an equable temper is cultivated, also literary and artistic tastes, the vital body will produce an effect of daintiness and fastidiousness in physical matters and will also engender ennobling feelings and emotions in the desire body.

Seeking to cultivate the emotions also reacts upon the other vehicles and helps to improve them. The first visible state of a human embryo is a small, globulous, pulpy or jelly-like substance, similar to albumen, or the white of an egg.

In this pulpy globule various particles of more solid matter appear. These gradually increase in bulk and density until they come in contact with one another. The different points of contact are slowly modified into joints or hinges and thus a distinct framework of solid matter, a skeleton, is gradually formed.

During the formation of this framework the surrounding pulpy matter accumulates and changes in form until at length that degree of organization develops which is known as a fetus. This becomes larger, firmer, and more fully organized up to the time of birth, when the state of infancy begins. The same process of consolidation which commenced with the first visible stage of existence, still continues.

The being passes through the different stages of infancy, childhood, youth, manhood or womanhood, old age, and at last comes to the change that is called death. Each of these stages is characterized by an increasing degree of hardness and solidity. There is a gradual increase in density and firmness of the bones, tendons, cartilages, ligaments, tissues, membranes, the coverings and even the very substance of the stomach, liver, lungs, and other organs.

The joints become rigid and dry. They begin to crack and grate when they are moved, because the synovial fluid, which oils and softens them, is diminished in quantity and rendered too thick and glutinous to serve that purpose. The heart, the brain, and the entire muscular system, spinal cord, nerves, eyes, etc. Millions upon millions of the minute capillary vessels which ramify and spread like the branches of a tree throughout the entire body, gradually choke up and change into solid fiber, no longer pervious to the blood.

The larger blood vessels, both arteries and veins, indurate, lose their elasticity, grow smaller, and become incapable of carrying the required amount of blood.

The fluids of the body thicken and become putrid, loaded with earthy matter.