Food Stamp Fraud: Beneficiaries Illegally Sell EBT Cards On Craigslist, Social Media Sites

Walmart is not distributing free gift cards to users who click an online link; it's a form of scam.

I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. She was so upset by the abuses she experienced as a child, she swore she would get a degree and stop using the system. I would like to know where in the Constitution it says the government is to provide charity [ergo a living] via the tax payer s to the masses? This group aimed at meeting certain goals, like reducing caloric intake and eating more fruits and vegetables. Our system is too lienient.

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This will keep their weight controlled. There are people with Mental Health problems, debilitating health issues and our Aged who need our help Conservatives and Republicans have no problem helping these people…. They are like ants attracted to candy on the sidewalk.. Scammers like video girl and the millions like her STEAL from the Taxpayer and take a large chunk of change from those who really really need our help….

Which is exactly why we should used a targeted approach to solving this problem. Whenever someone gets arrested for drugs or stealing and they are found to be on public assistance of ANY type, they should be immediately removed from the dole.

There is little point, and absolutely no justice, in having the government subsidize drug addicts and criminals. I just left the grocery store where I purchased nothing because I am one of the working poor who have to pay for my food and there was nothing affordable with food inflation caused by EBT activity. Now if I had an EBT card I could have purchased steak, sushi, sub sandwiches, ice cream, candy, red bull and soda. That is what is wrong with the system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in favor of providing food boxes via the public schools to families in need. We cannot afford the luxury items and we work.

My child gets nothing free and we work! If Obama wins I plan to divorce my husband of course we will still live together and I will become a welfare receipient because I will quit working. Then I can receive free medical, free food, free fishing licenses, free cell phones, and free housing.

Best of all I have everyday off to enjoy. Call your Congressmen and ask them why people who do not produce, pay taxes their salaries are able to eat better quality foods than those of us who work!!!!!!!!!!! I do not agree with drug testing these losers. That is just another expense for those of us who pay taxes. Completely disagree with this activity, it should anger all of the real working people of this nation.

I am writing an argumentative essay discussing the repercussions of this issue. Do any of you have a fact oriented site that will help me? I would also like to thank you all for sharing your experiences. I have to call shenanigans here.

This is another story that reeks of fiction. Who does that with luxuries, let alone necessities? Has anyone in the U. To another of your points: Paul Ryan would disagree, let the market forces dictate and all that.

National debt numbers from http: The Democratic presidents have not yet had growth higher than Generally, Republicans would like some money taken from the middle economic class and distributed among the wealthy, while Democrats would like some money taken from the rich and distributed to the lower economic class.

All the while, so many Republican candidates claim to follow jesus christ, which is horribly comical. We have ALL received government help in one way or another: We all benefit, some more than others, and the middle class less than all.

You need to read the following article: You live in a modest three- bedroom home, drive fuel-efficient cars, save and budget, and then you find out that people on Section 8 vouchers can live in mansions! They are now handing out Section 8 Vouchers in gated communities. I hear they can get utility vouchers to cover the electricity bill. Look we make good money, but even we made sure to live debt-free.

I certainly do not have any trouble purchasing my own food. Both my husband and I are financially independent, but still, my home is not as big as that! Look at the picture of that mansion in the link! Do you have any idea how much property taxes and insurance alone would cost!

At least a grand a month! I can tell you I read another article about a women who is living in a section 8 mansion. The government pays the difference. How is that fair to people who work and are financially independent? You lose your freedom once you become dependent on others.

About the woman in the video: She was so upset by the abuses she experienced as a child, she swore she would get a degree and stop using the system.

After she got her BA, she said she never went back on government assistance. I applaud her efforts to raise awareness about becoming dependent on welfare and using parody as the vehicle to spread her message. She is against government assistance, and used the video to raise awareness. The video clip above is just describing what abuses she saw in the system when her family was on it. She is, in no way, on government assistance. You can always go to You Tube to watch the video: Did it ever occur to you, cynic that you are, to be as cynical of those tested….

I get SSI and I know some people. With EBT they can work if they can find job but. The EBT they get are for there kids witch when the kids trunk 18 they are off the case the money goes down See you only get. Just ran across this site when researching EBT cards.

In the conversation it came up that Somalis use these like there is no tomorrow. When booked into the slammer one had 3 EBT cards all in different names. This is fraud folks. Now what the investigators said? I worked nearly 48 years of my adult life, not counting when I was a kid, high school and college.

I blame the white men who have been running this country since day one and continue to run it today. For all the misfortunes of the masses that are self-inflicted they want to blame someone else. Good luck with your future failures. As long as Obama, and any other liberal is in office, this country will continue to descend and turn into a socialist state, just like France, Greece, Spain, and any others that are failing. I live in CA, am a college-educated, working professional and was recently re-employed after a 2 month lay-off.

They include people buying or selling their benefit cards, or exchanging their cards for unapproved items. The DHS encourages people to https: Thanks for the good writeup. It in truth was a amusement account it. Glance complex to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate? You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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