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Did you know; if you say that you are pregnant you can keep the food and get reimbursed? So now I have a pantry full of over-priced junk. The dish is accompanied by an all-time favorite, cornbread stuffing, accented with dried fruit and finished off with green beans flavored with bacon. We have different needs but I thought NutriSystem would make life easier. I would not encourage anyone to do NutriSystem Vegetarian.

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Health , Fitness , Lifestyle. With these foods, I often find myself daydreaming about scarfing down an entire pizza.

Well, my sister is an entertainment lawyer in L. Taste will have to come later. I am week 2 of NutriSystem, I choose the Vegeterian option simply because meat sounds kind of scary out of a box. The diet is really hard for me, even though I do add things to it, I am still really hungry. That is not food.

I tried the program for my mother and myself. We have different needs but I thought NutriSystem would make life easier. I need to eat real food and lose weight healthy. Glad to see I am not alone. Well, let me tell you you DO need will power to stay thin, either now or later.

The whole Nutrisystem was not working for me at all. I mean the idea is good and all but it was not for me. I mean, it was not a Hail Mary food moment for me when I opened the first box that showed up at my door. First, it was worrisome that there was something leaking onto my front porch, and Second, it was even more worrisome when I saw that it looked like the box had all ready been opened before I even got to it. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

This plan has not worked for me. I know my body, and when I follow WW perfectly, I lose weight. What the heck is that? I bought the food and returned it in 4 days. It made me really sick and tasted awful. I did get my money back though.. The thing I miss most with Nutrisystem is cooking meals for all of my family to sit down and enjoy. Want to lose weight, but want to love my husband and kids with my cooking!

Nutrisystem sounded extremely convenient for me who has no time whatsoever to cook during the week. I will be back. Hi, everyone - As a former employee of NutriSystem, I might be able to shed some light. In fact, one of my coworkers used to joke that it was better to keep them doing just well enough to stay on the program, but not so well that they actually reached their goals.

Believe me when I say- despite the commercials where they seem to have your best interest at heart- they do NOT.

These people JOKE about you and taking your money. So I am just beginning my second month of the Nutrisystem Advanced program for women, and, not as excited as I was at the beginning of last month.

I am not ready to give up, its just, the food choices are getting boring already. And its hard to go to the grocery store to buy any extra items because I only have time to go after work. What I have a problem with is how slow this is working. I only lost 2lbs in 3 weeks. Considering the money I am giving them I was hopping to have much quicker and better results than that. The meals were my biggest disappointment from NutriSystem.

Foods like the beef pot roast and the green pepper steak were truly repulsive, with grayish, congealed looking gravy and bland chunks of meat with a rubbery texture.

Plus, the portions were significantly smaller than they are on weight watchers, south Beach OR Jenny Craig. NutriSystem, in my opinion, falls way short of its competitors in this regard. I just wonder how did NutriSystem even get to be as big as it is??? The food is awful, not even fresh, its way too expensive for what you get, the weight loss takes forever and the counseling is mediocre. Over priced, that is what Nutrisystem is. I think I am going to try south beach, I have been reading some of the reviews and people seem to have great success with it.

Felt like I was eating at some gross cafeteria. I really have nothing nice to say. I would not encourage anyone to do NutriSystem Vegetarian. The worst part about Nutrisystem, for me, is the lunches. All my co-workers go out for lunch together, and I stay behind microwaving my meals and catching up on emails while I eat. How depressing is that? Its been 3 months I just am losing my motivation, and some much-needed venting time with the folks at work.

Can we talk about cost here for a minute? Do you think that would work? And save me money? And I might get thin? With all the great vegetarian protein sources there now are, i was really surprised to find that NutriSystem Vegetarian plan is practically all pasta. Practically all i was eating was carbs. The weight loss seemed like it was taking forever, and i was really missing my own healthy vegetairan recipes! You guys, it takes time to loose weight, I mean what is the rush, do you want to loose it fast and then gain it right back?

It took me 18 months to my 32 extra pounds and I feel very proud of myself for sticking to Nutrisystem advance woman, I could not have done it without them. Around 3pm, instead of focusing on how hungry I am since the lunch didnt fill me up, I either take a minute walk outdoors if I can break away from the desk or chew on a Hoodia Bites candy no sugar!

DO you think it would be cheating to take an appetite suppressant with NutriSystem? I just ate a Hershey Bar because all this NutriSystem talk has me so upset! I spent so much money on it, felt like I was at least eating healthy and following a program that would make me lose the 55 pounds I need to get rid of, but the food was awful, especially the vegetables, I mean, how can you make a frozen pea taste bad? Quesion is, what do I do next? She makes yummy healthy food.

I cook a lot of her food since stopping Nutrisystem. Appetite suppressants are a good idea, I never thought of it, thanks for mentioning it Jocelyn. How long has NutriSystem been around? Longer than Weight Watchers? Not so much in my mouth, though. The appeal of Nutrisystem for me was certainly the pre-packaged foods, thats a no-brainer. BUt i was never a fancy cook to begin with, and I am now wondering if the cost of the program is worth it, despite the free time.

Because it is sure getting on my nerves. Remember when she passed out on dancing with the stars? Maybe she had refused to eat that horrible packaged food form Nutrisystem? It works for me! I need to lose about 55 lbs, and this was NOT good news for me.

I am going to have to ask my counselor about this. Hi i am still undecided about nutrisystem and curious, are most of the foods frozen? It took me at least 8 months to loose 10lbs with Nutrisystem. Which programs are you on? They do not give you enough food. I understand the idea o f portion control, but why does NutriSYstem give so much less food than other major diets? I think i might just swtich it up to WW or South Beach. The food is not frozen Nancy, you can however freeze it if you wish or you can simply keep it in your fridge.

BUt the exercise DVDs? With the Flex Belt my abdominal muscles are getting a great workout, and i really think thats what making a difference in my waistline, more than the NutriSystem. Going to a quicker method, maybe South Beach? Although I heard the Zone is even faster. In my opinon the Zone and Atkins are too strict. Real woman have curves: The foods are healthy, low cholesterol, low fat, whatever, I knew that I was getting proper nutrition with Nutrisystem but damn,the weight loss took forever!

Or more like, never. I lost 9 lbs in 12 weeks and am trying to learn how to prepare healthy meals on my own, and exercise more. So I guess I learned from the program? Not worth the money, for me. Well, now I am mortified…. Who cares about Marie Osmond, or Valerie Bertinelli or anyone who gets paid to say they lost weight with the program? In name, not personal accounts. It was familiar and I joined. Or I you stuck with it for a long time?

Are Nutrisystem meals high in sodium, does anybody know? And it came back. So I went back on, lost more. It still had the same yo-yo effect that I was trying to get away from. It took awhile but i learned my lesson. I think thats bad if your pregnant or breastfeeding, btw. Ok, this is for all of you who want an honest opinion of Nutrisystem. I purchased this because of all the skinny girls on the commercial.

I figured I had nothing to lose. I had previously checked the company out and found out they had many complaints regarding orders not being filled with requests and addressed this with the sales person. She assured me this was a past issue which had been cleared up. I told her exactly what I wanted in my order. They want you to add fruits and veggies so prep was longer. The food itself scaled from just ok eatable to really not worth eating.

Very plain untasty food. Funny, almost all the italian type foods tasted exactly the same. I think they may use the same sauce on all of it. Some of the bars were good. I liked the cookies, of course. I hated the pizza, cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. It was a sad lesson, one I wished I would have believed after reading so many complaints about the taste of the food. I did not lose, and luckily I did not gain any weight.

I was on Jenny Craig and gained 7 lbs, previously. The company did return my money after I sent back the box. Keep all your shipping material, especially the huge box it comes it. It will help you return it, if needed.

Good luck, whatever you choose. Laura of Fair Oaks. I tried Nutrisystem on and off for a few years. I intend to do it again right after the holidays which are coming up. THe portions are too small, so you are just setting yourself up for failure. THe food all tastes the same and it got very boring for me. I lost an amazing amount of weight on the program when they had centers in various towns. I liked the food and found it very simple and easy to prepare my meals.

The best part of the system was the wonderful iced tea mix they used to have. Oh and also the frozen yoghurt I made myself each evening. Anyway, I was going to go with the program again but after reading about comments on how horrible the food is, and the lack of customer service, especially to credit card paying customers I am going to pass—dog food does not appeal to me!!!!

After hearing from some of you that havnt lost anything, I guess 10 s a month isnt nothing to gripe about. I tend to have a very hard time losing weight being over 40 and having polysystic ovarian syndrome really hinder weight loss. I dont follow the diet to the letter. I usually just eat the breakfast lunch and dinner entrees plus a salad with dinner. Probably not so healthy but it is working. I was reading another article earlier about the NS diet written by a Dr.

They suggested doing the weight watchers diet. WW being a cheaper plan and you can buy it at the grocery store. A lot of people have had GI problems with NS and headaches.

So if the nutrisystem diet is giving you problems consider weight watchers. It gives you the same convenience of boxed portion controlled foods without the side effects and the very high sodium content. Good luck to everyone. This program is not any good. The pictures look good, but the food was so bland. I was always hungry after eating. I love chocolate, but what they send you is not chocolate!!!

You need to find time in your busy day to work out even if for twenty minutes a day. The only way you are going to lose weight is to get your body moving! I work as much as 80 hours per week and still find time to raise my child, have a life and workout!

You are never to busy if you want to do it! It is not a fix all and I was thinking about trying it but have decided my wil power has helped and will get me losing the weight that I would like not need to lose.

I think the issue here is, whether or not Nutrisystem is a viable diet plan. And, the food is just not edible. I gave it a go for a month, and felt lighter, but nothing significant.

IT just is Not a good diet. I tried Nutrisystem almost 2 years ago wanting to lose 30 lbs. I stayed on the plan about 9 months. The food was okay, but at the time I was very motivated due to being close to my delivery weight with my first child. However, I truely believe that this soy base system messed with my menstral cycle. All but 10 lbs are back, and and my cycle is back to normal. I did NS faithfully for 2months and did loose 20 lbs.

It helps you determine food portions very well, if you are an overeater. The food I feel is pretty good and convientant but not something I could live on for a long period of time. The downfall I found was a lot of flatulence. So it works but not fast.

Being disabled and elderly I thought this would be great. Heavy on tomato usage in most if not all meals. Would not recommend it. Did not lose weight. Weight loss, no matter what kind, takes alot of hard work! So it was really just a failure for me. I have lost 17 of the 30 lbs i need to lose and i feel great. I have been on Nurtisystem for 3 months and have lost 40 lbs. It does work if you follow the plan. Also drinking water is key in losing the weight. I am glad I started this program.

I like the convience of it. The trouble is, NutriSystem is a portion control diet and once you are off of it you dont really learn how to choose portions sizes. And also because the food is so terrible you end up wanting to eat a LOT.

Nutrisystem worked for me. I never lost my pregnancy weight. In 4 months, I lost 30 pounds with daily walking and ounces of water a day. I went from pounds to pounds.

The first two weeks were horrible. My body was detoxing from everything bad I was putting into my body and portion sizes that were for someone ten times my size. After the first month I lost 10 pounds and I knew I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle. This diet worked for me. I was running marathons, going to the gym five days a week and watching my diet before Nutrisystem and I was only able to maintain my weight. I tried it because I read a blog just like this one too.

I told myself that if it worked, then I would blog it everywhere. So i do have to agree with Amanda;s post that NutriSystem is good for teaching portion control, but so is Weight Watchers.

Once I learned what a normal healthy portion size looked like, I took it from there, added some Hoodia Bites and the weight continued to come off. The craptastic food that made you fat is bad. And you can learn portion control while on the program.

All you have to do is pay attention to the size of the portions that you are eating while on the program. That means using your eyes, something that you have with you all the time. How do I know this? I lost over 70 pounds on the program and have maintained my weight loss for over a year. I too thought the food was really bad, maybe the worse I have even had.

You have to really get used to the taste of the foods, and some of the deserts were tolerable. My biggest issue with the Nutri System food was that it would give me headaches.

During the first week I used the product, I started getting headaches, and was told it just might be that my body has to get use to the change in my diet. I tried the food for a few more weeks, and still thing happened but at this time I had severe headaches, were I could not function for the rest of the day. Has anyone else been receiving headaches with the Nutri System meals?

I had to finally give up on this product. Alot of people complain about this being very expensive. What do they say about exercise? No pain no gain. So it hurts your pocketbook for a few months.

If you are not willing to spend any money on making yourself a thinner, happier or healthier person then obviously you want to stay heavy the rest of your life.

How much did it cost you to get fat in the first place? No more fat jeans for me!! I feel it is very affordable if you weigh the facts. Now factor in what it would cost you for a membership at the gym. You get a free exercise video with your first order from nutrisystem. There is no measuring or counting of anything you just grab a container, pop it in the microwave and eat.

If you work, thats much easier than packing a lunch daily or cheaper than the cost of eating lunch out. How much easier can it be? Where have you people been eating, at five star restaurants? The food is not bad at all. It may not taste like the food you cook at home but the food you cook makes you fat. After all the lay-offs that hav occurred in my company lately, I;m more worried about being able to pay hte mortgage, so Nutri-System is out. I have been very pleased so far with Nutrisystem.

So far, so good! I like it OK. It works for me. Is the food the best I have ever had.. I have found I like the soups the most. Today is January 6 and I am just beginning the program. I love to cook and love to eat, and that was my problem with losing weight. While cooking I would sample this and that, and when it came down to eating with the family, I would add a second serving and a 3rd enjoying the good food and conversation, always justifying it to my family that a little more was ok and hey, healthy and organic if that was an ingredient I used.

Or, that I was rushed or tired and had to eat a bit more to feel better and fill up my hunger. I really like Nutrisystem. I am not sampling what I cook, not munching on goodies around the house, because I know what I have waiting for me for each meal and what I am allowed to have for snacks and dessert. I needed that control and that accountability. Its already prepared and waiting for me. Its not gourmet food, but its good and filling. If it were gourmet, there would be no stopping me from finishing it up and then some.

I have tried every other diet known to man and woman, and I feel this is a good start to relearning how to eat and to control ourselves. I found nutrisystem to be too severe and the foods to be not very good. I feel very hungry and deprived most of the time. I think about pizza and cheese fries all the time. I think i need to switch to a more moderate diet or else I am going to blow it.

I think i might try the Five Factor diet bcs they let you cheat every so often. I am looking for a Real diet now, and i just wanted to stop on here and tell yall that this is not any permannent answer.

Most of you people on this blog, all you do is complaining. Nutrisystem works, it is the cheapest delivery program out there, add it up, you eat for under 10 bux a day! Get a hobby, start exercising. My input for you all big complainers. It works, get off your lazy butts! About 2 years ago, I had very little tolerance for anyone who lacked the discipline to stick to Nutrisystem.

For me, it was easy. All i had to do was follow the instructions, and i would see resuults. Nutrisystem sent me the food, the portions were determined, I knew exactly what i had to eat, and when. In some ways, it was the easiest thing ever. By the time i finished the program, i had lost 34 lbs. In the beginning of my transition back to regular food, i did well. I measured out all of my portions so that they would be as small as the pre-packaged meals.

But then over the next year, my habits began to slowly slip. Soon, those friends of mine who i had judged before, had sympathy in their eyes for me turns out they were more compassionate toward me than i ever was to them, and for that i am grateful.

For the people that have issues with they lack of weight loss…What kind of work out plan are you on? A special meal plan will not do all the work for you, you still need to get out there and be active, it is still food and you should be doing a little extra to help yourself too! Nutrisystem is healthy meals and very convenient.

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