Austin Shifflett หนุ่มอ้วนหนักกว่า 100 กิโล สามารถเปลี่ยนตัวเองจนกลายเป็น ‘เทพบุตรสุดหล่อ’!!

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This Man Was Bullied For His Weight, So He Lost 160 Pounds And Now Looks Like A Model
Pius Catholic Church in Cohocton, N. Hiram Banks Shifflett — Services were held at 4 p. He is also survived by many nieces and nephews. No post-mortem photos Read full guidelines. The body is at the funeral home in Harrisonburg where the family will receive friends 7: She was also preceded in death by her parents; two sisters Olive Shifflett her twin and Stella Edgar; two brothers, George and Cecil Shifflett; and a great-grandson, Dustin Keller.

Determination conquers all.

Half Their Size's Austin Shifflett Gets 8 Lbs. of Excess Skin Removed

They're about to show us all right now. All right, but before we see what Austin and heather look like I want to bring in Charlotte Triggs, senior ed of "People" magazine.

First of all what inspired you about these two stories in particular. These people that face struggles that a lot of Americans do. They struggled with their weight for years and really only once they saw this huge number on the scale did they take action and did it with Normal methods.

Healthy eating and working out and this is something that really everybody can be inspired by and take away the tips to use themself. I want to show everyone the door at home. This is the before picture right here. Austin and heather and let's open the door and welcome the new year.

Look at them now. Hey, good to see you, Austin. First of all let's go over the Numbers. You lost how much weight, health injure. About pounds so -- That's right, You lost to bring you to That is incredible and Austin, the Numbers on you, pounds, you're not at You lost pounds. So what was it for you? You were with a friend. You both decided to weigh yourselves. He was always trying to gain weight and I hasn't weighed for a very long time. I got on the scale and I was about 80 pounds heavier than I thought so that kind of like hit rock bottom.

Heather, for you it was an image on Facebook seeing yourself looking bad. I think everyone has that dreaded moment when they get tagged on Facebook and don't know what's going to show up. I realized that's what I look like to everybody and I was tired of feeling bad enlooking like that and I was ready to make a hang. It crystallized it for you. Some of the bad habits.

It looks good though to me. You can tell I love dairy. Show us what you did to change that. Well, I turned to my life around and my eating happen byes. These are a lot of the things I eat. Instead of a gallon of ice cream I'll have Greek yogurt and put blueberries on them. Spinach with egg whites for extra protein and it's what I love to eat. Austin, show us how you turned your diet around. This go the burgers. I want the burgers. Yeah, the burgers are great but now I just drink a lot of water.

No more sodas and these Atkins shakes, I drink them a lot. Before and after work yous even as a meal replacement. A lot is self-motivation and you guys stand here as proof that we can do it in the new year.

Thank you both for coming. Showing you the new yous. People half their size issue on newsstands nationwide. Tomorrow, more tips from "People" magazine from meme who lost half their size. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Your password must be at least 8 characters. Please check the I'm not a robot checkbox. Internal Server error occurred. Photo added by KS Share Save to Suggest Edits.

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