ViSalus Scam Exposed!

What is 18 Shake?

The following week, I saw a video of Nick in San Diego telling his followers the story of my brother. Then you wait for 5 months until U2 is coming to town, and your Liv back office says you can have exclusive access to a ticket and a VIP tent. You can read it here. One container of Herbalife contains 30 servings. Some people love the taste of the plain shakes, while others need to utilize the recipes to stomach them. Please Select A lot A little Almost none.

What is the 18 Shake Diet?

It is one thing after another with this group and unfortunately it seems that they are preying on a demographic that is either young and desperate for quick money, an uneducated group with few to no skills for real employment, or the 40 something housewife desperate to be financially independent. The most disturbing was a young girl in college that wanted to focus on school and grades once she realized this was a dead end street.

I saw dozens of young individuals and couples throw in more money to this than they ever could afford in hopes of making a long term business out of it. After a few months they dropped out for greener pastures….. I strongly recommend asking to see their from the previous year when these clowns start spouting off about how much money they have made. I have personally done it and the conversation changes very quickly. I have yet for any of the upper pyramid people to be willing to back up their monetary claims with a or any other tax information.

After dropping out for roughly a year she is trying to build her down line ….. That was her best month of her doing it full time. As far as the product itself goes….. As a former trainer and national level competitive bodybuilder, I will tell you that ViSalus is not the way to go if you want to loose weight and get in shape.

They are marketing a fun, quick, easy way to loose weight and get in shape….. It takes dietary discipline and exercise. There is nothing fun, quick, or easy about being successful in that area. Mark — Thank You. She jumped at the BMW and the bragging rights that came with it but we lost that in 6 months. She had a little business that she let go in hopes of getting rich as an MLM Entrepreneur and we list tge little house we had.

I just recently ended my promoter-ship with ViSalus. Holy heck, once you drink the cool-aid it really is down hill from there. I joined in March According to her, and I never saw any proof, she qualified for her BMW in her first two weeks. Afterall, ViSalus preaches hard work and dedication, I was all of that and more.

It still baffles me how some folks seem to be able to scam others into joining their downline. Tara quit on Sunday. Yesterday she posted about her experience, and that her income has gone down with Vi for 3 years straight, and that she was never home in to spend time with family.

In the comments she admits to not liking the lies. Then there are sycophants telling her they appreciate her honesty. Can you send a link to the post. Everyone must choose their own path. Create your own story.

The company hit momentum and…. I was new in the industry. Everyone in the company told me to stay. I had no faith in that company. So I looked around. I found company 3. Just on Delta Airlines in I flew 87 flights just for business. I have a report. I thought I was going to be with this company forever. Unfortunately after losing over 2, BMW qualifiers and over 6 figure earners, you have to stop and think: I hope the company continue to thrive.

They have changed my life and many others. So here I am now, still on the mission of life, health and prosperity. Still helping people get healthy through products and education. We found an incredible home that I truly think will be a great place to call home.

A place that has unparalleled retention, patented, innovative products back by 40 years of science, over a dozen peer reviewed clinical studies, and stability.

Everyone has to choose their own path. So yes, this is my 4th company. Will it be my last? I just really want people to WIN. She let her little business go to live the ViLife, too.

What a bunch of crap. We are slowly recovering now but she still has her Vi friends which is a concern. I also found out that a bunch of the high-up-the-chain folks that recently left Vi are now at [omitted]. Nick Sarnicola has publicly scorned them.

It was on his public FaceBook page: Royal Ambassador Rachel Jackson and about other high-tiered individuals have left Vi, I mean, resigned, and are now with [omitted]. I had an old upline badger me the other day about joining them, no thanks, I am all done with pyramid…:: I also happen to know that two few six-figure folks are juggle Vi AND [omitted] which is also very clearly stated as a no-no:.

With all of the high level defections, why do the low level people stay? Does anyone know whether next week shindig in Kansas City is still on? Why would anyone believe the sales pitch when the big rats are jumping ship? Nick Sarnicola is a scam-artist. YAH, she DID, she was forced to transfer some of her customers to her to make up the difference because she never made that money.

Tara does not deserve a free pass. If she lied about her income, or the value of equity, then she is a very bad person. She boasts of those she has helped, but takes no responsibility for those financially hurt.

Her words above sound like she wants to be applauded for having the foresight to jump to a different company, before it went out of business. Like that was a smart move on her part. Went out of business? She knows what MLM is about, and to jump into yet another one proves in my book that she is not as altruistic as she would like her followers to believe. Tara has a psychology degree from Berkeley, one of the best universities in the nation.

I make weekly money off over 10 customers not promoters.. Well anyone can run it how they want. My brother was the first Visalus camp and later developed cancer. As he was laying on his deathbed, Nick and his buddies came to visit him to put a Visalus blazer on him and give him an oversized check. The following week, I saw a video of Nick in San Diego telling his followers the story of my brother. It was heart warming… up until the part when he told them that my brother was relieved be receiving a 6-figure monthly income to provide for his family as he was dying.

Shame on Nick, his company of lies, and his willingness to take advantage of so many people. It basically blew up and everyone recruited their friends and friends friends to sell.

It seems as though Visalus ruined Britt and Mia St Aubin as they are no longer engaged and she has a blog about how they were blowing all the money they spent during the challenge. One big thing i notice about MLM is that it i ALL about showing off how well you are doing in life and your fancy house, car and vacations. Anyways, i noticed that the HUGE stadium they had at Vitality in Miami suddenly shrunk to the half a stadium in St Louis and then a small room in LA… i bet next weekend it will be even smaller!

I have no problem with Visalus but i can tell you they really screwed up with the products! What makes those ViBites so special? I am a girl FYI but i find it funny how my friends really do buy those products. Anyways, she got so much hate mail from everyone at Visalus about quitting blah blah blahhhh.. Please expose the scam on her and Matt Trainer. IMO its really a matter of time before they resolve. These people are all master manipulators that teach people to live beyond their means..

It was obvious to see this coming bc all is quiet on the Visalus and ViLife front.. Their numbers will again stagger in a year and i see more of my FB friends going to Isagenix and ItWorks. They seemed like they were going to continue to help your family out. I remember his family was so beautiful, I hope they are well.

Rob, I was skimming comments quickly yesterday and I missed the part about your brother being sick in the hospital. There was certainly some talk of that stunt here at the time. Yeah, James is my brother. He passed away several years ago and I miss him dearly. I happen to also know that some of the folks on this new venture are also doing Vi as well as this new company.

Regardless, ViSalus is ridiculous. Get out of here. I thought the high level people leaving would put an end to Vi but I guess not. At least the consultants make a couple grand before their friends and family stop taking their calls. These poor volunteers work hard for a few days for peanuts. I just love you guys, your friendship, your leadership, and are so proud of you, and watching what God is doing in your life.

This could not have happened to better, more deserving people. We are grateful for all you do, your hard work, and your love, and so excited to continue our friendship for another decade and beyoooonnnndddd!!! This is so BAD and such a scam!!! Sad thing is, people are actually falling for it. I mean, its am embarrassment to people that are actually sick out there. She is just doing that to look good.. Ok- you guys asked for the YouTube link so here it is: I liken Network Marketing to being tricked into a hole.

The only way out of the hole is to ask your family and friends to jump in and push you out. If tricking people into the hole is your thing, then MLM might be right for you. Some people are very good at it. I like to use a quicksand analogy myself. You can pull yourself out by dragging in another ten people.

Probably because it is Ready To Go RTG and priced as a premium for convenience and extra cost liquid is heavier and contains more mass. Maybe the scammers will stop saying they are 1 and conning friends and relatives pit of their money.

I guess they are hesitant to face reality and admit tgeir mistakes and they are not headed for wealth and a life of leisure. I wonder how many friendships are lost over these MLM scams. A true business requires capital, period. Oh, it claims it is the healthy products, but in the end it is the dream. I mean if all you are selling is protein powder or cereal, get in line. At least to some folks. Pills, Lotions, and Magic Potions.

Praying on the financially unsophisticated. That is what is being sold here, the dream. How much is this product really cost to produce when endless numbers of reps get paid on each bag? We know what the long term effects of eating correctly and exercising are.

You do have a choice in what you put into your body. Starving your body to get off medications and lose weight, then publishing your before and after photo is not sustainable. Take an afternoon and go shopping with them and teach them how to shop healthy without your product.

How much would you charge for that? Oh my, I wish high schools and colleges would require a course in critical reasoning. Thus, the endless chain of recruitment continues. If the product is actually being sold to the end user, why in the world would you want to recruit endless numbers of sales reps? The educated prospect researches the footnotes of the financials BLYTH , which up into last year, one could easily deduct the sharp declines.

Walking into a shake party with the actual results of this company would make a skeptic out of anyone. Since the buyback, all this information is no longer public. Kind of makes you wonder. If everyone became a distributor, who would you finally sell to? If you have a successful store with real demand, the last thing you want is someone to open up an identical store next door.

Soon you have a neighborhood of duplicate stores all selling the same product. Alas, you have to open another store to generate revenue upstream. Where will the remaining demand come from? That is why it is artificial. It has to be created, continuously! First the United States, then abroad. In the end it is never about the product, it is about the dream.

The Titanic sold alot of tickets. I was surprised he would recommend something that is a scam. Now I am not sure I would try any of his suggestions for vitamins or anything. I watched this opportunity tear apart friends and family. You should of heard the stories they told us.. What a joke this was! This article was a great read. Thanks for posting it. Get rich schemes will never work. It sounds so promising at first but the only people getting rich are at the top of the pyramid.

Following punks that are completely brainwashed. Rachael Jackson is an effin joke. Visalis hired a PI to spy and hack into their competitions computers and was indicted for Corporate Espionage along with 4 other visalis big wigs. The yelling and being excited and the group phone calls. What a F joke!

The main events were no bigger than the small sidebars from previous events. Seems like Visalus days in USA are numbered. No sweat, the big teams just move to another MLM. Not much news where teams have been going lately.

So as a small business owner I can see a bunch of whiny brats on this forum so I wanted to throw my two cents in for anyone who wants to start in ViSalus. In fact if you have joined a company which is purely about getting other people under you than it is clearly a scam. Back a few months ago I met a man who agreed to teach me how to have a career in real estate.

He looked like a plain man but I had learned most millionaires looked and dressed like him from a few of the books I had been reading so I decided to give listen to him.

He took me to a few of the properties he owned and told me he had 5 rental properties, commercial building and a 7 acre park in the area in which he gave me the addresses to and of course I checked the city assessors office to check the latest purchaser and the tax payments. Sure enough everything checked out, I had also checked the GRM Gross Rent Multiplier of the area vs the value of the property vs how much he bought it for.

He bought them for significant discounts which is a clear indication to me that he has access to some prime properties. He called me one day to sell me his duplex which had an amazing return on the investment, it was somewhere like I asked him why was he selling and of course I was interested and he told me he reached the point where ViSalus equaled the amount he was bringing in from his rental houses.

The before mentioned ViSalus made me more curious now, so I asked him about it and he whipped out a video. He also talked to me about becoming a promoter and saying that my return on investment could be faster than real estate could be. So I told him to give me a month or so before I joined because my tax business was in the peak of the business.

I have been with ViSalus now and I also have 2 other businesses operating simultaneously with another one being seasonal. ViSalus or any other good network marketing company is truly one of the only ways to see residual income without having to out thousands or millions into it.

The rewards you get out of it is what you put into it. With any business, you must dedicate hours of time an effort into your business then years down the line you have to dedicate more time to put it on autopilot. You can literally get top earners to call these people who you are bringing in and they will train them, they will close sales and they will help you get started and literally nurture you.

I have direct contact to 5 of the top 8 earners in this company. This company is different from anything I have had the pleasure of being with. I will continue to run all of my businesses until they fail but with ViSalus there is so much more potential than with my other businesses. Everything is not a scam, and start seeing things as an opportunity.

You have much to learn about PR. The only way to be a top earner in the company is to be one of the founders or get plugged in directly through a sweetheart deal — neither of these avenues are open to the average rube who signs up to be a Vislaus distributor. That is clearly delusional. There is no such thing as residual income in MLM. The attrition rate is so enormously high in MLM that a distributor will lose somewhere between half and all of their new customers within a year.

The challenge of replenishing lost customers is never ending and is akin to trying to collect sand with a sieve. You are selling a myth. You think that misery is the only alternative to becoming a Visalus distributor? Do you hear anyone on this board complaining about their job? Instead of being a duplicitous MLM leech, why not dedicate yourself to something constructive?

BTW, you might come across as slightly less of a rambling idiot if you can learn to break your comments up into paragraphs. If you think successful people got anywhere by beating around the bush you have another thing coming. When you get something tangible it is not a scam at that point.

If McDonalds paid for a bunch of product the first thing they will do is sell it or take it as a business loss. Every opportunity is what you make of it. This is not true at all unless you already have thousands plus to burn. Real estate will either cost you in this age or it will break even unless you found a deal that this man presented to me.

With my Duplex I purchased from him it took a month to see my money back. The point is, I put minimal work into ViSalus, I make a few phone calls and invite a few people from my network and I make money and change lives.

I can almost sympathize with you there, you will most likely lose customers and you will lose money due to that fact. I agree with you again, misery is not the only alternative but it is a decent one. Not everyone has access to millions of dollars and cannot afford real estate or starting up a traditional business, but most Americans are miserable with their current job and from the calls I jump on, most of the people in this company seem satisfied with ViSalus.

When I seen my beautiful sister whom suffers from depression and being overweight lose 40 pounds in 1 and a half months from being in ViSalus it changed her life and made me a true believer. Her confidence is through the roof again, she is getting free product because people approach her about how to lose weight and now she is becoming a promoter soon. If this company was like WorldVentures which you get nothing from and have to spend thousands of dollars putting up an illusion and have to put in 4 years of work or travel to see anything from it then it is a scam.

ViSalus is similar to any other direct sales company or store. You get product, you sell it you get your money back or you sample it, show people results and they change their lives. Which throws people off from making their own decision, if I would have listened to people like you or the author of this I would have never made the decision to do something with my life which took me from being an employee to owing a business and becoming an employer.

They should see the good and bad of every company and I believe this one is a good company. Nothing I said was even remotely humorous, unless you have a very warped sense of humor; you were far from brief; and you did not address any of the key points I raised. The fact that obesity exists does not make a case for becoming a Visalus salesperson.

Selling people low-grade stupidly expensive pyramid-scheme shakes is not a viable strategy for combatting obesity, nor is your laughably shitty product capable of competing in a marketplace that is already overcrowded with products aimed at dieters. The MLM approach is to highlight a common problem people are often obese, people often die of cancer, etc. No need to guild the lily. Yes, some potentially lucrative investment opportunities like real estate or starting a REAL business have relatively high cost barriers to entry, but that does not make being a poorly paid sales lackey for a pyramid scheme a better alternative.

The best advice would be to not waste time and money on such a scam but rather to continue to save and invest wisely so as to accumulate sufficient funds to enable future investments in real estate or the stock market, where returns are high and barriers to entry are low.

Adding insult to injury, Visalus has been imploding and is facing a potentially devastating lawsuit. Even as far as MLMs go, this one is worse than average. Again, a Visalus salesperson is not a business owner, a fact which anyone even remotely connected with the business should already be well aware of. Many people find satisfaction in their job and are grateful to have one , but even if they did not, what could inspire more misery than being a poorly compensated salesperson for a tarnished POS MLM company like Visalus?

What you and Visalus are trying to do is profit by exploiting miserable and unfortunate people. You are not offering them a solution; you are merely compounding their misery for your own gain.

Having an unsatisfying job is an argument for finding a better job or acquiring additional skills, not for becoming fodder for a pyramid scheme. And please do tell about these books that explain how millionaires dress. I am bursting with curiosity, here.

Your last post was, in fact, far easier to read, but that has nothing to do with grammar, it has to do with formatting. No one has said anything about your grammar. In any case, nice to hear that the corpse of Visalus is still twitching. They are all pretty much the same. Dom — pushing the ViLife does not Mean you own a business.

That makes 2 people in our extended family who supposedly got very sick from the high soy and sucralose contents. Are you trained in nutrition. I would guess not. Good luck to you and run like heck. Thankful for this article LazyMan.

I took myself off the auto order and never ordered again. Thank you for the 2 gifts!!! I spoke to Jessica — one of the Vi event workers and asked her about Vi. Her answer was surprising.

She said crap was a total scam and got her sick but the money was good. I guess some people will do anything for a buck. Forget all protocol of building rapport, getting to know someone, connecting, and creating a relationship before jumping down my throat. Vi appears to have lost a large chuck of Canadian distribs recently.

They are having a sale on their ViCrunch cereal for a limited time. Compare that with Grape nuts And this is a sale? Visalus reps normally pay more than that for their cereal? They deserve to lose their money. What kind of friend are you? Rachel is a scammer. Is the Mojo Oasis gone? I understand Tara went to another scheme, but it is my opinion that she jumped only after the windfall dissipated. Watching Jeremy, the Mojos, et. Each has handled the downward spiral a different way.

Tara and Rachel both quit, with Rachel implying that she was living a lie. Jeremy just sort of slinked away. I remember a disgusting video of him leaning out an apartment window with one of those big checks, screaming at passers by. They were also featured in the Pyramid Scheme videos. Something has got to be fishy.

You can find several 18 shake recipes on the official website. Many of the recipes make two cups worth of shake, and can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, using ingredients like ice, milk, applesauce, bananas, and natural sweetener. Each bag contains only 16 servings, so you need two bags to make it through the month at one shake per day. Yes, there is a day money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can receive a refund within 30 days of delivery. Any remaining items in the order must be sealed and unused. In order to get a refund, you need to give the company your name, order ID, and delivery address. One of the bigger questions surrounding such an expensive meal replacement shake. Some people love the taste of the plain shakes, while others need to utilize the recipes to stomach them.

The chocolate flavor seems to be favored over the vanilla option. Some 18 Shake diet reviews say they have gotten great results with the program. We want to take a minute to look at some of the other options out there, as well as a side-by-side comparison to some popular competitors. It contains 20 vitamins and minerals and only has one gram of fat — and no sugar.

Both of these shakes are among the most popular meal replacement options available on the market today. One serving of Shakeology has calories, so obviously 18 Shake wins in that category. Shakeology has 17 grams of protein, but their protein comes from pea protein, which is a vegan source.

Both shakes use whey protein. But Shakeology wins for the variety of protein they offer. But, it contains twice as many calories, four times the sugar, only 9 grams of protein, and only 8 grams of fiber.

IdealShape comes in 15 flavors and is more affordable. Chocolate coconut, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana cream pie, chocolate peanut butter, cookies n cream, vanilla chai, mint chocolate, eggnog, mocha, salted caramel, chocolate cream pie, superfood blend dark chocolate stevia sweetened, orange cream, cinnamon bun, key lime, and vanilla superfood blend stevia sweetened.

It uses a different hunger blocker. Where 18 Shake uses Fibersol, IdealShake uses Slendesta — but 18 Shake contains more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories. Slendesta is a potato protein extract. Herbalife has a bit smaller portion size, at 25g compared to the It contains less protein — only nine grams. It also contains less fiber, at only 9 grams, but this is a hefty fiber dose compared to many other competing shakes.

One container of Herbalife contains 30 servings. Not only is Herbalife more affordable, but offers a ton of flavors on top of it, making this our choice out of the two. Isagenix has a bigger variety of flavor options, like: Pumpkin Spice is a seasonal flavor, with other seasonal flavors released accordingly. Isagenix has several types of shakes. They have one that uses whey protein like the 18 Shake, but they also have a dairy free range that use plant based proteins.

The dairy free shakes are also soy and gluten free. With that bigger portion size comes more calories, but if we cut them down to the same size roughly, Isagenix still has more sugar, more fat, and less fiber.

The protein content is about the same. It is also free of soy, sugar, and gluten, contains 15g of high quality plant-based proteins, and is naturally sweetened. It only contains five grams of fiber. Like most other alternatives to 18 Shake, Shake has a wider selection of flavors to choose from, including:. The proteins come from peas, brown rice, and hemp.

Along with some diet modifications I have lost 8 lbs. Slow is the way to go. I blend with ice cubes, almond milk light and whatever fruit, veggies, flavorings, even coffee. One of my favorites is pineapple and kale. Have found it great for my GI function. Will this shake take you to the next level, delivering weight loss, appetite suppression, energy, and increased performance?

We liked some of the research behind the ingredients, but there were too many negatives for us to honestly support this supplement. If you want to lose weight and curb your hunger, there are better supplements out there. Choose a product that delivers on its promises — and is backed by positive customer testimonials. One of the products we like the most is Burn TS.

The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients, that have been shown to promote weight-loss by accelerating metabolism and igniting fat loss.

Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals. Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients. There is a wealth of information about the ingredients in 18 Shake.

You should mix one scoop of 18 Shake with your favorite beverage and drink multiple times throughout the day. If used as directed, each bag lasts less than three weeks. There are special deals and discounts on 18 Shake. Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.