The DASH Diet Is Great For Weight Loss, So Why Is No One Following It?

What To Eat With The DASH Diet

The DASH Diet Eating Plan
The DASH diet isn't only about a reduction in salt intake, but also a therapeutic eating approach in the management of blood cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and weight. Other people may have to consciously restrict their intake Instead, the DASH diet is a sustainable way of life that can help you maintain a healthy weight by following the DASH guidelines, and something you can keep for life. Retrieved from " https: This has led scientists and policy makers to develop specific dietary strategies to help reduce it 3 , 4. Intake of nuts, beans, fish, poultry, vegetable oils, fish, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. It can be ideal for people who are into losing weight without the typically-excessive and under-pressure dieting.

Health Benefits of the DASH Diet

The Complete Beginner's Guide to the DASH Diet

The DASH diet is based on the research studies: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and improve insulin sensitivity.

Blood pressure control with the DASH diet involves more than just the traditional low salt or low sodium diet advice. It is based on an eating plan proven to lower blood pressure, a plan rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat or nonfat dairy. It emphasizes whole grains and contains less refined grains compared with a typical diet.

It is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fiber. Your doctor may have recommended this eating plan; it is also recommended by: The DASH diet eating plan is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low fat or nonfat dairy. It also includes mostly whole grains; lean meats, fish and poultry; nuts and beans. It is high fiber and low to moderate in fat. It is a plan that follows US guidelines for sodium content, along with vitamins and minerals.

In addition to lowering blood pressure, the DASH eating plan lowers cholesterol and makes it easy to lose weight. It is a healthy way of eating, designed to be flexible enough to meet the lifestyle and food preferences of most people.

It can be considered to be an Americanized version of the Mediterranean diet, and to be easier to follow, since it has more specific guidelines. The plan below is for the original DASH diet, which was designed to lower blood pressure, and was not specifically a weight loss plan. The pumped up versions for weight loss is lower in calories and discourages refined and processed foods, which are mostly empty calories. You can see sample menus for the original plan , the weight loss plan , and vegetarian plan.

However, some people worry that caffeinated beverages like coffee may increase their blood pressure. It's well known that caffeine can cause a short-term increase in blood pressure Furthermore, this rise is greater in people with high blood pressure 34 , However, a recent review found that despite coffee causing a short-term 1—3 hours increase in blood pressure, it didn't increase the long-term risk of high blood pressure or heart disease For most healthy people with normal blood pressure, 3—4 regular coffees per day are considered safe However, the slight rise in blood pressure 5—10 mm Hg caused by caffeine means that people who already have high blood pressure probably need to be more careful with their coffee consumption.

The DASH diet has been shown to be even more effective at lowering blood pressure when people are also active It's recommended to do 30 minutes of moderate activity most days, and it's important to choose something you enjoy, as you will be more likely to keep it up. Drinking too much alcohol can increase your blood pressure In fact, regularly drinking more than three drinks per day has been linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease On the DASH diet, it's recommended that you drink alcohol sparingly and don't exceed the national government guidelines — two or fewer drinks per day for men and one or fewer drinks per day for women.

For some people, the DASH diet may be easy to stick to and an effective way to reduce blood pressure. However, it's worth noting that reducing salt intake to 1, mg or less has not been linked to any hard health benefits, such as a reduced risk of heart disease or death, despite the fact that it can lower blood pressure.

Moreover, the DASH diet is very similar to the standard low-fat diet, which large controlled trials have not shown to reduce the risk of death 39 , Nevertheless, if you have high blood pressure or are a salt-sensitive person, this may be a good dietary approach for you.

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Furthermore, the high-fiber diet and balanced cholesterol levels will cut down on plaque build-up in the heart, which lowers the chances of heart disease and other complications in that vital organ system. The composition of the DASH Diet means a high content of calcium , protein, and potassium , all of which are essential for preventing or slowing the onset of osteoporosis.

By helping to build strong bones, the food of the DASH Diet, such as milk , lean proteins, grains, leafy vegetables, and fruits, all contribute to the large concentration of these nutrients.

If you want to build strong bones while also reaping all these other benefits, then subscribing to the DASH Diet is a very good idea. The DASH Diet has been directly linked to the prevention of kidney stones, which can be very painful and compromise the proper function of the organ. The composition of the diet prevents the excess deposits of minerals that lead to kidney stones. High sodium intake is also a common factor that leads to kidney failure, as it can dehydrate the body and overwork the kidneys.

However, if you already suffer from a chronic kidney disease , you require a more controlled diet and should speak with your doctor before adopting any new diet.

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