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3 Uniquely Powerful Ways To Praise Your Students
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Although smiling is perfectly okay, a more determined look can sometimes give the moment that secret sauce that shakes them down to their shoes. I love leaving notes for students. I have former students who still have notes I wrote to them more than 20 years ago.

The key is to use special stationery post-its are a no-no and write in your most careful, delicate handwriting. Fold it crisply, secure it privately with a piece of tape, and speak from the heart. Make your words direct, specific, and keep exclamations and smiley faces to a minimum. Again, the lack of frivolity adds depth and dignity to the gesture. The more meaningful and cherished it is to the student, the more it will rev their intrinsic motivational engine.

I love your essay! Noticing improvement, hard work, or success beyond what your students have done before, and simply noting it—the pure truth of it—can be profoundly meaningful to them. But it takes a keen eye, a soft touch, and a willingness to hold back, just a little, in order to create the perfect moment.

Click here and begin receiving classroom management articles like this one in your email box every week. I love your suggestions of praise without lessening the place where praise really should go. My kids love a bump and always puff up a bit when they receive one.

He knows exactly what to do. I can then announce that everyone is ready to learn in a happy voice! I think of it as a really good way of acknowledging the child who sat properly and also just getting on with the lesson without a lot of droning on about behavior.

After all, the lesson is the important thing. For the other students, it sends an ever so subtle message that I think those students who remain unnamed were not doing well even if they may have been trying their best. Just as subtle and less demonstrative praise is usually more effective and powerful … the same is true for most other actions that are subtle and less demonstrative.

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