Sweet Potato Muffins

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3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes With Roasted Berry Rhubarb Compote
Your email address will not be published. I love sharing recipes that can satisfy picky kids. Thanks for the recipe! I guess you are just counting the pancake part minus the sweetner? I loved the pops of colour in the dish! I used three very large sweet potatoes and it came out to be just about three cups exactly. I opted to use a few drops of stevia for a little extra sweetness, but I realized once the pancakes were topped with my berry rhubarb compote that I could have probably gone without, as the compote was sweet enough for the entire dish!

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Sweet Potato Mini-Muffins

Thanks for thinking of such an awesome recipe! The pancakes looks delicious. I was wondering about the sweet potato puree. You said you bought a can of it? Is it in a regular grocery store? Can you cook the sweet potatoes and mash them? You can definitely use mashed sweet potato that you just cook!

All I can think about are these pancakes!! They look totally delish and I love how they are only 3 ingredients!! Have you made them yet?? You must — and you should totally do the Rhubarb compote with it too! HI Ashley — you could try with another flour but the batter might be slightly runny as coconut flour is very absorbent. I believe it would still work though! So simple, nutritions, and the flavours — yum!

I loved the pops of colour in the dish! The calories for one muffin is about 80 — bonus! Thanks for this recipe! I made them tonight and had to eat two of them! I love that there is more sweet potato than anything else, and the texture is hard to describe — soooo light and fluffy but dense all at the same time???

I agree — the texture is hard to describe, but you did a good job. Has anyone tried using almond flour though? How much coconut flour did you use?

So could you confirm this for me. I always thought yams were that orangy color. I have copied the recipe and want to try them, They sound so good. I like the way some have changed some ingredients and still turn out well. Thanks for posting these. I thought yams and sweet potatoes were the same thing, just in the US they call them yams.

Real yams are very different and used a lot in African recipes. I substituted white whole wheat flour for the white flour, brown sugar for the white, and applesauce for the oil same amount. They baked up in about 25 minutes. I made them for a gathering and some walked out the door.

Great reviews and I will make them again. I used Coconut oil? Added nutmeg and a little cloves. Since everyone talked about them being dense I used cake flour and sifted the flour with the dry ingredients. I made sure the eggs were at room temperature and added them one by one. I actually put the ground flaxseed inside and pecans on top.

These muffins are absolutely delicious and super moist, love them. I did substitute brown sugar for white. Is there a good substitute for veg oil? I use it in all my baking and I bake a lot.

I am definitely going to try this recipe. Any ideas on the nutritional value in each muffin? I peeled, diced, and boiled fhe potatoes.

They were done in 15 minutes! My muffins only took 15 minutes to bake as well! I made them today. If I knew how to add a picture I would. I will be making these for years to come. Thank you for a great recipe! I made these with applesauce instead of oil and a little honey instead of sugar. I also added some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Hi there, Wanting to try these and was curious how much applesauce and honey you used?

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! It is delish and super easy! I made substitutions to suit our household preference, took a few to work and have shared the recipe with co-workers who made the recipe that same night. These are more filling than most muffins I added chopped pecans and a great breakfast on the go!

Hi can I use coconut flour instead of all purpose flour and coconut oil instead of veg oil or butter. Thanks for weighing in, Brooke! Just made these today and I love them! I froze some but kept some just fresh so I could try them both ways!!

He ate the outside of it so I may make some mini ones the next time and experiment with coconut oil and wheat flour!! Thank you so much for the recipe!! I love anything he will eat!!! I know how tough it is to find nutritious foods that little ones will actually eat. I saw this recipe online somewhere so can't take the credit! Making them into muffins helps with portion control. Delicious, simple muffins Submitted by: Low cal breakfast or snack idea Submitted by: Gluten Free but can be modified with little effect to nutritional quality Submitted by: Pumpkin muffins, really easy Submitted by:

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