6 Tips for Successful Weight Loss On a Paleo Diet

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Was really surprised I have dropped weight.. Your complete vegetarian diet plan is ready for you. That is the reason it is called the GM Diet Plan. If they taste like restaurant appetizers, you are messing it up. I am actually surprised the doctor told him this, or maybe he misunderstood? Something changed about 8 years ago.


Does anyone have the Quick Weight Loss Center eating plan?

I ordered yor book, but it seems strict and time consuming. I lack motivation right now. Plus I do need support which I dont have. Please help me if u can. I just signed in to answer your question. I have been where you are and one thing that helped me enormously was being prescribed metformin by my dr. It took me six months of not losing to do anything about it, I should not have wasted that time. So if you know you have been low carbing in a way that should lead to weight loss, perhaps a drs visit might be necessary.

I hope that helps. Metformin is not for everyone and is not a diet pill. It can cause very unpleasant GI side effects and is hard on the kidneys. Drink lots of water and get your CMP checked every months if you use it.

I, however, am 35 and a stay at home mom with a 7 month old. Losing weight has never been easy for me, but has been worse after having a baby. Paleo diet sounds great but what most of us fail to realize is weight loss diets need to be incorporated with exercises or else those lost weight will just build back up.

I am new to Chris Kresser. Can anyone tell me their educated thoughts about the Alcat Test? Reviews seem mixed at best. Along with just too much food. I mean, indulgence does infer infrequency, right? Thanks, Chris, for continuing to be so generous with your time and knowledge. Hi All, This is my 12th day on Paleontology and I feel energized. The first three days was a little tough but I stuck it out. In the morning I have a good breakfast. I would have 2 or three boiled eggs sometimes without the yolks some days I put a little coconutooil in a cast iron skillet and sauteed some peppers and carrots and drop a couple egg whites in there.

I also have a couple slices avocado and the occasional bacon. I love almond milk original so I make my smoothies every morning always with a banana a must have for me and any fruit or vegetable I feel to add paleontology. I would have 8 ounces and freeze the rest of smoothie for a late evening snack. My breakfast keeps me satisfied not stuffed.

For dinner I would have roasted Chicken or pork or beef a side of vegetables sauteed with garlic and fresh minced herbs. I really need to stop trying so much fancy food and just stick with some basics!

And if you grow them yourself you have the added benefit of incidental activity when go outside to pick them. Hi I have only been on paleo for a week and it has been hell. I need to lose 30lb, when do you see the wight come off? Also thanks, I dont feel bad about having bead 1 or 2 times a week. I started the Paleo diet about 6 weeks ago. In the first week I lost 2kg I need to lose 45pounds and really struggled with hunger pains during the night.

Through my own lack of willpower and many party invites I fell off the Paleo Wagon and put it straight back on again. I have started again today and am determined to stick to it. To avoid the midnight cravings I will snack on veggies before bed. I would suggest no more than 3 and stick to wholemeal. Ladies, I have been on it for a week and my partner has helped me find some fabulous recipes for Paleo breads etc.

There is an app you can download called Paleo Australia recipes. You will find loads so you do t have to go without. Amanda, Cate, Lisa, have you kept on paleo and if so how much weight loss by now?

If you want to lose weight it is important to really restrict carbs for the first few weeks to a month. You body knows that you will eventually feed it carbs for energy. Give it a strict two weeks and you will most likely squash the carb crave and the pounds will drop off. A great article with some handy tips, thanks for sharing. Interesting to hear about the effects of sleep deprivation and stress being catalysts for eating more. I understand completely how you feel!

I gained some weight rapidly from prednisone and being immobile for one month during the holidays. I was terrified and have changed my exercise and eating plan entirely. I lost fifteen pounds sticking to no grains, dairy, or sugar. I still want to lose ten pounds because of a personal goal to get to my pre pregnancy weight. It is tough but I have pretty strong will power I just have to remind myself to eat healthy fats.

I was anorexic years ago so it has been challenging to stay balanced and focus on the positive side. I expect if you stay the course you may get the point where your asthma is under control without steroids and you can continue to heal; a dear friend at work no longer takes heart medication, much medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, or his anti-depressants he also lost about 60 pounds in the first year and has had it off for over two years.

Grains are rough stuff if not prepared really carefully look to Westin Price literature if you want to still eat grains. In short, keep the faith and best of luck to you. Hi, I need to share with you! I am asthma and allergy free after starting paleo a year ago. As well as a 20lb weight loss. I have not taken my daily asthma or allergy medications since. I have never felt better. After suffering for 44 yrs, I am now a new person! I hope this helps you. Please let me know!

Many people forget the third point — Eat enough carbs to support your activity level. Another great article from Chris, keep writing. I forgot to mention that I am 62 years old, cm tall and should weigh 55g at the most. I am gaining weight even though I am trying very hard to adapt to paleo. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help, Victoria. Although this advice fits more into the raw diet rather than paleo.

It is my belief that the raw diet eclipses and is the diet it should really become your lifestyle that most weight loss diets are aiming for, and are a shadow of. Victoria, in my opinion, it seems that you are consuming too few vegetables, and too much fat. Cut out some of that cream and milk, and add in at least a couple of cups of vegetables 3 times a day with your protein.

Also, you could be drinking about times as much water as you are, and this would probably help a lot too. If you want to lose weight…cut out all the sugar…cream, use teaspoons not tablespoons.

A lot less butter on Vegetables. You lose by eating fish, and poultry, not ham and steak. Eat ounces of protein at every meal and snacks. Timing meals and snacks hours apart revs up your metabolism for weight loss. Salt and artificial sugars slow weight loss, as well as too much healthy fat. I personally love the Palio diet,I lost 20lbs in two months,the weight just started falling off within two weeks,I then went to a spin class at my local gym,after years of not really exercising……..

I started paleo 3 weeks ago, high fat, low carb, moderate protein. In these 3 weeks I have lost and gained the same 5 lbs and today weigh what I weighed 3 weeks ago. I have had my thyroid checked as well as a basic blood panel and everything was normal.

I suspect the high fat is the culprit. The reason Is because about 6 months ago I tried the Dukan diet which is basically low fat, all meat. I lost about 30lbs in 5 weeks. Which I gained back after going back to junk food. I am not sure how to proceed. I have a lot of weight to lose and I need to get started asap! I want to make paleo work for me….. The only thing I can think of to try is to reduce my fat and up my protein.

This is so frustrating. I am just one person but this is how I have been successful. My adrenal and thyroid issues were holding me up a bit but its more than that. Regardless of what people say for some of us like me its calorie counting. Eat lots of fresh veggies, then good quality lower fat protein and a little fruit. Stevia does not give me any problems. Yes, what you eat is important but how much is just as important. All these great paleo deserts have more calories and fat that just a regular desert.

Weigh and measure for the first few months. I also found weighing myself daily for about the first four months gave me a good idea of how my body works. Id loose a few pounds and then gain and then loose lower than I was before, etc. In six weeks I have lost 12 pounds. I accept sugar is not good for body and neither are grains or dairy. See a good therapist to help you figure out why you have good issues. So my daughter is helping me to change the way my husband and I eat.

We each keep a journal of what we eat, but this is how we track it. You must follow portion amounts. We plan our meals for the week and make our shopping list. Remember to shop on the outer parts of the store. We prep our food on Sunday and get lunches made up for the week. We use the frozen veggies. You always want to get your protein, veggies, fruit and water in every day. You want be hungry. Remember your fruit is not a snack. We use the snack baggies and do grapes, carrots, veggie chips, or almonds.

The more prep you do, the better.. Everything is ready to grad. I am 54 and on my 2nd week of Paleo which I adopted to feel better and eat healthfully. I would find myself thinking about food all the time and sticking to a weight loss plan was suddenly so hard at this age. I can no longer imagine eating any other way. No breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, legumes, peanuts, refined sugars, bad oils, dairy, fake sugars. Lots of lean protein at every meal, variety of veggies, and occasional fruit.

Nuts for snacking plus Chia seeds. To lose more weight I will cut my portions a bit and start exercising. With so many vegetables to choose from, cooked or raw, and yummy protein options, every meal is a guilt free adventure. Guys have anyone tried SurelySlim www. They say it is cutting edge technology of three fat burners in one veg capsule?

Hi, For those of you who are struggling to lose weight on Paleo, I just wanted to share my experience — I know everyone is different but I have had a lot of success with my plan and hopefully it can help you. On the first day I started Paleo I weighed lbs. Today I have weighed myself again which is exactly 1 month later, and I now weigh lbs.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this loss as the month has not been that hard at all. Sure there have been times where I really craved something bad, but nothing major.

So my diet has been pretty consistent over the last month, a standard day for me would be the following,. Breakfast — 2 egg Omelette Nothing but egg and a drop of olive oil Lunch — Home made carrot soup with homemade veg stock Afternoon Snack — 1 piece of fruit Dinner — Chicken breast with spices, brocolli and corn on the cob.

Evening snack — Banana Ice cream Literally just frozen banana in the food blender. So I usually have one treat meal every OTHER weekend, and when I say treat meal, I go all out — pizza or burgers followed by chocolate and a can of coke. The great thing about this, is that I feel uncomfortable for the rest of the night and the day after and possibly the day after that so it makes it very easy not to give in for another 2 weeks!

However, when I do have a treat meal I will make sure I have a big work out in the gym the next day and sweat out all the crap! I have been incorporating paleo a little at a time while exercising. Focusing more on kicking the sugar addiction than going all out paleo, Good luck on your continuing success! I just so happened to stumble across this article.

I have always been very active, and train most days at varying intensities. Yet, I still struggled with fatigue and often got headaches. I study sport science and came across the paleo way of eating. My headaches went, I know longer had digestive issues and I actually have more energy.

This is truly an amazing lifestyle, and you can still allow yourself a treat every week. Considering I have always been athletic it just goes to show that what you put in your mouth ultimately dictates your performance. I have been strict Paleo for 9days. Coke, which has been my rocket fuel for 20 years. I am a type 1 diabetic. I am very active, runner, Zumba and I move all day at my job. These past 5 days my muscles are fatigued.

What is going on? Hi I am starting Paleo on Monday and I have been reading up on it, and its very normal to feel fatigued and have tired muscles. After around 2 weeks your energy levels should increase dramatically Hope this helps Regards Lauren. Hi…I am from the uk.

Have been on ketosis diet for 7 months now and put on 5lb! I feel good but get muscle pain a bit when exercising. I am now Got very depressed last year because of no loss. They said all their customers lost weight on it!?? I do curves gym twice a week…line dancing a few times a week and one yoga lesson a week. I think I may change to the Paleo diet …. It has helped me knowing I am not the only one who finds weight loss very difficult. I am however worried i may gain as there will be more carbs[ veggies and fruit] Any advice when changing over?

Weight loss is incredibly simple though not necessarily easy. Its all about calories. One of my chief complaints I have of Paleo community is the sheer dismissal of the importance of calories. It baffles me how meticulous this community is in regards to their diet yet minutes a day with a food scale, basic math skills sites like myfitnesspal. Plug in your weight to a online calculator or multiply lbs by 15 for a rough rule of thumb for your maintenance level of calories and slash off of that to start losing tweak the number to stablize fat loss at lbs a week for a healthy pace.

Count everything that is consumed, every veggie, every snack. Even if you cannot stand this, do it for a month or two to calibrate your portion control and realize that a lot of paleo recipes are loaded with fat for flavor, which is a big reason why seemingly none of them have nutritional info but will contain a biology textbook in between.

Amen to your words Peter. You have to watch yout calorie intake. Not true for all people, especially those with metabolic disorders. I recorded all food and all activity for 30 days. I decided not to to get on the scale during this time because I wanted to surprise myself at the end.

I should have lost somewhere between Lbs. I got on the scale on day 31 and had not lost one single pound. I finally went in and had my thyroid checked and found out I had elevated TSH levels. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was told that calories in vs calories out mean very little when your thyroid does not function normally. I had to eliminate all dairy, gluten, sugar, and all processed foods from my diet which is why I am now paleo.

I always took off weight by doing what I stated above. Something changed about 8 years ago. I find it extremely difficult and tedious to track everything I eat. I found myself planning every single morsel.

I have been yo-yo-ing like this for 6 yrs!!!! On Paleo, I eat strictly what hunter gatherers would eat. My meals are bigger than before and i eat whenever I am hungry. The first 4 lbs have come off within 8 days without even trying.

This is the easiest, tastiest, most nourishing way of eating for me since my kids were little. I follow the guidelines of what is allowed and what to avoid. To continue losing I will have to shrink my portions and not eat so close to bedtime, but compared to tracking, that is super easy to do. Perhaps my body has been reset, as they say. I encourage everyone to at least give Paleo an honest try. The idea that sleep deprivation makes one hungrier is enlightening, it helps me understand weight gain when one is exercising.

I just had a baby and want to lose around 60 pounds. I know is a lot and feeling a little bit overwhelm. I did the whole 30 for a couple of weeks and lost 6 pounds.

Is it realistic to try to lose this much with Paleo? I was a working single mom for years and deficient in exercise. Things that helped me: When my daughter was a baby through age 3, I would wear her in an Ergo carrier and take long walks at night. This actually put her to sleep so it was a double-bonus! You could do stroller walks and do lunges, incorporate uphill, etc. Can someone please provide studies that prove that not eating a consistent amount of calories throughout meals per day slows metabolism?

It makes perfect sense that starvation mode will make our bodies regulate and slow the amount of energy stores used in order to survive.

However, does it make sense that starvation mode sets in after hours without eating? Does that make sense? If anyone can point me to any scientific studies that answer these questions I would appreciate it. I am an avid crossfitter, but since my divorce, my training has been cut in half with 2 little ones at home. I put on 20 pounds! Ugh… never thought that would happen. I feel so much better, just want to lose the weight that I gained over the last 18 months.

Instead of having 3 heavy meals a day. I do chi gong to control stress but probably not enough. Will either try less carbs or more movement. New to Paleo and loving all your comments and help, I have dropped 1kg in just over 2 weeks, still having my glass of red wine! I cut out bread and all grains and my beloved dairy all except fetta, got to have that in my salad!

I am a young 56 looks so old when I see it in writing! I said simple, not boring, I still try and minimise my animal fats and have reduced carbs. Love salads with olive oil and balsamic dressing, salmon and lean meats. I do snack on nuts if I get the urge, almonds, and not more than 10 and the really important thing……drink plenty of filtered water! I think only one person has mentioned hydration. You must keep your water intake up to help your body flush everything out, I have found this to be so important.

Sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty! People including me at times who spend all day planning healthy meals and grocery shopping, etc. For me, reducing food reward down to nothing is only an excuse to further retreat from life.

Look at photos of both Guyenet and Sisson. Who do you think has a richer, more passionate existence? Purposely tasteless food, NO.

Robin, this might be the single most insightful reply in this entire collection. Thanks for the injection of humanity and simplicity. So many weight loss posts include the need for exercise. True Quadriplegics loss of use of all four limbs are incapable of exercise, zero, zilch, none.

Left to our own resources too many of us put too much food in our mouths; the real question is why we do so? This is such an interesting post. We have been trialling a low carb paleo approach and realise now that it is definitely not working for us.

We are excited to re-introduce some good quality carbs into our daily diets. Oh how we missed you sweet potato! Just wanted to add how awesome everyones comments are! Just as much info in them!!

I am a newbe and again it is about weight. I have read two books, bought to cook books. I have been careful of fruit. I have always used olive, we eat a lot of wild meat. I am watching portions, i am getting my sleep and being very careful of my stress , that is how l gained 38lb. I have made the bread in the book against the grains and one batch of the muffins that my husband loved.

Did not eat this on a daily bases. Old habit all in moderation and did know if l could. Feeling a little discouraged, l have little to were everything is to small and l will not buy new clothes l have a nice wardrobe. All healthy humans have an inbuilt appetite control system, we did not evolve to be overweight. This system is controlled by hormones that are released by fat cells, pancreatic cells, the stomach, the intestines and other cells.

Very briefly these hormones are produced in response to blood sugar, and free fatty acid levels. These are not free fatty acids that trigger the appetite control hormones. Short chain fats are not packaged this way and pass into the blood stream when consumed.

Butter and cheese contain free short chain fatty acids that will help trigger the release of appetite hormones quickly. Follow this and listen to what your body is telling you, eat when hungry, and stop when you are not.

When eating as you begin to feel less hungry stop eating for a little while say 10 mins if after that you still feel hungry eat a little more. Stress is both psychological and biological. Overeating causes biological stress through inflammation due to the excess production of free radicals and what are known as reactive oxygen species that cause cell damage and an inflammatory response. Fructose is 7 to 10 times more likely to cause these reactions than glucose, and polyunsaturated fats much less stable fats are much more likely to be subjected to these reactions than saturated fats.

Sugar plus polyunsaturated fats are a highly inflammatory combination. Polyunsaturated fats are not common in natural unprocessed foods and neither is fructose accept fruit, honey etc so a paleo diet should limit the intake of these foods.

In summary, no sugar, no polyunsaturated fats, get fats from real butter and cheese, but most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you, do not eat out of habit. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are not. Would this not have a similar effect? I would really like an excuse to eat cheese though, so thank you? Here is your excuse for cheese: K2 directs calcium to the bones and teeth, instead into your arteries.

I eat gouda every single day and once a week I eat fatty goose liver. It baffles me when people add brown sugar or syrups to salmon! ALONE that fish is by far the tastiest thing on the planet! These are important points, Chris. I think that weight loss is an area that has been under dealt with in paleo.

Certainly any obese person going from SAD to Paleo will probably lose quite a bit of weight, but the rest of us who have been trying to eat right for a long time already may have trouble getting down to their ideal weight on Paleo especially women, I would guess. I struggle around a BMI of 21, when I feel so much better and healthier at 19 still fatter than the average Kitavan woman, lol!

I have a theory about this. Food clearly serves both physiological and social purposes. Fancy dishes usually calorically very dense are reserved to special occasions in traditional societies potlatches and other types of special feasting occasions. In the modern world where we are used to having anything we want, we have gotten used to having feast day be every day. So basically I was just trying to say that eating simple foods helps us get back in touch with the more organic aspects of food as nourishment.

One thing I should add though: I have, however, found myself eating a lot more often. I used to eat big complex salads or prepared meat and vegetable dishes. Eating simple tends to lower the overall fat content, so I find myself munching a lot more. This is good advice. I find it surprising the number of people who try out the Paleo diet, and yet still consume large quantities of alcohol eg: There are many studies that show major benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

That is why many people on Paleo still drink. I think we all know that heavy drinking is a problem, but no one knows exactly how much is too much.

Stress may be worse for you than a little too much booze, so for some lifestyles sharing a bottle of wine in the evening might be the least of two evils. Seriously, listen to the two podcasts Chris linked above. I listened to them multiple times late last year and followed the steps Stephan Guyenet lists on his website here:. Eat single ingredients pay attention!!!!!!! If they taste like restaurant appetizers, you are messing it up. Yes, you need your salt and your fat.

Stephan suggests eating them separately. I suggest you get your salt from your home made bone broth that you have salted up, and get your fat from your unsalted kerrygold butter or coconut oil in your coffee, or a plain avocado.

I like dropping them into the broth, salting them up after steaming, or putting spinach in the vitamix with some frozen berries and water and enjoy a smoothie. Just bake it in the oven. That incredibly delicious, juicy steak or salmon off the grill with the black grill marks?

If you have to eat, have some broth and wait. Or, have some coffee or decaf or something. Drink your coffee, make sure it is an hour after the MCT oil, then do not eat until lunch. I am exhausted reading about this. It is not going to work. A low carb diet should have plenty of vegetables, some low carb fruit, a little omega 3, some salted bone broth….

I forgot to mention again that I have lost over pounds, slowly, no more than pounds per year, since , and some years I went backwards due to very sad, unfortunate life circumstances. Stephan Guyenet really knows what he is talking about.

So does Seth Roberts. Then over time you start finding ways to make the food taste better and better. You have overridden everything that made it work in the first place. The comment above is not going to make sense because I see my first comment is under review. This is 3 of 3. Thanks for your advice Katherine. Getting your fat from plain MCT oil? Going this far to reduce palatability sounds really depressing and reminds me of how I used to treat myself when I had a severe eating disorder many years ago.

Are you able to still feel joy and delight in life while eating like this? Life can be good without it too. I understand that life is not just about food.

But emotionally I would rather take some sort of nutrition pills and not eat at all. There is something very demoralizing and humiliating about forcing yourself to eat cardboard. Maybe this is just me with my history of eating disorders. I also cook a lot for others, and for me preparing delicious and healthy food is an act of love.

Purposely making something to be tasteless would feel like an act of aggression even if it was for myself. I see your point. Fortunately it is possible to enjoy food and still be healthy and slim. Seth Roberts actually says things like he can counter the effects of eating chocolate by taking more oil later.

I am not miserable, but I have been pretty darn miserable doing things like JennyCraig in the early 90s when people were dropping with gallbladder attacks. I, at least, had the sense to quit that diet when my hair fell out at an alarming rate. I suspect is because they might be making it look, taste, and feel too much like the standard american diet. Look at online forums and how many complaints there are from people seeking help. It does not look like a small percentage of people.

RobinH — plain paleo foods are not tasteless. Our pallets have been altered. People are looking for help in losing weight. I think the entertainment value of food is not the topic here. It is all about the quantity of food eaten and the activity levels of the individual. In this case they need to eat more veggies and less fat. It is not that simple. Anyone can join WW for that kind of advice. Weight loss is mostly a matter of steering hormones, which is really complex.

Satiety comes from protein. I did and highly recommend it. I understand paleo is a given. However, lean meat is not the solution. I really believe lowering food reward is key and addressing inflammation. Wild caught salmon is going to work a lot better than chicken breast. I believe inflammation is interfering with the hypothalamus detecting leptin stores. You are digging in the right direction but have a long way to get there.

Read Paul Jaminets Perfect Health diet and you will leap lightyears ahead. And a smaller stomach is easier to fill. That is why gastric bypass is so efficient. But it is also very painful, very dangerous and very expensive. There HAS to be a more enjoyable way to live. I try to eat equivalent amounts of vegetarian protein, its all high fat but good fats. I work out daily. Tried intermittent fasting, tried eating more often, tried eating less fat, tried eating more fat, no difference.

Will this diet only work for weight loss if I eat meat? Meat is a very important part. Lets not get into details, but being vegetarian is very unhealthy and harmful. Believe it or not. Try to eat at least wild caught fish twice a week. It can mean all the difference between a healthy diet and an unhealthy one. There has to be a way to make this diet work as vegetarian. And if you lead your child to vegetarianism too bad examples are catchy , you will do a lot of damage to him too.

From there, you will find your own path. There is no vegetarian wild living tribe out there, no indigenous population that refuses to eat meat. And there is a very good reason for that.

Hi, I am 75 last year went on the Paleo program lost 30 lbs felt and looked great. Where theres a will, theres a way. Check out exercises that you can do sitting.

Be slow, gradual and persistent. Find a movement that does not hurt and do it over and over again. At your age, all movement counts as exrcise. I love the concept of it, but I am a personal trainer, so I literally train 7 days a week, so my muscle repair time has been cut in half due to not having enough carbs. I wake up feeling like a train hit me, but otherwise I feel like paleo has helped with my IBS a lot so I would love to continue on it!

If you are that active,you need more carbs. Call it primal or whatever. Who cares about the label as long as it works for you. Could you expand on this please? Only if you keep the intensity low and duration short. Otherwise you will need carbs and do more harm than good by restricting them. There seems to be a misperception among some that Paleo is synonymous with a high fat intake.

Exact macronutrient ratios and the inclusion or exclusion of specific foods is beyond the scope of what Chris and his team should be expected to provide here on a website, since they really need to be tailored to the individual. Those of you who are stymied by stubborn fat loss might consider seeking a practitioner in your area who can help you dig a little deeper into what might be holding up your progress.

And, of course, yes, hormones! New post out today on this topic: Chris, I love your website and everything you post but I have to ask: Where do plastic water bottles fit into a paleo lifestyle?? I really like your point about addressing your whole life for weight loss.

I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for almost 8 years, and a big part of that was beginning to heal my emotions. Then I could begin caring for my body with kindness. Counseling helped back then, but now I practice many more tools like mindfulness, meditation, and tapping that could have sped up the process further.

While I did move toward a paleo-esque diet, too much black-and-white thinking and rules derailed me in a hurry! I can do ultra-strict diets for health reasons, but I tend to put on a little weight from feeling deprived.

Finally, I started measuring portions occasionally. A kitchen scale was a God-send. I found that I could be genuinely satisfied with 4 oz of meat instead of Thanks Chris for addressing this topic. Another driver to their weight loss is of course the satiating food on Paleo, as compared to sugar highs and lows on SAD.

Just finished your book, and I am happy to say I can endorse and recommend it to anyone in search of robust health. Being relatively lean and muscular, I was especially interested in the sections regarding athletic performance. I realize it may be a bit outside of the scope of your general audience, but any references would be appreciated! If it doesnt come naturally to you, you wont get there unless you do some serious suffering.

So, my insides are healed but my outsides are not happy! Could I be ingesting too many calories via healthy fats? Large greens salad with vinegar and olive oil topped with sunflower seeds and a protein of some sort. The potential problem with reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats is the caloric increase. But if you go for healthy fats while continuing with carbs, the insulin that drives you blood sugar into your cells will keep you from efficient fat-burning.

I wonder, if you adapt to your first meal being at noon time, whether you could feel good. But that was me, and there is biochemical individuality, for sure. Every Eating Plan Promotes Veggies! I do Perfect Health Diet and love it. Strict paleo was too difficult for me…not enough variety. I love the guy.

Very good book of his. If you are that low on carbs, do reduce your fat intake. Check out paleo for women by stephanie ruper as you gals are quite different fm us guys.

My wife lost 18 kgs on primal, so it is doable. But you have to be overweight in the first place. I am paleo, and gluten free, and I enjoy the odd paleo treat, I found that since I stared the bulletproof coffee I have put on 9 lbs.

My diet is much like listed here, seems healty enough. I have stopped the coffee for now and zero treats, it seems to be working.

I noticed quite a few in related weight loss posts who chimed in that they not only did not lose weight on Paleo but gained weight. I have been on a very strict Paleo diet since Dec , it has helped my health I think, but I have not lost any weight and I need to. My husband and child joined the strict Paleo no grains, no processed foods, only good fats, lots of organic veggies, limited fruits etc diet over a year ago based on Ramiel Nagel, author Cure Tooth Decay ideas so we added raw goat milk and raw milk kefir and lots of bone broth.

We do not go off or cheat for health reasons I get violently sick if I do and they have made great progress with teeth. We are doing all the things you mention in this post. I am over 60 and need to get this weight off, so would love any tips that work for women after menopause! Lift heavy things and sprints. This may result more in a change in body composition fat loss, weight neutral than actual weight loss.

Could it be that high fat, even healthy high fat, is not a good idea for all people, especially women? I am in the same situation.

I tried Paleo and gained about 4 lbs in two weeks. I also felt awful and did not have the energy for my workouts. I gain weight on paleo if I eat a high fat diet. For me portion control is important, as is not snacking, and as Chris says eating appropriate starchy carbs.

A little added fat, but not usually much, like olive oil dressing. I get excellent appetite control, and keep my post menopause tendency to gain weight in check. Hi Julianne, thanks for sharing your experience. Do you eat mainly sweet potato as your starchy veg? I wonder if the women who are not losing the weight are pear-shaped. Fat stored mostly in the butt and hips is harder to lose than fat stored around the waist. For pear-shaped women, a diet lower in fat and higher in complex carbs is much better for weight loss.

That is highly individual. Some writers get a little prescriptive like the Jaminets , but they are only one voice among many, and there is a lot of controversy even within Paleo.

I think that people are used to diets being clearly defined. If you read a typical diet book, you will know exactly what you need to eat after about ten minutes. Yes, a lot of people somehow equate Paleo to bacon please , but I think those people are newbies and will probably soon move on to the next sparkly thing that comes along. Paleo demands that you put time and energy into figuring out what works for you, with the excellent guidance of people like Kresser, Sisson, the Jaminets, et al.

Personally when I say I eat Paleo, what I mean is that I eat healthy, and that I invest time in figuring out what that means for me. It just happens that the writers who seem to reason the most persuasively in this area identify with the Paleo movement.

Just understand that you might need to tinker with it some more. I am very strict paleo at the moment and whilst my waist size has gone down and muscle has increased I still have. I've lost 5 kilos in my first week. It's my 10th day and I have included salad with some protein eg.

After 4 years of trying, the fat is finally coming off. It truly feels like magic! To reduce weight you have to take in or perhaps melt away 3, unhealthy calories for every lb.

Whenever you can avoid unhealthy calories daily you'll be able to eliminate some sort of single pound a week. Bake a healthy breakfast early in advance to ensure you don't grab a sugary scone on the run. Cary a motivational image to you. Any kind of physical activity can burn energy.

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