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How to keep diabetes under control?

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I was hospitalized for 6 days, brought in with blood sugar of 14 and body temp Please try again later. Very informative — thank you so much I have type 1 diabetes and I find this information and chart very helpful. Nutrisystem Protein-Powered Favorites 5-day weight loss kit. Sometimes as though i feel that what i am seeing is actually a dream, that its not real. Consult your personal doctor when in doubt!

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My blodd sugar readings are eratic and range from fasting to random. My surgeon who did the total gastrectomy says that upto is ok for my age. Is it possible to get any graphical method of say weekly or some times 10 days irregular days with NORMAL graphical line. Soas to check and be precautionary by diabetic patient itself. Sir, My suger level is fasting or pp pls tell me how can low my suger level pls… Thank you.

Definitely cut out the sweets, and especially the sodas but really you need to be controlling carb intake because carbs are sugar. Chromium will lower blood sugar.

It is the only thing I have found that will. Do not use it though, unless you are monitoring your blood sugar levels and are already familiar with what those levels are. I almost put myself at risk, luckily I went for check up early and my blood sugar levels was I thank my Dr.

I was hospitalized for 6 days, brought in with blood sugar of 14 and body temp This is on an empty stomach. Is this just as bad as being dreadfully low? We still have no answers as of why it was at My wife 69 years old diabetic for 27 years.

It starts reversing and by 7 a. This is inspite of the fact that she is not given any medicine after lunch and no food after 10p. Can anybody tell from where insulin comes after midnight and from where sugar comes after 5 a. The high sugars at night are common. The numbers you mentioned during the day are very high. Speak with your doctor. You might need to check your blood glucose before meals and get insulin coverage for meals.

She needs a doctor. My uncle who is 65 yes old having diabetes. Please suggest what to do? I felt completely normal though. I must also add that my father is a diabetic which explains why i have a blood glucose tester and diabetes runs in my family. A fasting reading this morning I did was 83 then I ate and checked again after and hour or so it was Then checked again at random it was But when I do I get scared out of my wits.

My normal blood sugar reading is between to before breakfast my goal is to keep it from going any higher in the morning before breakfast is high to me. I am type 2 diabetic. I watches what I eat and exercise when I can walking is good. Just around the borderline on both BP and Blood Sugar. Learning how to use natural means diet and exercise to keep both within normal ranges.

Nigel Smith, look at what you are eating in the morning and try something with a bit more fibre. This should take a bit longer for the sugar to get into your blood. Sometimes with exercise, glucagon is produced by your liver if your blood sugar is too low and this will increase the test result.

Only you know what you have eaten so diet is important. Speak to your doctor for diet advice. In the morning I tend to just have porridge oats with skimmed milk. My higher readings tend to be pre breakfast although the levels are coming down. Thank you for your guidance. Excellent site Being new to this, and someone who does not do things by halves, I have been tracking my glucose levels some 4 or 5 times a day. It appears that c1 hour after waking my results are the highest, 7.

Rest of day always below 7 with an average for the day of 6. I eat healthily and am not overweight , go to gym etc How can I bring down my morning reading as this will reduce the average to closer to 6. Are my results a problem? I got a fasting blood glucose test done for my 10 year old son. As per your website, it states that fasting levels till for his age group are fine whereas other websites like Wikipedia and Mayo clinic state that is pre-diabetic. Would you please explain why is there so much of a difference and which one should I actually believe in?

I am really worried. Yesterday morning it was 7. Is there reason for concern. My family has a strong history of diabetes and I had gestational diabetes with her brother and sister, but not when I was pregnant with her. My 6 year old son was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He is 4 ft tall and weighs 48lbs so as you can tell he is not over weight in fact his height and weight are perfectly proportionate to each other.

Any way the doctor just called me and told me that his blood glucose levels are high but his insulin levels are normal. The only information she gave me was to change his diet and get the levels checked again in three months. Is that a normal response or is there something else I need to be doing. Hi there my sugar level in the early morning is 6.

During the day and after lunch in 2 hours never above 6. What does that mean. Any thing to worry about Is it high if so What can i do to avoid the high in the morning. I went to a healthy heart clinic and now my doctor wants me to have another test. I assume they think I could be diabetic my mother is type 2. I did a fasting test which came out at 6. What does this mean?

Please can anyone explain. Your values may indicate pre-diabetes. Given the fact that your mother has type 2 diabetes you are under greater risk to develop diabetes type 2 as well although this relation has never been confirmed by scientists.

But we cannot diagnose you, only your personal doctor can do that. What you can do is to change your diet and delay the possible development of this disease by following some simple diet rules. A person with diabetes can enjoy all fruits — be it pineapple or cherries, apples or figs …even citrus fruits and grapes. The only limitation is the amount of fruits eaten. This amount is different for every person. The following two lines from your table do not make sense.

Postprandial blood glucose levels should be higher not lower than random blood sugar levels. Thank you for pointing that out. There was a slight typo in the chart. I am 48y I test my blood levels at morning some times it is 89 some normaly 95 99 some times it is after meals 1 h it but after 2 h it is some times it is not lot do I consider my self normal or predicated I ckecked my levels for 3 months accumulating it was 5.

When I got first diagnosed, my BG was I was normal but because I lost lots of weight and felt too thirsty and urinate frequently, I went to see a doctor. Then he put me in medication. I am too glad that I did not end up in coma. So — one doctor tells me I am prediabetic with fasting level 5.

I know I am sugar sensitive…. In my opinion it is always best to get more opinions. Go see another doctor. Dears Site Organizer, The content of the site you provided with the considerable information is so well arranged to benefit the users , specially those who are seeking the knowledge to check themselves with the diabetics particulars to be helped accordingly.

This is for before food took the reading for before breakfast and dinner, but not lunch. Yes i tracked them. Sometimes as though i feel that what i am seeing is actually a dream, that its not real. And when that happens, i check my blood pressure is normal, and my glucose reading will be between 5 to 5. Is there anyone that could advise me please?

Btw, i dont feel thirsty or inceased urination. Although my eyesight is not sharp as it used to be. As a nurse and parent of a type 1 diabetic child, your numbers are way off. Nothing under a 4. Low blood sugar can cause serious damage.

If anyone is in doubt, please seek treatment. Especially if there is increased thirst, urination and weight loss. Vomiting and lethargy are a huge indication to seek ambulatory treatment if combined with the other symptoms. I just eaten about 10 mins and my results were 9. I have been a constant dull headache on my forehead for the past 3 weeks with intermittent nausea.

My doctor ordered a CBC and thyroid test. Everything came back WNL except my glucose was This was a random glucose. I had eaten breakfast 3 hrs before the test. My doctor is not concerned with my result. Could the low blood sugar be causing my symptoms?

I am otherwise a healthy 34 feamle. Feel free to use our blood sugar converter. I went to doctor, had tetanus shot, 9 days later ended up in emergency room, spent 2 days in ICU with blood sugar level of Now diagnosed with type 2. No one in family has diabetes. Could vaccines do this? Hi ,My mother went for random blood glucose level test…. May I knw,wat is her present condition???? Your figures are not consistent — sometimes you say that up to 5.

Also I think your figures for children are wildly off. Hallow,my sugar level 4hours after eating was 3. Is that within a normal range. You are way above the normal range. What is your weight and what do you think is a good weight if you could be? What kind of foods do you normally eat?

Fat in the cells is the main contributer to type 2 diabetes. Your doctor should put you on Metforman,the best most widely used diabetic med in the world. Undoubtly need to lose weight, change your eating habits more walking etc.

Please do something about it. This portion of information on blood glucose is very helpful and positive. Keep up the good work on health tips. I have checked my sugar with empty stomach FBS, is it helthy or else diabates. My daughter has been having all the symptoms of low blood sugar.

So I borrowed my mother in laws meter to check when she has an episode. Fasting it is Is that normal for a 10 year old girl first thing in the morning? I have a question: In the morning on a empty stomach my blood sugar was at 4. I noticed that if I eat a good quality meal with veggies, lean meat and whole wheat pastas my mmol are around 6. I noticed an increase in his daily times he urinates. His school noticed today also that he voided 6 times at school today and had two accidents.

This prompted me to check his sugar once we got home and his random sugar today was Not sure if I am worried over nothing but I am gonna get his urine checked in the morning.

His dad is a type 2 diabetic. Also thought about a UTI. Both his maternal grandmothers have type 1 diabetes. Although it is said that most people doing rise much above after meals, so yours is hardly way out of whack. Also, it is better to have an A1C test… because it tests your blood sugar over a longer course…. I was diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes in May and the result was 94 ,I have since had another Test and have been told that it has come down to 47,I have been following a strict Diet of no Sugar and trying to not have Carbohydrates although have had Brown Pasta and Seeded Wholemeal Bread,I eat meat,chicken and Fish ,Salads,Green Vegetables non acidic Fruits,I drink water Soya Milk and try to have regular medium meals and I have lost weight and I am now within the weight for my height and I exercise everyday and try not to sit about for long but I do not see the levels shown here in the form I have been given and the Nurse did not mention having to take Medication which I was trying so hard to avoid so are my readings ok?

I am recently diagnosed with Diabetes with Fasting Glucose test of 7. But, since then I started working out at the gym and changed to a low carb diet. Now it reads 6. Should i take the precribed medication. We cannot give you medical advice, only your doctor can. Consult your doctor and stay on the safe side.

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To ensure you have the most up-do-date information, we recommend you check the ingredients and Nutrition Facts Panel on the back of each package. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Directions Refer to the back of the packaging for preparation directions. Compare with similar items. Nutrisystem Protein-Powered Favorites 5-day weight loss kit. See questions and answers.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention turkey chili weight loss beef stroganoff years ago chicken pasta variety pack low calorie hmr entrees pretty good meals food taste meal diet calories flavor lost program tasty delicious. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I felt the product was tasty.

I almost didn't get them because of a previous review - I'm glad I tried them for myself. The beef stroganoff entree is grams for approximately 1. I track sugar, only 4 grams. I found them nicely seasoned and didn't add anything. Just add more if needed to suit your individual taste.

To make a meal, place over vegetables. The "best use by" date was more than a year. Will definitely buy again. I'm giving these 5 stars For calories and with no soy or other weird ingredients- you have a decent hot meal. What I mean by workable is that you can do loads of things to add flavor without adding calories. I just made the beef stroganoff- added broccoli, lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper.

SO much better than plain. You can add salsa to the enchiladas- fat free sour cream to the chili This is not culinary decadence- it is very decent, low calorie hot food that you can add flavor to in an effort to lose weight. I am very happy. Fantastic product, I have lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks.

No refrigeration needed so makes a great meal you can store in your desk. Only wish Amazon had better selection of their different meals. Your mouth will not water, but they are decent food. I lost around 30 pounds using them to replace meals. It is healthy weight loss because not only is it reduced calorie but nutritious. I'm not a fan of all of them, so I don't buy this packet very often. I wish I had the option to buy each kind separately. But the quality in general of the HMR meals is excellent, so the rating remains high.

The ravioli, by the way, is most delicious if prepared by removing each of the individual ravioli and removing as much sauce as possible from them. Put them under the broiler to "crisp" them up, then use the sauce left in the tray for dipping. Four of Five in this kit are fine. I was introduced to the HMR meal line some 7 or 8 years ago when hit 5'10" and needed to "do something". I followed the program - dropped 50 in 12 weeks flat.

The program is shakes per day and two of these. I did add the benefit bar along the way very tasty. Since then I've yo-yo'd and HMR is my "go to" program. Its tough, but it does work. Please realize what this is. HMR produces at least my exp. The turkey chili has just a little pep to it. Also - the oatmeal is really quite good. HMR was a diet I did many years ago, and was good for me, I lost weight. Some of them are gluten-free also, and I eat them for a quick lunch sometimes.

I like the enchilada meal, several chicken pasta dishes, and their chili lunch is especially well seasoned. These meals are vacuum sealed and do not require refrigeration or freezing.

Since I live in a retirement community in the country, I stock my cupboard with canned food, freezer food, and now these that are easy to use when travelling. I highly recommend them. Love the HMR entrees. I purchases several of these and even went to their website to purchase additional flavors.

I love that I can read all of the ingredients. These taste better than Nutrisystem shelf ready meals. See all 91 reviews.

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