Lean Cuisine Makes 'Massive Pivot' Away From Diet Marketing

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We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. Diet has become a forbidden four-letter word in the food industry, and Nestle 's Lean Cuisine is the latest brand to swear off weight-loss marketing.

The struggling frozen meals brand has embarked on a major overhaul that includes new advertising, packaging and frozen entree options that are designed to link Lean Cuisine to modern eating and health trends rather than calorie counting.

New meals include sweet and spicy korean style beef; vermont white cheddar mac and cheese; pomegranate chicken; and other trendy options. The brand is also highlighting buzzworthy attributes like gluten-free and "No GMO" on some varieties.

Lean Cuisine Brand Manager Chris Flora called the new approach a "massive pivot" for the year-old brand. Consumers "most closely associate us with being a diet brand," he said. As the new foodie options hit shelves, Lean Cuisine is launching a TV campaign that seeks to build emotional bonds with female consumers by telling stories about how real women exhibit strength in their everyday lives. The campaign, called "Feed Your Phenomenal," launches in early July with a spot by Grey above that features a delivery nurse in Boston who ends her busy night shift by sitting down to a plate of mac and cheese.

She credits Lean Cuisine with helping her "eat the way I want to eat. As a precursor to the TV campaign, Lean Cuisine this week launched a social media campaign called "WeighThis" by i. The effort includes a video showing women near a scale.

But instead of weighing their bodies, the women articulate -- or "weigh" -- their personal accomplishments. The strategy shift comes as Lean Cuisine battles headwinds on multiple fronts. Consumers are not only rejecting diet brands, they are also increasingly shunning big processed foods in favor of fresher options.

The effort, called "Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh," seeks to portray the freezing process as "as nature's pause button. Lean Cuisine essentially shut down its advertising for 18 months as it plotted its new approach. Baby mixed spring Greens salad choose your Dressing. Prawns topped with feta cheese oven baked in Tomato sauce, sautéed red sweet onions, sprinkled with oregano, Rice Pilaf.

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