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PPI reclaiming: The nine need-to-knows

Reclaim PPI for free
William Taylor, son of Mr Charles Tayor? So you can live the life with your children that's important to you. Retrieved 10 February Box GP, Accra, Ghana. It'll offer you the difference between what you actually paid and what you would've paid, if you'd been sold — in the bank's opinion — the correct product.

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Give Money and It Shall Be Given Unto You? (Luke 6:38)

Miss it, and the complaint won't be considered. We've campaigned against this deadline but it's here — and now with one year to go, the deadline's going to get a lot of publicity, so there's likely to be an enormous number of people stampeding to do it. The FCA has fixed 29 August as the final date for making a PPI reclaim — your complaint MUST be received by the firm you're complaining to on or by this day; miss it, and the complaint won't be considered.

No, there are a couple of caveats. If you took out a PPI policy after 29 August , you can still make a subsequent mis-selling complaint after this date. Separately, anyone who already has an existing PPI policy in place i. Yes, and it's a real worry. Claims cannot just be limited to those who can get their money back by themselves.

Some who are due PPI reclaims have mental capacity problems, mental illness, literacy issues and more. Thankfully it has factored it in to an extent. If consumers contact the FCA helpline on and its staff feel they need face-to-face support, it will offer that.

Yet sadly the deadline still applies, so it relies on people to get in touch with the FCA. Charities and others will be forced to pick up the slack.

The deadline is a mistake. The stats are plain. Until we can trust banks to deal with complaints fairly in the first instance, this move to protect their balance sheets should not happen. It is putting the protection of the financial industry ahead of consumers. Worse still, many banks make it outrageously hard for people to find out if they ever had PPI. In meetings with the head of the FCA, we pushed hard to ensure that was changed if it imposed this deadline. We can't see that anything has changed.

Let's hope it'll do this behind the scenes. Lots of people worry about reclaiming PPI because they don't have full details or can't remember, but don't let this put you off. Here's what you need to do Don't feel silly if you don't know — this is the number one question we get, full stop.

First, you can try finding out by going back through all your old loan and mortgage statements and checking for any mention of an insurance fee or product to cover your payments if you lost your job through accident, sickness or unemployment. If you don't have any documentation or simply can't remember which lenders you've borrowed from, don't worry — you can check your credit report.

It lists loans, mortgages or other debts that were live within the last six years, even if they're now closed. Sadly, though, it's not quite that simple — while you'll be able to see which lenders you've had accounts with, your credit report WON'T tell you if the accounts had PPI or not. But at least you'll know which lenders to check with.

We honestly believed we had never had PPI and ignored all your suggestions to check. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I saw Martin on TV discussing Plevin and put in a claim with literally no idea of loan account numbers or dates. The application took me five minutes and the money started flooding in. Thank you so much. If you've thrown away your paperwork, don't panic: With the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , lenders should provide you with a copy of your agreement for free, whether your account is open or closed — though the information may be more difficult to find if it's closed.

You can ask for a full breakdown of your whole account, specifically including the insurance. The easiest way to check is to contact your lender. Most will be able to tell you whether you've had PPI, either now or at some point in the past. If this doesn't work, what's needed is likely to depend on how old your policy is. Some lenders only need a name and address remember to let it know if yours has changed , others may need more details.

It may be easier if you have the original agreement and terms. Under a new data regulation introduced in May known as GDPR , if your account's still open, you've a legal right to get your agreement from the lender for free.

If your account's closed and the lender can't find your PPI policy terms, it'll be harder to process your complaint. Contact your provider with as much detail as you can, or ask for a full breakdown of your account. If your bank says you didn't have PPI, as a backup you can ask who it used as its underwriter the company that decides whether you're eligible for the insurance.

You can then contact this organisation directly to see if a policy exists. Mis-selling's often systemic — in other words, it was part of the standard sales pitch to sell incorrectly — so it's still worth trying. The lender has responsibility to give full details, so is expected to have more evidence. The bank may know it was likely all customers were mis-sold during a specific period. If it won't make any effort to settle it, make a complaint to the independent Financial Ombudsman Service.

It settles disputes between financial companies and their customers. It's completely free, and will decide if your complaint should be paid. You can complain about a product sold at any time though here are some guidelines which may help.

It's easier if your insurance was active in the last six years, but don't let this put you off. Insurance started in the last six years: There's no issue here at all as you can request information from the lenders going back six years. Even if the loan's now paid off, you can start a reclaim. Older insurance that's still active, or ended within the last six years: You can start a reclaim. The six-year rule applies to active insurance, so a policy taken out 12 years ago but paid off five years ago was still active within the key six-year period.

I wrote to my bank about several loans I'd had with them since I was checking paperwork for my wife when I found the original loan agreement from The moral of the story? Never throw away old bank statements. Yes — though be aware any refunds may come off your balance but it means you'll owe less if that happens.

What counts is the fact you were mis-sold when you got the policy, not whether you still have the loan. The fact the debt's cleared doesn't mean you weren't mis-sold, so you can still reclaim. It doesn't sound much, but it quickly mounts up.

For loan reclaims it could be many thousands of pounds. Yet calculating the actual amount's difficult and often unnecessary, as the lender will do this for you. It's possible to estimate how much the insurance has cost to see what you can reclaim.

It then depends whether you're entitled to the full amount, or just part of it. Here are some examples — if you were paying more, it's likely PPI was included. The provider should also correct any further losses you've had as a result, such as any arrears charges due to taking the loan. But if you've an outstanding debt to the lender, it can use the money to pay it off. In some circumstances your offer may be lowered due to a technical process called 'comparative redress'.

It's not compulsory for you to accept this decision and we've discovered banks have been underpaying, often wiping a third off refunds. If you're in any doubt your bank has offered you the correct amount, call it to ask. If you know your monthly PPI cost, simply multiply this by the length of the loan to work out its cost. If not, you can do a very rough estimate. Here are some examples:. At worst, in theory the bank you reclaim from could keep its own record, which may affect future applications to that bank.

But we've not heard of this happening in practice. You can reclaim for each policy you were sold, whether they're with the same or different banks. Just complete a separate form for each complaint. It's likely you'll have to pay a small amount of tax, but most claimants will be able to get back what they pay.

In brief, a payout's usually made up of three elements:. The reason for this is it's assumed that if you hadn't paid for PPI, you'd have kept the cash in the bank earning interest — so it's taxed like savings interest. But, since all the interest is 'earned' in the tax year you get your PPI refund, it's not completely straightforward.

Similarly, higher- or additional-rate taxpayers will need to declare the extra income just the statutory interest, not the other parts of the refund to HMRC to ensure they pay the correct tax. If so, you've got a right to take your case straight to the ombudsman. If it's been more than six months since your complaint was rejected and you didn't go to the ombudsman, you may find it might not be as easy so what you'll have to do is restart your claim — unless, for example, a severe illness may have prevented you from being able to write to the ombudsman or you couldn't find original documents as part of a claim — and later found some.

So, for most, your only choice is to restart your case. If you're not sure whether you can restart, the best thing to do is call the ombudsman helpline on Claim again under Plevin. This is the case even if you applied a few years ago and here's where Plevin will likely come into its own. If you've been turned down previously by the ombudsman and the evidence is the same, it's unlikely your original case will be heard and unlikely the decision will change. However, the Plevin case should help you here.

There's a whopping 1. But your chances of winning redress are likely to be much lower as a payout will be seen as proof of the policy having worked in your favour. Don't be put off if this is the case. Original lender taken over? When buying another company, new owners are usually liable for its debts and for paying customers.

Sometimes the liability stays with the old provider, but complain to the new firm and it'll let you know if that's the case. This is the official body which insures the liabilities of finance companies are met. Following your tips I claimed PPI against an old protection policy pushed by a now defunct provider — a 'mean to' job which took me months to get around to. Enough to say yes to a family wedding invitation to Florida.

Contact the company that sold you the policy — in this case, the financial adviser or broker. If the seller acted as an 'appointed representative' of the insurance provider, it may say to contact the provider instead. You can reclaim from a company based anywhere in the world if it mis-sold you PPI.

Not all Jersey-based companies are UK regulated, so ask the company or call the ombudsman to check. Contact the company that sold you the insurance — it may refer you to the debt collection agency if it has your files.

However, it's worth being aware that if you have a debt to the lender, either on this account or from a debt in the past, it's likely to use the cash towards your debt. It can do this without your permission and is unlikely to change its offer, even if you had ill health or are in financial difficulties. This also applies to any policies purchased before a bankruptcy or insolvency order was made. Whether you've been discharged or not, these 'assets' remain part of your estate, so you're unlikely to get a refund.

An extra word of warning: If your arrears are larger than your potential payout you're unlikely to get the money, but you'll still have to pay the claims handler fee. You can still complain yourself using this guide to help, then use the money to pay your lender what you owe it. Many families only discover a parent or family member had taken out PPI when they die, during the onerous task of sorting through paperwork and their affairs — but their death doesn't mean the end of the compensation they're owed.

Any monies owed become part of their estate, so the person who inherits is entitled to reclaim let the executor know too. Yet it's worth noting there may be problems proving what happened at the time of the sale if only the policyholder was present. And if you live overseas, the fact you now live abroad is neither here nor there — you can reclaim. I found several old loan statements showing PPI in my late husband's paperwork. The loan company no longer exists so I had to google the parent company for an address.

Thank you a million times. This depends on the lender. Some need two signatures to release the info. Some only pay part to the person complaining, and keep the rest for the partner. Others pay it all to one person — if the other ever reclaims, they'll tell them to find their ex.

Reclaiming almost certainly means your insurance will be cancelled — you're effectively saying it isn't suitable for your needs. We get asked this quite a lot, but there are fundamental problems with the question. Being mis-sold PPI doesn't make you stupid.

It often involved lies and deceit from supposedly trusted institutions. Those who reclaim are only getting back cash that was wrongly taken from them. For more, see Martin's blog: How loudly can I say this? You do NOT need to pay, no way, absolutely not, never!

Well almost never, which I'll come to very shortly. This cap'll remain in place until the FCA uses its own powers to impose a cap, although we don't yet know exactly when this will be. Even with this cap, using a claims firm is still costly — claiming is easy to do yourself to avoid being charged.

It was so easy. If you're thinking it'll simply be easier to use a claims company, don't: However, in certain circumstances — see below — you should go ahead and do it. There are some situations when people will have to resort to using a claims company — and it's most likely to happen in the following circumstances. However, do read Martin's blog first: Is it worth using a PPI claims company? You've a pre, non-ombudsman case. For some with older cases of mis-selling that wasn't by banks, the Financial Ombudsman can't adjudicate.

An example would be PPI on a car finance deal. In that case, if the provider doesn't play ball then you'll need to go to court — in which case a claims company on a no-win, no-fee basis is useful.

The problem is many claims companies just like to cherry-pick the easy cases. So it may be difficult to find one that'll take this on. Mental health or illiteracy. For those people who would find the process too difficult to do themselves, a claims company may be a helpful route — though it's frustrating that society's most vulnerable may need to pay. It may be worth seeing if your local Citizens Advice Bureau can help first.

You wouldn't bother doing it without one. It's illegal for UK companies to call any individual who has indicated they don't want sales calls. If you don't want to receive marketing calls, join the Telephone Preference Service register.

Once registered, it takes about 28 days for calls to be stopped, including live calls. For texts, there are two options you can follow. While they won't completely stop the spam, the more of us that do this, the less spam we're all likely to get in future.

Option 1 is to report the text to your network provider. The big networks have a simple, free method to help you do this.

Just forward the message to it spells SPAM , making sure it includes the sender's number. Vodafone customers need to add an '8' and Three customers need to add a '3' to the beginning of this.

Option 2 is to report the sender to the Information Commissioner's Office. This helps it monitor bad practice and investigate firms or individuals who may've broken the law. Check the contract to see if you can get the fee back if you cancel. If so, it's likely this is your best bet — contact your card company. Fear not — since the start of the Legal Ombudsman has been able to help with complaints about claims management companies.

If you feel you've received poor service, the process is similar to using the Financial Ombudsman Service. First, make your complaint to the claims handler.

Just fill in the form on its website and email the form back or call It's free to use and independent and has the power to make firms pay compensation, reimburse costs or provide other forms of suitable redress where it finds there has been poor service. It's also happy to give guidance on how to start a complaint if you give its enquiry line a call.

One extra point to note is that, as it's a newish scheme, consumers can currently submit claims to the ombudsman for issues going back to 5 October , as long as they first complain to their claims handler. This complaint could be submitted now, or have been in the past. However, for anyone complaining about a problem that occurred after 28 January , the ombudsman will only be able to take complaints within six months of someone receiving a final response from their claims handler.

There's no evidence whatsoever for that, so you should avoid it as it's not an honest player. You can reclaim yourself, for free, without giving any of your payout to a claims company — just follow this guide. Don't start this thinking: The way providers decide, based on the balance of evidence they've got, is "Was this likely to be correct? All policies will have exclusions, and you should've been told about them. As most policies are bought alongside a financial product rather than on their own, the key issue is:.

Here are the key mis-selling categories in our checklist. If you fit one or more of these, you probably have a case. It's a common complaint that consumers are told they must buy a policy from the same provider as the loan to be accepted for the product. Any company that subscribes to the voluntary Lending Code see subscriber list agrees it won't insist you buy an insurance product from it. Therefore if the salesperson Implied or insisted you take out their policy to qualify for the product or help with your application.

Would not let you continue with the application if you did not sign the insurance agreement as well. Too many people have told us of their surprise and shock to discover they have been paying PPI premiums for years — and are stumped as to why.

Yet there are many ways it was mis-sold to you without your knowledge Here, the salesperson was responsible for ensuring you understood the terms of any PPI and that the policy was appropriate.

This also applies if you took out the policy online but were later called about the insurance, as often happened. This form of mis-selling has often been systematic, with staff being forced to sell policies or face lower pay. You may have been told insurance was compulsory. It isn't, and that alone counts as mis-selling.

Plus, the self-employed, unemployed, retired, those with pre-existing conditions, or who are covered elsewhere, have all commonly been flogged unnecessary policies. So if you've got a case, write and complain.

It's a brilliant hustle. The answer contained two little words that make 'em a fortune — "fully protected". They mean you're also being flogged expensive insurance. Widespread mis-selling has left many with unnecessary cover.

Nowadays, many apply for loans online. If you signed up on the internet, reclaiming's more difficult as the full terms are usually available there, and the onus was on you to have understood them.

But there's an important exception. In July , all lenders agreed to stop doing this, though if you took out a loan before this date, check urgently — you may have bought insurance without knowing. This covers anything from the fact you were already covered through work or your partner, the policy was not what you agreed to, the insurance term was shorter than your loan and you didn't realise, or if you thought it was a joint policy but in fact it was only in one person's name.

Those selling PPI polices are obliged to tell you about the criteria of the policy and to confirm it's right for you. If you speak to someone when applying for a loan, they need to consider your circumstances. Buying online places more reliance on you doing checks.

However, because PPI polices earn providers large profits, staff were often highly encouraged to sell as many as possible, and were well paid for doing so, meaning mis-selling was rife. If you contacted a provider by phone or in person, and it didn't give you fair, correct and reasonable information, it's likely you were mis-sold. Long-term loans were often sold with a single premium policy — until they were banned in May — lasting a maximum of five years, no matter how long the loan was for.

If you've checked your policy and found it didn't cover the full term of your loan, but you thought it did, the salesperson should have pointed this out. Before March , some contracts had terms that said you couldn't cancel the policy even if you had paid off your loan or had a change of circumstances.

Since the then Financial Services Authority now the Financial Conduct Authority looked into these refund terms, cancelling is now possible for all current and future contracts. If you got a loan in a store, such as a car dealership, the insurance was likely to be sold by someone with no financial background, meaning more room for error, and a whole catalogue of misinformation could have been given.

Before you agreed to take the loan, the lender should have told you the full cost of the insurance, both the monthly cost and total price over the policy, so you could tell if it was affordable. If you have an inappropriate PPI product and weren't told it was inappropriate, or you don't think you were given full information on what the policy would and wouldn't cover, ask for an explanation.

If you were unemployed or retired when you were sold the policy, check if it included unemployment cover. If it did, the unemployment cover's worthless — this should've been pointed out. If you were self-employed at the time, check whether you were eligible for a payout if your business went bust usually not — if not, and it wasn't pointed out, you may have a case. Have you been paying for a policy which includes unemployment? If you don't need unemployment cover, perhaps because you don't work or are self-employed, and mentioned this when you took out the policy, or were never asked about your employment status at all, a reclaim may be possible.

The unemployment element of PPI is only suitable for people who were working at the time they took out the policy, therefore you should've been asked about this at the time of application. Are you in permanent employment, self-employment or contract employment for more than 16 hours a week?

Of course, if your policy only covers accident and sickness, with no unemployment element, this section doesn't apply to you. Providers have different definitions, so it's important to examine your policy in detail. If you're self-employed, check whether your specific set-up is covered. As the unemployment element is a substantial part of the insurance cost, many who are self-employed have been paying for a semi-useless policy — and this could've been a huge waste of money.

If you were unemployed at the start of the policy this includes students and stay-at-home parents , you were almost definitely mis-sold the insurance as, obviously, you wouldn't be covered for losing your job. The same applies if you knew you were going to become redundant or retire when you purchased the policy. Assuming the policy isn't suitable, you need to establish if the salesperson bothered to check. Remember, it's the situation you were in when you got the cover that counts.

So if you were an employee then, but are now self-employed, that's not their fault — unless you've subsequently asked if it was still suitable and been misinformed. You made the salesperson aware of your situation and they suggested you get it anyway. Most polices have an upper age limit of 65 or 70, after which you're not covered. If you were older than this when you took out your policy, you were definitely mis-sold.

If you've passed the age limit since taking out the policy, your cover and therefore payments should have stopped. If they haven't for any reason, you'll at least be entitled to a refund of payments made since passing the age limit. Give yourself a Money Makeover. The specially designed Money Makeover guide takes you through the main areas you can quickly use to put cash in your pocket, and includes the free budget planner tool. Voyage into the Forums. MoneySavers are generally a kind bunch and will often answer questions and share suggestions.

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Tuesday, March 27, Internet Fraud Advisory updated daily Be warned, they promise millions but you could lose everything. Further down this page there is a sizeable list of the names and titles attached to some of the criminally motivated junk mail you may have received.

Well done, you were right to be suspicious!! Money Laundering fraud 3 archive , see also Money Laundering fraud introduction, Lottery winner fraud and Primer on Internet fraud. Joy Kobe, re Sierra Leone diamonds, kobejj15 yahoo. Tunde Lemo, Dept Gov. Dr John Ballas, ballasjohn1 walla. John-Mac Dega, the son of Mr. Okuda Kazuhiko, okukazuhik netscape. Evans James, pastorccave yahoo. Barrister Jude Esiaka, re Mekon how dare they! Wilson Scott, re Kerry Packer, wilson. Barrister James Ubana, J.

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